Men Water Polo World Championship 1973 - European Qualification
Island of Hvar
2 Quotas to World Men 1973
Bulgaria, Greece and Great Britain played in the Finals.
Great Britain was added.
Final Rankingpwdlgfgans
1. Bulgaria941023:181
2. Greece630226:161
3. Great Britain630219:162
4. Sweden521216:142
5. Poland420317:192
6. Austria000519:37
Greece ---5:44:3 11:2
Great Britain ---bt9:86:3
Sweden ---bt7:4
Poland bt ---7:6
Austria ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played in Hotel Amfora pool
23.05BUL Bulgaria6-6SWE Sweden1-24-35-6
23.05POL Poland7-6AUS Austria
23.05GRE Greece5-4GBR Great Britain
24.05BUL Bulgaria4-2POL Poland0-02-13-2
24.05GBR Great Britain6-3AUS Austria1-11-12-2
24.05GRE Greece4-3SWE Sweden
25.05BUL Bulgaria6-4AUS Austria1-02-15-2
25.05GBR Great BritainbtSWE Sweden
25.05POL PolandbtGRE Greece
26.05BUL BulgariabtGBR Great Britain
26.05SWE SwedenbtPOL Poland
26.05GRE Greece11-2AUS Austria
27.05GBR Great Britain9-8POL Poland
27.05BUL Bulgaria7-6GRE Greece
27.04SWE Sweden7-4AUS Austria
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