Men Pole Vault Athletics XXXI Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016 - Tuesday, 16th August - Gold Medal: Thiago Braz Da Silva, Brazil
Venue: Estádio Olímpico João Havelange (Estádio Nilton Santos-Botafogo), Capacity: 46,931.
Final 20:35Height SO550565575585593598603608bib
1. Thiago Braz Da SilvaBRA Brazil6.03mOR9.-OXOOXO-XOR2132
2. Renaud LavillenieFRA France5.98m 3.--OOOOXX-X2426
3. Sam KendricksUSA United States5.85m 11.OXOX-OXXX 3080
4. Jan KudličkaCZE Czechia5.75m 6.OOOX-XX 2303
4. Piotr LisekPOL Poland5.75m 12.OOOX-XX 2845
6. Changrui XueCHN China5.65m 1.XXOXXOXX-X 2236
7. Michal BalnerCZE Czechia5.50m 2.OXXX 2298
7. Konstadinos FilippidisGRE Greece5.50m 5.OXXX 2532
7. Daichi SawanoJPN Japan5.50m 10.OXXX 2657
10.Shawnacy BarberCAN Canada5.50m 8.XOXXX 2190
11.German ChiaraviglioARG Argentina5.50m 4.XXOXXX 2023
-. Pauls PujātsLAT LatviaNM 7.XXX 2720

world Men Pole Vault History

32 competitors from 17 nations.
World Record: Renaud Lavillenie, France: 6.16m Donetsk, Ukraine 15 February 2014
Olympic Record: Renaud Lavillenie, France: 5.97m London, United Kingdom 10 August 2012
2016 World Leading: Renaud Lavillenie, France: 5.96m Sotteville-lès-Rouen, France 18 July 2016
Entry Standard 5.70m to be obtained from May 1, 2015 to July 11, 2016. Quotas.
A National Olympic Comitee may enter up to 3 qualified athletes.

Qualification - Sunday, 14th August 20:20

Mark 5.75m. Qualification stoped after only 9 Athletes jumped over 5.70m. Next 3, who had 5.60m with no previos errors were added.
RankingHeight Gr530545560570
1. Sam KendricksUSA United States5.70mqAOOOO
2. Konstadinos FilippidisGRe Greece5.70mqBOOXOO
3. Thiago Braz da SilvaBRA Brazil5.70mqB-XX-OO
4. Renaud LavillenieFRA France5.70mqA---XO
4. Xue ChangruiCHN China5.70mqA-OOXO
6. Piotr LisekPOL Poland5.70mqA-OXOXO
7. Shawnacy BarberCAn Canada5.70mqB-XXOOXO
7. Germán ChiaraviglioARG Argentina5.70mq, SBAOOXXOXO
7. Jan KudličkaCZE Czechia5.70mqAOOXXOXO
10.Michal BalnerCZE Czechia5.60mqBOOOXXX
10.Pauls PujātsLAT Latvia5.60mqAOOOXXX
10.Daichi SawanoJPN Japan5.60mqA-OOXXX
13.Robert SoberaPOL Poland5.60m AOX-OXXX
14.Yao JieCHN China5.60m B-XOXOXXX
15.Kurtis MarschallAUS Australia5.60m AOOXXOXXX
16.Mareks ĀrentsLAT Latvia5.45m BOOXXX
16.Huang BokaiCHN China5.45m BOOXXX
16.Stanley JosephFRA France5.45m BOOXXX
16.Kévin MenaldoFRA France5.45m B-OXR
16.Paweł WojciechowskiPOL Poland5.45m BOOXXX
21.Hiroki OgitaJPN Japan5.45m AXOOXXX
22.Luke CuttsGBR Great Britain5.45m AOXOXXX
22.Augusto Dutra de OliveiraBRA Brazil5.45m AOXOXXX
22.Robert RennerSLO Slovenia5.45m BOXOXXX
25.Tobias ScherbarthGER Germany5.45m AXOXOXXX
26.Raphael HolzdeppeGER Germany5.45m A-XXOXXX
27.Ivan HorvatCRO Croatia5.30m BOXXX
28.Logan CunninghamUSA United States5.30m BXXOXXX
28.Karsten DillaGER Germany5.30m BXXOXXX
28.Cale SimmonsUSA United States5.30m BXXOXXX
-. Seito YamamotoJPN JapanNM B-XXX
-. Melker Svärd JacobssonSWE SwedenDNS A


The world record holder, Renaud Lavillenie of France, entered as the reigning Olympic champion from 2012 and held the best vaults indoors and out before the competition. The 2015 World Champion Shawnacy Barber of Canada ranked just behind, having had his first six-metre clearance that season. One of Brazil's best athletics medal hopes was Thiago Braz da Silva, the 2012 World Junior Champion (ahead of Barber), who had the third best mark of the year. The American champion Sam Kendricks was also highly ranked and had won silver at the 2016 World Indoor Championships behind Lavillenie. In the qualifying round, nine men reached 5.70m with three others progressing on 5.60m. An injury-affected Raphael Holzdeppe, a former world champion and Olympic medallist, exited at this stage, as did 2011 world champion Paweł Wojciechowski. Both Barber and Braz required three attempts at their opening height but managed to progress. Braz, Kendricks and Greece's Konstadínos Filippídis showed form as the only athletes to clear 5.70m in one attempt. After one attempt by Xue Changrui, the final round was delayed for one hour and restarted from scratch due to a rainstorm that passed through.
Six competitors had already exited the competition before defending champion/world record holder Renaud Lavillenie took his first attempt at 5.75 m. Among the eliminated was 2015 World Champion Shawnacy Barber. There was a great deal of strategic passing in this event, place meaning everything in the Olympics as opposed to most other competitions where the fraternity of pole vaulters are all seeking to improve their personal best. The medalists were settled with a first attempt clearance of 5.85 m. Jan Kudlička and Piotr Lisek missed once and strategically passed to 5.93 m where they missed, while Xie had already strategically passed to 5.85 m and missed.
Sam Kendricks was high over his bars earlier in the competition but could go no further than 5.85 m and had to settle for bronze, while Lavillenie held the lead with a clean round of first attempt clearances to 5.98 m (the latter improving his own Olympic record from London). Home town favorite Thiago Braz cleared an outdoor personal record of 5.93 m on his second attempt to surpass Kendricks. Jumping ahead of him, after Lavillenie cleared 5.98 m, with nothing to be gained by a clearance, Braz passed. At the next height, 6.03m (19ft 91⁄4in) after Lavillenie had missed twice, on his second attempt, Braz made a solid clearance. Lavillenie passed to the next height, 6.08 m. Even though he holds the world record, that was set in controlled conditions indoors, 6.08 m is a height he has never cleared outdoors. These conditions, with rain and wind affecting competitions all across the Olympic venues, were anything but controlled. Lavillenie missed and the Olympic title was settled. Braz set a new South American Record, a 10cm improvement over his own record.
The clearance remains tied with Okkert Brits and Jeff Hartwig as the ninth highest jump in history, and currently stands as the Olympic record. At 6.03 m, Braz was the highest jumper for first time entry into the Six metres club.The following evening the medals were presented by Bernard Rajzman, IOC member, Brazil and Roberto Gesta de Melo, Council Member of the IAAF.

Quotas - 5.70m

32 qualified athletes as 11 July 2016
3ChinaHuang BokaiXue ChangruiYao Jie
3FranceValentin LavillenieRenaud Lavillenie (2.)Kévin Menaldo
3GermanyTobias ScherbarthKarsten DillaRaphael Holzdeppe
3PolandPiotr LisekRobert SoberaPaweł Wojciechowski
3United StatesLogan KunninghamCale SimmonsSam Kendricks (3.)
2BrazilThiago Braz da Silva (1.)Augusto de Oliveira
2CzechiaMichal BalnerJan Kudlicka
2LatviaMareks ĀrentsPauls Pujāts
1ArgentinaGerman Chiaraviglio
1CanadaShawnacy Barber
1CroatiaIvan Horvat
1Great BritainLuke Cuuts
1GreeceKonstantinos Filippidis
1SloveniaRobert Renner
1SwedenMelker Svärd Jacobsson
Invitational places - 1
1KazakhstanNikita Filippov
Universality places - 0
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