Men 400m Athletics III World Championship 1991 Tokyo (JPN) - Thursday 29.08 - Gold Medal: Antonio Pettigrew, United States
Final 20:40timeL200m400m
1. Antonio PettigrewUSAUSA44.57s421.39s23.18s
2. Roger BlackGBRGBR44.62s321.15s23.47s
3. Danny EverettUSAUSA44.63s521.53s23.10s
4. Roberto HernandezCUBCUB44.86s621.51s23.35s
5. Andrew ValmonUSAUSA45.09s121.49s23.60s
6. Ian MorrisTRITRI45.12s821.76s23.36s
7. Susumu TakanoJPNJPN45.39s721.41s23.98s
8. Mark GarnerAUSAUS45.47s221.39s24.08s
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It looked as if the title would stay in Europe when Black led into the straight after passing 300m in 32.06. The two-time European Champion continued to run strongly and only the American duo of Everett and Pettigrew could stay in touch. As the Briton struggled in the last 15m, Pettigrew, the shorter of the Americans, went ahead to win by just 0.05. Black just managed to hold off the fast-finishing Everett for the silver.
“When we came off the turn I said ‘Hey, it’s time to do what I was supposed to do’,” reflected Pettigrew. “I did that and I won the race, and I thank God for that.”
There is an appalling postscript to this exciting race, because on August 10, 2010 Pettigrew was was found dead in the back seat of his car, having committed suicide after having taken an overdose of medication. Two years earlier he had admitted taking EPO between 1997 and 2003 and was stripped of three world and one Olympic relay gold medal won in that period.

Semi-Finals - Tuesday 27.08 18:40

First 4 from each Semi-Final advanced to Final.
Semi 1timeLRk.
1. Antonio PettigrewUSAUSA44.52s31.
2. Roberto HernandezCUBCUB44.66s43.
3. Danny EverettUSAUSA44.97s74.
4. Ian MorrisTRITRI45.00s65.
5. Seymour FaganJAMJAM45.34s27.
6. Ibrahim IsmailQATQAT45.46s59.
7. Derek RedmondGBRGBR45.67s112.
8. Benyounes LahlouMARMAR45.75s813.
Semi 2timeLRk.
1. Roger BlackGBRGBR44.64s52.
2. Andrew ValmonUSAUSA45.08s36.
3. Susumu TakanoJPNJPN45.43s68.
4. Mark GarnerAUSAUS45.53s410.
5. Patrick O'ConnorJAMJAM45.54s711.
6. Samson KiturKENKEN46.07s214.
7. Alvin DanielTRITRI46.23s115.
8. Olivier NoirotFRAFRA47.13s816.

Quarter-Finals - Monday 26.08 17:20

First 4 from each Quarter-Final advanced to Semi-Finals.
Quarter 1timeL
1. Roberto HernandezCUBCUB44.71s4
2. Susumu TakanoJPNJPN44.91s3
3. Ian MorrisTRITRI45.07s2
4. Ibrahim IsmailQATQAT45.37s5
5. Jens CarlowitzGERGER45.68s6
6. Dawda JallowGAMGAM46.21s8
7. Simon KipkemboiKENKEN46.29s7
8. Michael JoubertAUSAUS46.94s1
Quarter 2timeL
1. Andrew ValmonUSAUSA45.41s2
2. Seymour FaganJAMJAM45.45s3
3. Samson KiturKENKEN45.54s4
4. Derek RedmondGBRGBR45.66s6
5. Paul GreeneAUSAUS45.97s1
6. Lazaro MartinezCUBCUB46.12s5
7. Tamas MolnarHUNHUN46.47s7
-. Carlos MoralesCHICHIDNS8
Quarter 3timeL
1. Antonio PettigrewUSAUSA45.03s3
2. Mark GarnerAUSAUS45.08s6
3. Roger BlackGBRGBR45.39s4
4. Patrick O'ConnorJAMJAM45.56s7
5. Patrick DeliceTRITRI45.78s5
6. Anthony WilsonCANCAN47.03s2
7. Amar HaciniALGALG47.30s1
-. Cayetano CornetESPESPDNS8
Quarter 4timeL
1. Alvin DanielTRITRI45.48s4
2. Benyounes LahlouMARMAR45.69s6
3. Danny EverettUSAUSA45.93s5
4. Olivier NoirotFRAFRA45.98s2
5. Dmitriy KligerURSURS46.29s1
6. Wilson CanizalesCOLCOL46.42s3
7. Paul SandersGBRGBR46.59s8
-. Andrea NutiITAITADQ7

Heats - Sunday 25.08 10:00h

First 4 from each Heat and Best 8 times advanced to Quarter-Finals.
Heat 1timeL
1. Antonio PettigrewUSAUSA45.02s2
2. Wilson CanizalesCOLCOL46.23s7
3. Patrick O'ConnorJAMJAM46.30s6
4. Paul SandersGBRGBR46.38s3
5. Simon KipkemboiKENKEN46.46s1
6. Michael JoubertAUSAUS46.55s4
7. Carlos MoralesCHICHI46.80s8
8. Manuel Alves FonsecaSTPSTP54.01s5
Heat 2timeL
1. Susumu TakanoJPNJPN46.10s4
2. Samson KiturKENKEN46.19s5
3. Lazaro MartinezCUBCUB46.25s3
4. Tamas MolnarHUNHUN46.64s8
5. Dmitriy KligerURSURS46.71s6
6. Roberto BortolottoBRABRA47.44s1
7. Joel OtimUGAUGA48.03s2
-. Amadou Sy SavaneGUIGUIDQ7
Heat 3timeL
1. Alvin DanielTRITRI45.64s4
2. Derek RedmondGBRGBR45.78s2
3. Benyounes LahlouMARMAR45.80s1
4. Andrew ValmonUSAUSA46.16s5
5. Andrea NutiITAITA46.80s6
6. Filipe LombaPORPOR47.37s7
7. Eswort CoombsSTVSTV48.63s3
-. Tim HesseGHAGHADQ8
Heat 4timeL
1. Danny EverettUSAUSA45.73s1
2. Patrick DeliceTRITRI46.03s4
3. Paul GreeneAUSAUS46.27s6
4. Olivier NoirotFRAFRA46.41s3
5. Dawda JallowGAMGAM46.66s2
6. Anthony WilsonCANCAN46.71s7
7. Seibert StraughnBARBAR46.88s5
Heat 5timeL
1. Seymour FaganJAMJAM44.88s7
2. Jens CarlowitzGERGER45.78s8
3. Roger BlackGBRGBR46.02s5
4. Ian MorrisTRITRI46.16s1
5. Amar HaciniALGALG46.52s2
6. Tsvetoslav StankulovBULBUL46.89s4
7. Thabani GonyeZIMZIM47.61s3
8. Henry SweeneyMNTMNT49.81s6
Heat 6timeL
1. Roberto HernandezCUBCUB45.49s3
2. Mark GarnerAUSAUS45.77s6
3. Ibrahim IsmailQATQAT46.20s2
4. Cayetano CornetESPESP46.54s1
5. Jindrich RounTCHTCH46.86s5
6. Charles GitongaKENKEN47.03s7
-. Troy DouglasBERBERDNS4
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