Women High Jump Athletics XVIII Olympic Games Athens, Greece 2004 - Saturday, 28th August - Gold Medal: Yelena Slesarenko, Russia
Final 20:00HeightSO185189193196199202204206210
1. Yelena SlesarenkoRUS Russia2.06m2OOOOOOOOXXX
2. Hestrie CloeteRSA South Africa2.02m1OOOOOOXXX
3. Viktoriya StyopinaUKR Ukraine2.02m5OOOXXOXXOOXXX
4. Amy AcuffUSA United States1.99m11OOOXOO XXX
5. Iryna MykhalchenkoUKR Ukraine1.96m6OOOXOXXX
6. Anna ChicherovaRUS Russia1.96m9XOOOXXOXXX
7. Oana PantelimonROU Romania1.93m12OOOXXX
8. Monica IagarROU Romania1.93m8OOXOXXX
9. Inha BabakovaUKR Ukraine1.93m OXOXOXXX
10.Marta MendiaESP Spain1.93m OOXXOXXX
11.Blanka VlašicCRO Croatia1.89m OOXXX
12.Tia HellebautBEL Belgium1.85m OXXX

world Women High Jump History.

Venue: Athens Olympic Stadium, Marousi. Capp.: 72,000. 38 competitors from 27 nations.
The top two were generally considered to be Cloete, the 2003 World Champion, and Slesarenko, the 2004 World Indoor Champion. Others highly rated were Chicherova, and the 1.90 tall Blanka Vlašić (CRO). Three jumpers made the final on the countback rules after clearing 1.92, while the other nine were successful at 1.95. The final was tougher, with only six clearing 1.96, while Vlašić – suffering from a respiratory infection – was unable to go higher than 1.89. Of those successful at 1.96, Cloete and Slesarenko were the only jumpers without a failure to that point. They continued in the same vein until 2.04, with only Styopina for company. The Ukrainian, in fourth place behind Acuff after 1.99, then cleared 2.02 first time for the bronze medal. Like her, Cloete was unable to jump higher than 2.02, but Slesarenko easily cleared 2.04 and 2.06 first time, the latter for an Olympic record. She then had one close attempt at a world record 2.10.

Qualification - Thursday 26.08

mark 1.95m - 9 Athletes + 3 Best
Group 1 20:00Height175180185189192195
1. Viktoriya StyopinaUKR Ukraine1.95m OOOOO
1. Hestrie CloeteRSA South Africa1.95m OOOO
3. Tia HellebautBEL Belgium1.95mOOOXOOO
4. Blanka VlašicCRO Croatia1.95m XXOXOOO
5. Inha BabakovaUKR Ukraine1.92m OOOOXXX
6. Oana PantelimonROU Romania1.92m OOXXOOXXX
7. Tatyana NovoseltsevaRUS Russia1.92m OOOXOXXX
8. Ruth BeitiaESP Spain1.89mOOOOXXX
9. Candeger Kiliner-OguzTUR Turkey1.89m OOXOXXX
10.Corinne MüllerSUI Switzerland1.89m OOXXOXXX
10.Solange WitteveenARG Argentina1.89mOOOXXOXXX
12.Zuzana HlavonoväCZE Czechia1.85m OOXXX
13.Bobby AloysiusIND India1.85mOOXOXXX
13.Chaunte HowardUSA United States1.85m OXOXXX
15.Marina AitovaKAZ Kazakhstan1.85mOXXOXXOXXX
16.Bui Thi NhungVIE Vietnam1.80mOOXXX
17.Petrina PriceAUS Australia1.80m XXOXXX
Group 2Height175180185189192195
1. Iryna MykhalchenkoUKR Ukraine1.95m OOOOO
2. Yelena SlesarenkoRUS Russia1.95m OOOXOO
2. Anna ChicherovaRUS Russia1.95m OOOXOO
4. Amy AcuffUSA United States1.95m OOOXOXO
4. Monica IagarROU Romania1.95m OOOXOXO
6. Marta MendiaESP Spain1.92m OOXOOXXX
7. Romary RifkaMEX Mexico1.92m OOXOXXOXXX
8. Venelina VenevaBUL Bulgaria1.92m OOXXOXXOXXX
9. Tisha WallerUSA United States1.89m OOOXXX
9. Juana Rosario ArrendelDOM Dominicana1.89m OOOXXX
9. Xuezhu JingCHN China1.89mOOOOXXX
9. Iva StrakoväCZE Czechia1.89mOOOOXXX
13.Noengrothai ChaipetchTHA Thailand1.89mOOXOOXXX
14.Tatyana EfimenkoKGZKGZ1.89m OOXXOXXX
15.Inna GliznutsaMDAMDA1.85mOOOXXX
16.Caterine IbarguenCOL Colombia1.85m XOXXOXXX
17.Nikolia MitropoulouGRE Greece1.85m XXOXXOXXX
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