Women High Throw Athletics XXX Olympic Games London 2012 - Saturday 11.08 - Gold Medal: Anna Chicherova, Russia
Final 19:00Height SObib189193197200203205
1. Anna ChicherovaRUSRUS2.05m 62850OOOOOXO
2. Brigetta BarrettUSAUSA2.03mPB113268OOXOXOXOXXX
3. Svetlana ShkolinaRUSRUS2.03mPB12894OOOOXXOXXX
4. Ruth BeitiaESPESP2.00m=SB81642OOXOOXXX
5. Tia HellebautBELBEL1.97m=SB121145OXXOOXXX
6. Chaunte LoweUSAUSA1.97m 73305OOXOXXX
7. Svetlana RadzivilUZBUZB1.97mSB43337OXXOXXOXXX
8. Emma Green TregaroSWESWE1.93m 23005XOOXXX
9. Melanie MelfortFRAFRA1.93m=SB 1787OXOXXX
10.Irina GordeevaRUSRUS1.93m 2860OXXOXXX
11.Airine PalsyteLTULTU1.89m 2437OXXX
12.Ayhan BurcuTURTUR1.89m 3082XXOXXX

world Women High Jump History

35 competitors from 28 nations.
Fifteen women cleared 1.93 in qualifying, and with 12 of those clearly ahead on countback, the unlucky three needed 1.96 to reach the final. Of these only Radzivil was successful, so she lined up again two days later. The Uzbek was one of three who could go no higher than 1.97 in the final in places 5-7. The others were defending champion Hellebaut and a disappointed World Indoor Champion Lowe. Four women cleared 2.00 with Russian Chicherova and Shkolina lead- ing. At 2.03, all ties were broken. World Champion Chicherova cleared on attempt one, Barrett on her second and Shkolina on her third. Beitia was eliminated. The next height of 2.05 saw the three medallists all fail first time, but then Chicherova succeeded without touching the bar. The winner was an example of an athlete returning better than ever after maternity – “Motherhood changed me greatly,” she said, “with the birth of my daughter [in 2010], I gained confidence and a fighting spirit.”


- Thursday 09.08 09:30 - mark 1.96m - 1+11 Athletes.
RankingHeightGr. bib175180185190193196
1. Svetlana RadzivilUZBUZB1.96mB 3337OOOOXXOO
2. Ruth BeitiaESPESP1.93mA 1642--OOO-
2. Anna ChicherovaRUSRUS1.93mA 2850--OOO-
2. Emma Green TregaroSWESWE1.93mA 3005--OOO-
2. Tia HellebautBELBEL1.93mB 1145--OOO-
2. Chaunte LoweUSAUSA1.93mB 3305-OOOO-
2. Melanie MelfortFRAFRA1.93mA=SB1787OOOOO-
2. Svetlana ShkolinaRUSRUS1.93mB 2894--OOO-
9. Burcu AyhanTURTUR1.93mASB3082OO-XOO-
10.Brigetta BarrettUSAUSA1.93mA 3268OOOOXO-
10.Irina GordeevaRUSRUS1.93mB 2860-OOOXOXX-
10.Airine PalsyteLTULTU1.93mA 2437-OOOXO-
13.Adonia SteryiouGREGRE1.93mBSB2000OXOOXXOXOXXX
14.Ariane FriedrichGERGER1.93mASB1934--OOXXOXXX
15.Olena HoloshaUKRUKR1.90mA 3163-OOOXXX
15.Anna IljustsenkoESTEST1.90mB 1672-OOOXXX
17.Doreen AmataNGRNGR1.90mBSB2577-OX-OXXX
18.Xingjuan ZhengCHNCHN1.90mA 1397-OOXXOXXX
19.Levern SpencerLCALCA1.90mB 2416-OXOXXOXXX
20.Amy AcuffUSAUSA1.85mB 3266OOOXXX
20.Nadiya DusanovaUZBUZB1.85mA 3333-OOXXX
20.Ebba JungmarkSWESWE1.85mB 3007-OOXXX
20.Lissa LabicheSEYSEY1.85mB 2916OOOXXX
20.Lesyani MayorCUBCUB1.85mB 1498OOOXXX
20.Esthera PetreROUROU1.85mA 2771OOOXXX
20.Venelina Veneva-MateevaBULBUL1.85mB 1271-OOXXX
27.Deirdre RyanIRLIRL1.85mA 2113-OXOXXX
28.Tonje AngelsenNORNOR1.85mA 2601-OXXOXXX
29.Wanida BoonwanTHATHA1.80mA 3021OOXXX
29.Thi Viet Anh DuongVIEVIE1.80mA 3358OOXXX
29.Sahana KumariINDIND1.80mB 2073-OXXX
29.Oldriska MaresovaCZECZE1.80mA 1535OOXXX
29.Ana SimicCROCRO1.80mB 1459-OXXX
34.Vita StyopinaUKRUKR1.80mB 3194XOXOXXX
-. Marina AitovaKAZKAZNMB 2275R
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