Men Long Jump Athletics II World Championship Rome (ITA) 1987 - Saturday 05.09 - Gold Medal: Carl Lewis, United States
1. Carl LewisUSAUSA8.67m+0.48.678.658.678.43X8.60
2. Robert EmmiyanURSURS8.53m-0.28.30XX8.53XX
3. Larry MyricksUSAUSA8.33m-0.9X8.04w8.238.138.338.20
4. Giovanni EvangelistiITAITA8.19m+0.3X8.098.197.59X8.38
5. Jens HirschbergGDRGDR8.16m-
6. Jaime JeffersonCUBCUB8.14m+0.27.787.858.098.047.848.14
7. Vladimir AmidzhinovBULBUL8.11m-
8. Mike ConleyUSAUSA8.10m+0.5X8.10XXXX
9. Sergey LayevskiyURSURS8.08m-0.5
10.Heiko ReskiFRGFRG8.03m+0.4
11.Yusuf AlliNGRNGR8.00m-1.9
12.Junichi UsuiJPNJPN8.00m+2.0
13.Vladimir BobylyovURSURS7.90m w+2.6 7.78 +0.7
14.Jarmo KarnaFINFIN7.83m+0.5
15.Norbert BrigeFRAFRA7.82m-0.4
16.Paul EmordiNGRNGR7.80m-0.1
17.Ivo KrsekTCHTCH7.72m-1.1

Men Long Jump History

An expectant crowd hoped to see Lewis threaten Bob Beamon’s world record of 8.90. The American, weakened by an upset stomach, did not get the record but retained his title with a brilliant series: 8.67, 8.65, 8.67, 8.43, foul, 8.60. The silver we nt to Emmiyan, who closed on Lewis with 8.53 in the fourth round but had four other fouls.
According to the IAF Scientific Report of the championship, Lewis actually cleared 8.84 on his first jump. This distance includes two centimetres “lost” on the take-off board and another 15 in the sand. His other “effective” distances were 8.68, 8.67, 8.64 and 8.76.
There was a keen battle for the bronze behind Lewis and Emmiyan. Evangelisti, jumping first in each round, moved into third place with 8.19 in round three. Two jumps later, Myricks overtook the Italian with 8.23. He improved to 8.33 in the fifth an dlooked set for a medal. Evangelisti responded with a good effort on his last try, and the crowd were delighted when 8.38 flashed on the scoreboard.
However, those watching the contest closely felt that the Italian had not landed that far into the pit. There were allegations that the officials had produced a false measurement and the Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL) requested that the three IAAF Technical Delegates to the championships should investigate. They reported to the IAAF Council meeting in December 1987 that “this competition was correctly conducted and the final result was not to be changed.” However, computer analysis – largely performed by the Italian media – appeared to show that Evangelisti’s final leap was no better than 8.15. The Italian Olympic Committee investigated the affair and in March 1988 concluded that FIDAL officials had conspired to falsify the measurement of Evangelisti’s jump in order to ensure a medal for Italy. It was reported that film taken during the women’s shot ceremony appeared to show an official in the background placing a marker in the sand and measuring a distance bef ore the final jump of Evengelisti.
The next IAAF Council Meeting – at London in April 1988 – noted: “It had become clear that serious doubts had arisen concerning the sixth jump of Giovanni Evangelisti (ITA). As a result, and exceptionally, the Council has decided unanimously: – 1) Notwithstanding the present IAAF Rules, to ignore the sixth jump of Evangelisti and to adjust the result accordingly; 2) To examine the IAAF Rules regarding protests.” Myricks was duly awarded a bronze medal.

Qualification - Friday 04.09

Mark 7.95m 17 Athletes
Group ADist.wind
1. Robert EmmiyanURSURS8.19m+0.8
2. Paul EmordiNGRNGR8.14m+1.8
3. Vladimir BobylyovURSURS8.08m+0.3
4. Jarmo KarnaFINFIN8.06m+1.8
5. Junichi UsuiJPNJPN8.02m+1.4
6. Jaime JeffersonCUBCUB8.00m+1.1
7. Mike ConleyUSAUSA7.99m-0.4
8. Norbert BrigeFRAFRA7.96m-0.3
9. Frans MaasNEDNED7.78m+0.7
10.Robert SzeliTCHTCH7.59m-0.3
11.Dietmar HaafFRGFRG7.51m+0.7
12.Ray QuinonesPURPUR7.41m-0.2
13.Jeffrey NeptuneGRNGRN7.11m w+2.2
best legal 6.99 +1.9
14.Marcus Cesar BarrosBRABRA6.94m
15.Devon HydeBIZBIZ6.61m
-. Antonio SantosANGANGNM
-. Stanislaw JaskulkaPOLPOLNM
-. Bruny SurinCANCANNM
-. Dimitrios ChatzopoulosGREGRENM
-. Lester BenjaminANTANTNM
Group BDist.wind
1. Carl LewisUSAUSA8.36m+0.5
2. Larry MyricksUSAUSA8.20m+0.4
3. Jens HirschbergGDRGDR8.10m+0.7
4. Yusuf AlliNGRNGR8.07m+0.9
5. Vladimir AmidzhinovBULBUL8.05m+0.7
6. Heiko ReskiFRGFRG8.03m+1.2
7. Sergey LayevskiyURSURS7.98m+1.4
8. Giovanni EvangelistiITAITA7.97m+0.3
9. Ivo KrsekTCHTCH7.96m+0.5
10.Emiel MellaardNEDNED7.93m+1.1
11.Zunrong ChenCHNCHN7.90m+0.9
12.Andreas SteinerAUTAUT7.87m+1.3
13.Fred SalleCMRCMR7.60m+1.1
14.Antonio CorgosESPESP7.60m+1.3
15.Ian JamesCANCAN7.54m+1.2
16.Badara MbengueSENSEN7.23m-0.4
17.Carlos CasarMEXMEX7.21m+0.8
18.Wilbert LeeMNTMNT6.61m+1.3
-. Jeroen FischerBELBELDNS
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