Women Shot Put Athletics I World Championship Helsinki, Finlland 1983 - Friday 12.08 - Gold Medal: Helena Fibingerova, Czechoslovakia
1. Helena FibingerovaTCHTCH21.05m19.8919.6919.7219.9420.3021.05
2. Helma KnorscheidtGDRGDR20.70m20.3020.7020.5520.47X20.25
3. Ilona Slupianek-BriesenickGDRGDR20.56m20.5620.3219.9719.52XX
4. Nunu AbashidzeURSURS20.55m18.6819.1619.1120.5519.77X
5. Natalya LisovskayaURSURS20.02m19.53X20.0220.0119.6319.45
6. Mihaela LoghinROUROU19.85m19.8519.8219.7719.3419.7219.08
7. Claudia LoschFRGFRG19.72m19.7218.97X19.5418.9618.21
8. Maria Elena SarriaCUBCUB19.47m18.4519.4419.3219.47X18.87
9. Zdenka SilhavaTCHTCH19.00m18.2417.9419.00
10.Venissa HeadGBRGBR18.05m18.0517.6017.48
11.Gael Mulhall-MartinAUSAUS17.79m17.4317.4917.79
12.Judy OakesGBRGBR17.52m17.0117.1917.52

Women Shot Put History

A most heartwarming moment occurred in the final round when 34 year-old Fibingerová scored an unexpected victory over the highly favoured GDR putters. On paper, Slupianek was expected to add the first world title to her Olympic title and world record. In the event, she was struggling with a tendon injury and could not better her opening throw in the final (20.56). Instead her team-mate Knorscheidt went in front with 20.70 in the second round. Soviet throwers held third and fourth places until the last throw of the fifth round, when Fibingerová moved to fourth place with 20.30.
In the wet conditions, nobody could improve in the final round before Fibingerová entered the circle for the last throw of the contest. The Czech putter had a reputation for performing well in the rain and her last effort landed clearly beyond the yellow 21m line. Knowing she had won, she threw her arms in the air and raced out of the circle. Every official in range was then hugged by the emotional winner.
“A month ago, my father died,” revealed Fibingerová after the medal ceremony. “I was very sad and still am. My mother is too. On my last attempt, I thought of my father and my mother. I picked up the yellow shot and said ‘This is the shot of gold!’ And so it was.”

Qualification - Wednesday 10.08

Mark 17.00m 12 Atheltes
Group ADist.Rk.1.2.3.
1. Helena FibingerovaTCHTCH19.25m3.19.25
2. Maria Elena SarriaCUBCUB19.24m4.19.24
3. Nunu AbashidzeURSURS19.10m5.19.10
4. Helma KnorscheidtGDRGDR19.09m6.19.09
5. Venissa HeadGBRGBR18.41m9.18.41
6. Gael Mulhall-MartinAUSAUS17.79m11.16.9817.79
7. Lijuan ShenCHNCHN16.99m13.16.9916.5716.95
8. Lorna GriffinUSAUSA16.50m15.15.2115.8616.50
9. Maryline AdamVANVAN11.32m19.10.3710.8011.32
10.Magdalene SpringerMNTMNT9.78m20.XX9.78
Group BDist.Rk.1.2.3.
1. Ilona Slupianek-BriesenickGDRGDR19.99m1.19.99
2. Natalya LisovskayaURSURS19.68m2.19.68
3. Mihaela LoghinROUROU18.97m7.18.97
4. Zdenka SilhavaTCHTCH18.57m8.18.57
5. Claudia LoschFRGFRG18.24m10.18.24
6. Judy OakesGBRGBR17.61m12.17.61
7. Meisu LiCHNCHN16.91m14.16.7116.91X
8. Meg RitchieGBRGBR16.14m16.16.0216.14X
9. Rosemarie HauchCANCAN15.37m17.15.3715.3215.03
10.Odette MistoulGABGAB14.23m18.13.2414.2313.64
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