Men High Jump Athletics I World Championship 1983 Helsinki, Finland - Saturday 13.08 - Gold Medal: Gennadiy Avdeyenko, Soviet Union
Final 18:00Height210215219223226229232234
1. Gennadiy AvdeyenkoURSURS2.32m-OOOOXOOXXX
3. Jianhua ZhuCHNCHN2.29m-OOOOOXXX
4. Dietmar MogenburgFRGFRG2.29m-OOXO-OXXX
6. Dwight StonesUSAUSA2.29m-OOOOXXOXXX
7. Carlo ThranhardtFRGFRG2.26m-OOOO-XXX
8. Valeriy SeredaURSURS2.26mOOXOOOXXX
9. Milton OtteyCANCAN2.26m-XOOOOXXX
11.Patrik SjobergSWESWE2.23m -O
12.Leo WilliamsUSAUSA2.23m -O
13.Jacek WszolaPOLPOL2.23m -O
14.Eddy AnnysBELBEL2.19m -O
15.Francisco CentellesCUBCUB2.19m -O
16.Paul FrommeyerFRGFRG2.19mXOXOXOXXX
17.Sorin MateiROUROU2.15m -O
Of the six men still in at 2.29, world record holder Zhu had the best record, with no failures from five jumps. The Chinese went on to fail three times at 2.32 and was forced to settle for the bronze – the first medal won at this level by an athlete from mainland China. Meanwhile, a first-time clearance at 2.32 proved to be the winning leap for the little-known Avdyeyenko, a 19 year-old soldier.

Men High Jump History

Formerly a triple jumper, the Ukrainian had been a controversial selection for the Soviet team after placing only sixth in the 1983 Spartakiad. The silver went to the popular American, Peacock, who was the only other jumper successful at 2.32.

Qualification - Saturday 12.08

Mark 3+12 Athletes with 2.21m
Group AHeight.195200205210215218221224
1. Leo WilliamsUSAUSA2.21m -O
2. Francisco CentellesCUBCUB2.21m -O
3. Takao SakamotoJPNJPN2.18m -O
4. Takashi KatamineJPNJPN2.18m -O
5. Othmane BelfaaALGALG2.15m -O
5. Moussa FallSENSEN2.15m -O
7. Eugen-Cristian PopescuROUROU2.15m -O
8. Roberto CabrejasESPESP2.15m -O
8. Clarence SaundersBERBER2.15m -O
8. Wolfgang TschirkAUTAUT2.15m -O
11.Jouko KilpiFINFIN2.10m -O
11.Constantin MilitaruROUROU2.10m -O
13.Gianni DavitoITAITA2.10m -O
14.Alain MetellusCANCAN2.10m -O
15.Chin-Chiang LiuTPETPE2.00m -O
16.Alphonse GaglozounBENBEN1.95m-O
16.France-Henry LisetteMRIMRI1.95m-O
-. Ardeshir GhandoomiIRIIRINM
-. Joseph RajoSUDSUDDNS
Group BHeight.195200205210215218221224
1. Igor PaklinURSURS2.24m -O
1. Milton OtteyCANCAN2.24m -O
1. Jianhua ZhuCHNCHN2.24m -O
4. Carlo ThranhardtFRGFRG2.21m -O
4. Gennadiy AvdeyenkoURSURS2.21m -O
4. Sorin MateiROUROU2.21m -O
4. Valeriy SeredaURSURS2.21m -O
4. Patrik SjobergSWESWE2.21m -O
4. Dwight StonesUSAUSA2.21m -O
10.Jacek WszolaPOLPOL2.21m -O
10.Luca TosoITAITA2.21m -O
12.Paul FrommeyerFRGFRG2.21m -O
13.Eddy AnnysBELBEL2.21m -O
13.Dietmar MogenburgFRGFRG2.21m -O
15.Tyke PeacockUSAUSA2.21m -O
16.Roland DalhauserSUISUI2.15m -O
17.Dariusz BiczyskoPOLPOL2.15m -O
18.Franck VerzyFRAFRA2.10m -O
18.Stephen WrayBAHBAH2.10m -O
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