Women Discus Throw Athletics I World Championship 1983 Helsinki, Finland - Sunday 14.08 - Gold Medal: Martina Opitz-Hellmann, East Germany
1. Martina Opitz-HellmannGDRGDR68.94mX66.4267.7667.2268.7468.94
2. Galina MurashovaURSURS67.44mX64.8265.9664.80X67.44
3. Maria Vergova-PetkovaBULBUL66.44m62.4866.44XxXx
4. Tsvetanka KhristovaBULBUL65.62m65.6265.6263.6262.2463.4262.90
5. Gisela BeyerGDRGDR65.26mX65.0665.00X63.8465.26
6. Zdenka SilhavaTCHTCH64.32m60.5864.1862.76X64.32X
7. Ria StalmanNEDNED63.76m61.4863.7662.4259.5063.2062.92
8. Meg RitchieGBRGBR62.50m60.6662.50 60.5060.64XX
9. Florenta CraciunescuROUROU62.14m55.56X62.14
10.Svetla Mitkova-SinirtasBULBUL62.06m56.5062.0657.44
11.Galina SavinkovaURSURS59.28mXX59.28
12.Maria BadeaROUROU58.10m52.6457.9658.10

Women Discus Throw - History

Venue: Olympic Stadium.
A major shock was the failure of Galina Savinkova – the world record holder at 73.26 – to qualify for three further throws in the final. Just as the Soviet thrower was below her best form, so the GDR’s Martina Opitz must have been inspired. Only her country’s second-string thrower, she took the lead in round 2 and improved with three of her remaining throws. All of these were better than the best of the runnerup Murashova, who clinched the silver with her final throw.
World Record: Galina Savinkova (URS) 73.26m

Qualification - Tuesday 09.08

Mark 61.00m - 8 Athletes passed next 4 were added to Final.
Group ADistanceRk.1.2.3.
1. Maria Vergova-PetkovaBULBUL65.84m1.58.2865.84-
2. Zdenka SilhavaTCHTCH64.68m2.64.68--
3. Martina Opitz-HellmannGDRGDR64.66m3.64.66--
4. Galina MurashovaURSURS64.00m5.64.00--
5. Svetla Mitkova-SinirtasBULBUL60.58m9.X60.5857.38
6. Meg RitchieGBRGBR59.28m11.59.28X55.92
7. Maria BadeaROUROU57.82m12.56.60X57.82
8. Anne Paavolainen-KansakangasFINFIN54.92m15.50.5450.7254.92
9. Xiaohui LiCHNCHN54.58m16.52.9251.6254.58
10.Maryline AdamVANVAN33.36m20.33.36X31.88
Group BDistanceRk.1.2.3.
1. Gisela BeyerGDRGDR64.14m4.64.14--
2. Galina SavinkovaURSURS63.58m6.63.58--
3. Florenta CraciunescuROUROU61.70m7.61.50--
4. Tsvetanka KhristovaBULBUL61.50m8.55.2461.50-
5. Ria StalmanNEDNED60.16m10.X60.16-
6. Ulla LundholmFINFIN57.64m13.53.3057.64X
7. Carol CadyUSAUSA57.34m14.X57.34X
8. Venissa HeadGBRGBR53.78m17.53.7851.16X
9. Mariette Van HeerdenZIMZIM45.22m18.44.5845.2244.28
10.Mereoni ViboseFIJFIJ42.36m19.42.36XX
-. Juliet CainNAUNAUNM XXX
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