Men High Jump Athletics III World Championship 1991 Tokyo (JPN) - Sunday 01.09 - Gold Medal: Charles Austin, United States
Final 15:00Height220224228231234236238240245
1. Charles AustinUSAUSA2.38mOO-OO-XO-XXX
2. Javier SotomayorCUBCUB2.36m-O-O-O-X-
3. Hollis ConwayUSAUSA2.36mOO-XO-XOXXX
4. Dalton GrantGBRGBR2.36m---O-XXOXXX
5. Troy KempBAHBAH2.34mO-OXOOXXX
5. Marino DrakeCUBCUB2.34mO-XO-OXXX
7. Patrik SjobergSWESWE2.31m-O-XXOX-
8. Rick NojiUSAUSA2.28mO-XOXXX
9. Dragutin TopicYUGYUG2.28m -O
10.Arturo OrtizESPESP2.24m -O

Men High Jump History

10.Igor PaklinURSURS2.24m -O
12.Artur PartykaPOLPOL2.24m -O
13.Rudolf PovarnitsynURSURS2.24m -O
14.Steinar HoenNORNOR2.20m -O
In 1989, Sotomayor made history by becoming the first man to leap eight feet (2.43). The Cuban looked set for victory when he cleared 2.36 on his first attempt, but an ankle injury meant that he was forced to retire after one failure at 2.40. This meant that the gold medal went to the unheralded American Charles Austin, who had cleared 2.38 on his second attempt. Sotomayor went over to congratulate both Austin and Conway as soon as he realised he could compete no more.
The 24 year-old Texan had earlier taken a big risk by passing at 2.36. He ended the contest by failing three times at 2.45. The bronze medal also went to the USA, while in fourth place was Grant, who had courageously started the contest at 2.31.

Qualification - Friday 30.08 16:40

Mark 2.30m. Advanced all 14 jumpers, who cleared 2.27m.
Group AHeight190200205210215220224227
1. Charles AustinUSAUSA2.27m -O
1. Dalton GrantGBRGBR2.27m -O
1. Marino DrakeCUBCUB2.27m -O
4. Arturo OrtizESPESP2.27m -O
5. Dragutin TopicYUGYUG2.27m -O
5. Troy KempBAHBAH2.27m -O
5. Rick NojiUSAUSA2.27m -O
8. Rudolf PovarnitsynURSURS2.27m -O
9. Ian GarrettAUSAUS2.24m -O
10.Takahisa YoshidaJPNJPN2.24m -O
11.Robert RuffiniTCHTCH2.24m -O
12.Georgi DakovBULBUL2.24m -O
13.Hakon SarnblomNORNOR2.20m -O
13.Fahredin FouadJORJOR2.20m -O
15.Zhongge ZhouCHNCHN2.20m -O
16.Steve SmithGBRGBR2.20m -O
17.Michael MikkelsenDENDEN2.20m -O
18.Jaroslaw KotewiczPOLPOL2.15m -O
19.Roger Te PuniNZLNZL2.15m -O
-. Fernando MorenoARGARGNM
Group BHeight190200205210215220224227
1. Hollis ConwayUSAUSA2.27m -O
1. Artur PartykaPOLPOL2.27m -O
1. Javier SotomayorCUBCUB2.27m -O
1. Igor PaklinURSURS2.27m -O
5. Patrik SjobergSWESWE2.27m -O
6. Steinar HoenNORNOR2.27m -O
7. Juha IsolehtoFINFIN2.24m -O
8. Gustavo BeckerESPESP2.24m -O
8. Othmane BelfaaALGALG2.24m -O
8. Sorin MateiROMROM2.24m -O
11.Tim ForsythAUSAUS2.24m -O
12.Alex ZaliauskasCANCAN2.24m -O
13.Sergey DymchenkoURSURS2.20m -O
14.Yang XuCHNCHN2.20m -O
15.David AndersonAUSAUS2.15m -O
16.Karl ScatliffeBVIBVI2.05m -O
17.Valery AbugattasPERPER2.00m -O
18.Khalid Ahmed MousaSUDSUD1.90m-O
18.Emanuel NgadjadoumCHACHA1.90m-O
-. Geoff ParsonsGBRGBRDNS
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