Men Triple Jump Athletics I World Championship 1983 Helsinki, Finland - Monday 08.08 - Gold Medal: Zdzislaw Hoffmann, Poland
1. Zdzislaw HoffmannPOLPOL17.42m+0.616.7416.9817.0017.1817.3517.42
2. Willie BanksUSAUSA17.18m+0.417.0816.7217.1816.55XX
3. Ajayi AgbebakuNGRNGR17.18m+1.417.0116.7816.8713.5216.8617.18
4. Mike ConleyUSAUSA17.13m+1.616.6616.9117.1316.8617.0517.07
5. Vlastimil MarinecTCHTCH17.13m+1.116.67X17.13X16.71X
6. Jan CadoTCHTCH17.06m+1.416.4516.4017.0113.69X17.06
7. Bela BakosiHUNHUN16.83m+0.216.6016.7616.4616.71X16.83
8. Al JoynerUSAUSA16.76m+0.216.7615.9816.5816.2016.4016.48
9. Peter BouschenFRGFRG16.70m+1.816.6713.9516.70
10.Gennadiy ValyukevichURSURS16.41m+3.016.41w16.1816.33
11.Bedros BedrosianROUROU16.18m+0.3X16.1815.95
12.Steve HannaBAHBAH14.96m-1.0XX14.96

Men Triple Jump History

Apart from the Finns, the red-vested Americans were the most popular athletes in Helsinki, and none pleased the crowd more than Willie Banks. The backstraight spectators were delighted when Banks asked them to clap rhythmically when he took to the runway. He rewarded them with the best jump of the first round – 17.08 – before returning to listen to music from “Dreamgirls” on his personal stereo. Under current rules, it would be illegal for him to take such devices infield.
The crowd were also getting behind the other jumpers, who responded by producing a spate of 17m efforts. In round three Conley went ahead at 17.13, only to be overtaken immediately by Banks’s 17.18. In round four, neither of the Americans improved, but Hoffmann, jumping last, matched Banks’s leading distance and moved into second place on countback. At this point, the first eight comprised four pairs of jumpers each with identical distances.
Banks was unable to improve, but Hoffmann continued his progress in the fifth: 17.35 into a headwind. Banks responded with his longest leap, around 17.50, but it was a borderline foul. The Pole ended the contest with 17.42. He had improved with eachone of his jumps.

Qualification - Sunday 07.08

Mark 16.60m - 10+2 Athletes
Group ADistancewind
1. Ajayi AgbebakuNGRNGR16.80m-0.9
2. Zdzislaw HoffmannPOLPOL16.72m-0.3
3. Al JoynerUSAUSA16.65m-0.2
4. Gennadiy ValyukevichURSURS16.64m-0.4
5. Willie BanksUSAUSA16.58m-0.4
6. Jan CadoTCHTCH16.50m-1.4
7. Bedros BedrosianROUROU16.43m-0.5
8. Bela BakosiHUNHUN16.41m-0.3
9. Zhenxian ZouCHNCHN16.17m+0.3
10.John HerbertGBRGBR16.12m-1.7
11.Esa ViitasaloFINFIN16.03m-2.2
12.Wolfgang KnabeFRGFRG15.61m-2.0
13.Oswald PhillipMNTMNT13.96m+0.6
14.Laoui Adnan AbouJORJOR13.53m-1.0
Group BDistancewind
1. Mike ConleyUSAUSA16.90m+0.4
2. Steve HannaBAHBAH16.76m-1.5
3. Peter BouschenFRGFRG16.71m-0.8
4. Vlastimil MarinecTCHTCH16.57m+0.2
5. Vasiliy GrishchenkovURSURS16.29m-0.7
6. Khristo MarkovBULBUL16.25m-0.3
7. Keith ConnorGBRGBR16.18m+0.5
8. Claes RahmSWESWE16.07m+0.7
9. Dan SimionROUROU15.96m-0.9
10.Mamadou DialloSENSEN15.67m-0.2
11.Jose QuinalizaECUECU15.18m-0.2
-. Dimitrios MihasGREGRENM
-. Jose SalazarVENVENDNS
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