Water Polo Asia Games and Asia Championship index
index Womenindex Junior
Men 2016JapanKazakhstanChinaTokyo (JPN)
Men 2015JapanChinaKazakhstanFoshan (CHN)
Men AG 2014KazakhstanChinaJapanIncheon (KOR)
Men 2012aChinaKazakhstanJapanDubai (UAE)
Men 2012KazakhstanChinaJapanTokyo (JPN)
Men AG 2010KazakhstanChinaJapanGuangzhou (CHN)
Men 2009ChinaKazakhstanJapan
Men AG 2006ChinaJapanKazakhstanDoha (QAT)
Men 2005ChinaJapanKazakhstanShunde (CHN)
Men AG 2002KazakhstanJapanChinaBusan (KOR)
Men 2000KazakhstanChinaUzbekistanBusan (KOR)
Men AG 1998KazakhstanUzbekistanChinaBangkok (THA)
Men 1995Kazakhstan Bangkok (THA)
Men AG 1994KazakhstanChinaJapanHiroshima (JPN)
Men 1991ChinaJapanSouth KoreaFukuoka (JPN)
Men AG 1990ChinaJapanSouth KoreaBeijing (CHN)
Men 1988ChinaJapanSouth KoreaGuandzhou (CHN)
Men AG 1986ChinaSouth KoreaSingaporeSeoul (KOR)
Men AG 1982ChinaJapanIndiaNew Delhi (IND)
Men AG 1978ChinaJapanSingaporeBangkok (THA)
Men AG 1974IranChinaJapanTehran (IRN)
Men AG 1970JapanIndiaIndonesiaBangkok (THA)
Men AG 1966JapanSingaporeIndonesiaBangkok (THA)
Men AG 1962JapanIndonesiaSingaporeJakarta (INA)
Men AG 1958JapanSingaporeIndonesiaTokyo (JPN)
Men AG 1954SingaporeJapanIndonesiaManila (PHI)
Men AG 1951IndiaSingapore New Delhi (IND)
Medals AGGSBAll
1. China54211
2. Japan46313
3. Kazakhstan4 15
4. Singapore1326
5. India1113
6. Iran1 1
7. Indonesia 145
8. Uzbekistan 112
9. South Korea 1 1
Women 2016ChinaJapanKazakhstanTokyo (JPN)
Women 2015ChinaJapan Foshan (CHN)
Women AG 2014ChinaKazakhstanJapanIncheon (KOR)
Women 2012aChinaKazakhstanUzbekistanDubai (UAE)
Women 2012ChinaKazakhstanJapanTokyo (JPN)
Women AG 2010ChinaKazakhstanUzbekistanGuangzhou (CHN)
Women 2009ChinaKazakhstanUzbekistanCHN)
Women WQ 2006KazakhstanChinaJapanChengdu (CHN)
1. China71 8
2. Kazakhstan1517
3. Japan 235
4. Uzbekistan 33
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Last updated: 28 Nov 2016
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