Men 100m Athletics II World Championship Rome (ITA) 1987 - Sunday 30.08 - Gold Medal: Carl Lewis, United States (2nd)
Final wind +1.0m/stimeLReact.
1. Carl LewisUSAUSA9.93s50.196
2. Raymond StewartJAMJAM10.08s 0.235
3. Linford ChristieGBRGBR10.14s 0.135
4. Attila KovacsHUNHUN10.20s 0.201
5. Viktor BryzginURSURS10.25s 0.139
6. Lee McRaeUSAUSA10.34s 0.225
7. Pierfrancesco PavoniITAITA16.23s 0.163
DQ.Ben JohnsonCANCAN9.83s40.109

Men 100m - History
Carl Lewis, now the Olympic Champion, had been regarded as the world’s number one between 1981 and 1985. Ben Johnson took over in 1986, beating Lewis 3-0. The Canadian had already won the world indoor title in 1987 and clocked 9.95 at sea level. Rome was to see the first meeting of the year of the world’s two most exciting athletes.
Lewis wasted no time in confirming his form by registering the fastest-ever first round clocking, 10.05. He was even quicker in the semis. Johnson also won his semi. His time was slower but his start and pickup were impressive.
Johnson and Lewis were drawn in lanes 4 and 5 in the final. A paralysingly fast start by the Canadian gave him an instant metre’s lead over Lewis, and he increased this by half as much again at halfway. None of the other finalists was near.
It soon became clear that even Lewis’s renowned finish would make little impression on the Canadian, who stopped the stadium clock at a stunning 9.84. This was corrected to 9.83, a full one tenth quicker than the previous world record which Lewis equalled. Detailed analysis of the race showed that Johnson’s start made the difference. His reac-tion time (originally reported as 0.129 but actually 0.109) was 0.085 quicker than that of Lewis, and he reached halfway in 5.53 (Lewis 5.64). The American made up just 0.01 in the second 50m.
“I did not do what I had to do out of the blocks,” said Lewis imme-diately after the race. “Ben is a great runner. He set a world record and ran a great race. He deserved to win today.”
Others were less generous with their comments. Johnson’s feat provoked rumours of drug-taking for the remainder of the World Championships. Regretably, all these were confirmed, on admission by the Canadian in 1989. One year earlier, he had been disqualified for failing a doping control test at the Seoul Olympic Games. The IAAF Council acted to annul Johnson’s world record and strip him of his Rome gold, which went to Lewis, who thus retained his title. Lewis’s time therefore effectively equalled the world record of the time but was never ratified as such by the IAAF.

Semi-Finals - Sunday 30.08

First 4 from each Semi-Final advanced to Final.
Semi 1 wind -0.3m/stime
1. Ben JohnsonCANCAN10.15s
2. Linford ChristieGBRGBR10.25s
3. Pierfrancesco PavoniITAITA10.33s
4. Lee McRaeUSAUSA10.37s
5. Andreas BergerAUTAUT10.37s
6. Eric AkogyiramGHAGHA10.40s
7. Andrew SmithJAMJAM10.41s
8. Aleksandr YevgenyevURSURS10.51s
Semi 2 wind -1.3m/stime
1. Carl LewisUSAUSA10.03s
2. Raymond StewartJAMJAM10.12s
3. Attila KovacsHUNHUN10.22s
4. Viktor BryzginURSURS10.23s
5. Andres SimonCUBCUB10.24s
6. Chidi ImohNGRNGR10.29s
7. Mike McFarlaneGBRGBR10.38s
8. Valentin AtanasovBULBUL10.53s

Quarter-Finals - Saturday 29.08

First 3 from each Quarter-Final and Best 4 times advanced to Semi-Finals.
Quarter 1 wind -2.9m/stime
1. Carl LewisUSAUSA10.38s
2. Linford ChristieGBRGBR10.40s
3. Attila KovacsHUNHUN10.52s
4. Robson Caetano Da SilvaBRABRA10.53s
5. Christian HaasFRGFRG10.65s
6. Ronald DesruellesBELBEL10.69s
7. Ricardo ChaconCUBCUB10.70s
8. Vladimir MuravyovURSURS10.80s
Quarter 2 wind -1.5m/stime
1. Viktor BryzginURSURS10.29s
2. Andreas BergerAUTAUT10.35s
3. Mike McFarlaneGBRGBR10.35s
4. Max MoriniereFRAFRA10.39s
5. Charles-Louis SeckSENSEN10.43s
6. Desai WilliamsCANCAN10.43s
7. Hsin-Fu ChengTPETPE10.53s
8. Harouna PaleBKFBKF10.67s
Quarter 3 wind -0.1m/stime
1. Chidi ImohNGRNGR10.20s
2. Lee McRaeUSAUSA10.21s
3. Pierfrancesco PavoniITAITA10.28s
4. Eric AkogyiramGHAGHA10.31s
5. Valentin AtanasovBULBUL10.37s
6. Hiroki FuwaJPNJPN10.38s
7. Achmed De KomNEDNED10.45s
8. Joilto BonfimBRABRA10.46s
Quarter 4 wind -0.4m/stime
1. Raymond StewartJAMJAM10.14s
2. Ben JohnsonCANCAN10.14s
3. Andres SimonCUBCUB10.23s
4. Aleksandr YevgenyevURSURS10.37s
5. Andrew SmithJAMJAM10.37s
6. Javier ArquesESPESP10.46s
7. Mustapha Kamel SelmiALGALG10.48s
8. Patrick NwankwoNGRNGR10.49s

Heats - Saturday 29.08

First 4 from each Heat and 4 best times advanced to Quarter-Finals.
Heat 1 wind +1.8m/stime
1. Raymond StewartJAMJAM10.23s
2. Ronald DesruellesBELBEL10.39s
3. Mike McFarlaneGBRGBR10.39s
4. Hsin-Fu ChengTPETPE10.41s
5. Mark WitherspoonUSAUSA10.65s
6. Leandro PenalverCUBCUB10.65s
7. Earl HazelSTKSTK10.96s
8. Robert LouaGUIGUI11.09s
Heat 2 wind +1.3m/stime
1. Max MoriniereFRAFRA10.29s
2. Aleksandr YevgenyevURSURS10.33s
3. Andres SimonCUBCUB10.34s
4. Lee McRaeUSAUSA10.34s
5. Christian HaasFRGFRG10.39s
6. Oussen Issa AllassaneBENBEN10.68s
7. Ziad HannaLIBLIB11.04s
8. Amawi Mohd Eid IsmailPALPAL11.56s
Heat 3 wind +0.4m/stime
1. Robson Caetano Da SilvaBRABRA10.42s
2. Achmed De KomNEDNED10.49s
3. Vladimir MuravyovURSURS10.53s
4. Harouna PaleBKFBKF10.68s
5. Theophile NkounkouCGOCGO10.89s
-. Allan WellsGBRGBRDNS
-. Greg BarnesISVISVDNS
-. Youssouf AliCOMCOMDNS
Heat 4 wind +1.6m/stime
1. Pierfrancesco PavoniITAITA10.24s
2. Viktor BryzginURSURS10.25s
3. Linford ChristieGBRGBR10.29s
4. Hiroki FuwaJPNJPN10.43s
5. Tao LiCHNCHN10.52s
6. Julien ThodeAHOAHO10.69s
7. Oscar FernandezPERPER11.04s
8. Alan ZammitMLTMLT11.32s
Heat 5 wind +1.5m/stime
1. Ben JohnsonCANCAN10.24s
2. Andrew SmithJAMJAM10.39s
3. Javier ArquesESPESP10.41s
4. Charles-Louis SeckSENSEN10.43s
5. Patrick NwankwoNGRNGR10.43s
6. Mustapha Kamel SelmiALGALG10.48s
7. Rodney CoxTKSTKS11.18s
8. Gilbert BessiMONMON11.77s
Heat 6 wind +1.5m/stime
1. Carl LewisUSAUSA10.05s
2. Attila KovacsHUNHUN10.26s
3. Valentin AtanasovBULBUL10.39s
4. Ricardo ChaconCUBCUB10.43s
5. Dirk SchweisfurthFRGFRG10.50s
6. Arnaldo AbrantesPORPOR10.64s
7. Rick HiramNAUNAU11.37s
-. Trevor DavisANGANGDNS
Heat 7 wind +2.5m/stime
1. Chidi ImohNGRNGR10.22s
2. Andreas BergerAUTAUT10.22s
3. Desai WilliamsCANCAN10.30s
4. Eric AkogyiramGHAGHA10.37s
5. Joilto BonfimBRABRA10.41s
6. Jerome JeremiahVANVAN10.81s
7. Ibrahim Mohamed-WaheedMLDMLD11.48s
-. Takale TunaPNGPNGDNS
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