Men Water Polo World Championship 2007 America Qualification played 2006 Rio de Janeiro (BRA) 28.10-05.11 - Winner United States
Played along with Women WQ 2006.
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Final05.1110:30USA United States9-7CAN Canada2-24-37-4 Goals
3-405.1109:00BRA Brazil12-8COL Colombia5-27-49-6 Goals
1/204.1115:00CAN Canada10-4BRA Brazil4-06-19-3 Goals
1/204.1116:15USA United States17-4COL Colombia4-111-314-3 Goals
Final rankingPwdlgfga
1. United States1260079:25
2. Canada840275:44
3. Brazil630363:51
4. Colombia210543:89
5. Puerto Rico000422:73
United States and Canada qualified to World Men 2007.
Best Player: Ryan Balley (USA)
Goalscorer: Kevin Mitchell (CAN) 18
Goalkeeper: Merril Moses (USA)

Round Robin.

First 4 to 1/2 Finals.
1. United States840053:14
2. Canada630158:31
3. Brazil420247:33
4. Colombia210331:60
5. Puerto Rico000422:73
United States----10:611:415:317:1
Canada ----13:716:823:6
Brazil ----19:417:5
Colombia ----16:10
Puerto Rico ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
28.1009:00USA United States10-6CAN Canada3-36-39-5
28.1011:00BRA Brazil19-4COL Colombia7-09-212-3
30.1015:30USA United States11-4BRA Brazil3-05-28-2
30.1017:00CAN Canada23-6PUR Puerto Rico8-112-217-4
31.1015:00USA United States15-3COL Colombia3-19-313-3
31.1016:30BRA Brazil17-5PUR Puerto Rico3-07-113-4
01.1115:00COL Colombia16-10PUR Puerto Rico3-27-611-8
01.1116:30CAN Canada13-7BRA Brazil4-27-29-6
02.1115:00CAN Canada16-8COL Colombia5-39-513-7
02.1116:30USA United States17-1PUR Puerto Rico5-010-014-0
Special thanks to Serguey Shklyar
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