Men Water Polo Olympic Games 1952 Helsinki, Finland - 25th July - 7th August - Gold Medal: Hungary
Final Groupptswondrwlstgfgag+-
1.HUN Hungary521013:4+9
2.YUG Yugoslavia52107:4+3
3.ITA Italy21028:14-6
4.USA United States00035:11-6
Yugoslavia ---3:12:1
Italy ---5:4
United States ---
Final Ranking
Second Groups RoundGroup EGroup F
First Groups RoundGroup AGroup B
Group CGroup D
Elimination Rounds
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
01.08.52HUN Hungary7-2ITA Italy2-2
01.08.52YUG Yugoslavia2-1USA United States2-1
02.08.52YUG Yugoslavia3-1ITA Italy0-1
02.08.52HUN Hungary4-0USA United States3-0
Final Rankingptswondrwlstgfgag+-
1.HUN Hungary1462053:16+37
2.HUN Yugoslavia1462041:12+29
3.HUN Italy1260243:21+22
4.HUN United States1050434:29+5
Group 7-10
5.NED Netherlands1361140:19+21
6.BEL Belgium941327:270
7.URS Soviet Union1042338:25+13
8.ESP Spain630525:31-6
eliminated in First Groups Round
9.SAF South Africa420319:15+4
10.EGY Egypt420217:14+3
11.SWE Sweden420214:19-5
12.AUT Austria311314:19-5
13.GBR Great Britain311213:18-5
14.BRA Brazil210415:23-8
15.GER Germany210313:24-11
16.ARG Argentina00036:25-19
eliminated after elimination Games
17.ROU Romania00027:14-7
18.MEX Mexico00024:17-13
19.POR Portugal00022:16-14
20.AUS Australia00022:16-14
21.IND India00021:28-27
Group 5-8pwdlgfga
1. Netherlands630016:6
2. Belgium311111:12
3. Soviet Union31119:10
4. Spain00038:16
Belgium ---3:35:4
Soviet Union ---4:3
Spain ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
01.08.52URS Soviet Union4-3ESP Spain2-2
01.08.52NED Netherlands5-3BEL Belgium2-2
02.08.52NED Netherlands7-1ESP Spain4-0
02.08.52BEL Belgium3-3URS Soviet Union2-3
Second Groups Round
First 2 to Final Group. Scores are transferred.
Group Epwdlgfga
1. Italy630012:6
2. United States420114:11
3. Belgium21028:13
4. Spain00039:13
United States ---4:26:4
Belgium ---5:4
Spain ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
30.07.52USA United States4-2BEL Belgium4-1
30.07.52ITA Italy2-1ESP Spain1-1
31.07.52ITA Italy5-1BEL Belgium2-0
31.07.52USA United States6-4ESP Spain2-2
Group Fpwdlgfga
1. Hungary412011:9
2. Yugoslavia41208:6
3. Netherlands31118:9
4. Soviet Union10128:11
Hungary---2:2 4:45:3
Yugoslavia ---3:13:3
Netherlands ---4:2
Soviet Union ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
30.07.52HUN Hungary4-4NED Netherlands3-1
30.07.52YUG Yugoslavia3-3URS Soviet Union1-2
31.07.52HUN Hungary2-2YUG Yugoslavia1-1
transferred to Final Group
31.07.52NED Netherlands4-2URS Soviet Union2-0
transferred to Group 5-8
Replayed match from Group C.
01.08.52YUG Yugoslavia2-1NED Netherlands2-0
First Groups Round
Group Apwdlgfga
1. Italy630017:8
2. United States420116:9
3. Great Britain10129:15
4. Austria10125:15
United States ---8:34:1
Great Britain ---3:3
Austria ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
26.07.52ITA Italy4-3GBR Great Britain2-0
27.07.52ITA Italy8-1AUT Austria4-0
27.07.52USA United States8-3GBR Great Britain3-2
28.07.52GBR Great Britain3-3AUT Austria0-3
28.07.52ITA Italy5-4USA United States3-2
transferred to Group E and to Final Group
29.07.52USA United States4-1AUT Austria2-1
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. Hungary630023:4
2. Soviet Union420112:9
3. Egypt21027:14
4. Germany00035:20
Soviet Union ---3:26:2
Egypt ---5:2
Germany ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
26.07.52HUN Hungary9-0EGY Egypt6-0
27.07.52EGY Egypt5-2GER Germany1-1
27.07.52HUN Hungary5-3URS Soviet Union1-2
transferred to Group F.
28.07.52URS Soviet Union3-2EGY Egypt1-1
28.07.52HUN Hungary9-1GER Germany3-0
29.07.52URS Soviet Union6-2GER Germany3-1
Group Cpwdlgfga
1. Yugoslavia630021:3
2. Netherlands420117:7
3. Sweden21029:18
4. Argentina00036:25
Netherlands ---7:19:3
Sweden ---7:2
Argentina ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
26.07.52NED Netherlands9-3ARG Argentina6-1
27.07.52YUG Yugoslavia9-1ARG Argentina4-1
27.07.52NED Netherlands7-1SWE Sweden3-0
28.07.52SWE Sweden7-2ARG Argentina3-2
28.07.52NED Netherlands3-2YUG Yugoslavia
Yugoslavia protested the match on the grounds that the "the referee in this match had shown incometency". FINA invalidated the match and ordered a replay.
29.07.52YUG Yugoslavia9-1SWE Sweden4-1
01.08.52YUG Yugoslavia3-1NED Netherlands2-0
transferred to Group F
Group Dpwdlgfga
1. Belgium630012:5
2. Spain420113:10
3. South Africa210210:9
4. Brazil00037:18
Spain ---3:16:4
South Africa ---9:2
Brazil ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
26.07.52Belgium5-4ESP Spain3-2
transfered to Group F and to Group 5-8
27.07.52ESP Spain3-1SAF South Africa1-0
27.07.52BEL Belgium3-1BRA Brazil1-0
28.07.52ESP Spain6-4BRA Brazil4-1
28.07.52BEL Belgium4-0SAF South Africa2-0
29.07.52SAF South Africa9-2BRA Brazil3-0
Elimination Rounds
First Elimination Round - Winners to Main Round
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
25.07.52HUN Hungary13-4MEX Mexico6-2
25.07.52EGY Egypt10-0POR Portugal6-0
25.07.52GER Germany8-4ROU Romania4-1
25.07.52BEL Belgium6-5SAF South Africa4-3
25.07.52YUG Yugoslavia10-2AUS Australia4-1
25.07.52ITA Italy16-1IND India4-0
25.07.52ESP Spain3-2BRA Brazil2-0
25.07.52GBR Great Britain4-3AUT Austria3-2
25.07.52SWE Sweden5-1USA United States2-1
25.07.52NED Netherlands3-2URS Soviet Union1-1
ARG Argentina bye
Second Elimination Round - Winners to Main RGund
26.07.52AUT Austria6-0AUS Australia4-0
26.07.52URS Soviet Union12-0IND India5-0
26.07.52SAF South Africa4-0MEX Mexico2-0
26.07.52BRA Brazil6-2POR Portugal3-2
26.07.52USA United States6-3ROU Romania2-1
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