Men Hammer Throw Athletics IV World Championship 1993 Stuttgart (GER) - Sunday 15.08 - Gold Medal: Andrey Abduvaliyev, Tajikistan
Final 16.20hDistance1.
1. Andrey AbduvaliyevTJKTJK81.64m78.08X78.0281.64X80.56
2. Igor AstapkovichBLRBLR79.88m77.54XX79.8879.4879.16
3. Tibor GecsekHUNHUN79.54m73.34X76.8079.5473.84X
4. Sergey AlayBLRBLR79.02m71.4276.5677.12X77.4079.02
5. Vasiliy SidorenkoRUSRUS78.86mX76.8276.6277.1278.8677.36
6. Aleksandr SeleznyovRUSRUS78.58m76.4878.5876.34XX75.28
7. Sergey LitvinovRUSRUS78.56m78.56XX75.0276.56X
8. Christophe EpalleFRAFRA76.22m76.22X75.90XX75.04
9. Lance DealUSAUSA76.20m
10.Raphael PiolantiFRAFRA75.88m
11.Vadim KolesnikUKRUKR73.08m
-. Andrey SkvarukUKRUKRNMXXX

Men Hammer Throw - History.

The former USSR republics accounted for eight of the 12 finalists. These included the two-time former champion Litvinov. His opening throw held up for the bronze medal at the halfway point, but he dropped to seventh thereafter. Once again, Astapkovich was the favourite. But as he had in the Olympic Games, Abduvaliyev beat him when it mattered to become the first Asian men’s World Champion. His winning throw of 81.64 was also an Asian record – though not a national record, as that had been set in 1990 when Tajikistan was part of the USSR.
“My best throw was the best one from the technical point of view. My coach, Anatoliy Bondarchuk, who is now coaching in Portugal, phoned me to say ’You know what to do.’”
The winning throw came in the sixth round, and the two other medal-winning efforts came with the very next two throws from Astapkovich and Gécsek, who had earlier produced a foul in excess of 80m.

Qualification - Saturday 14.08

Mark 76.50m 6+6 Athletes
Group A 11:00DistanceRk.
1. Andrey AbduvaliyevTJKTJK77.22m3.
2. Aleksandr SeleznyovRUSRUS77.12m5.
3. Andrey SkvarukUKRUKR75.54m7.
4. Raphael PiolantiFRAFRA75.34m8.
5. Sergey AlayBLRBLR75.34m9.
6. Vasiliy SidorenkoRUSRUS74.40m11.
7. Pavel SedlacekCZECZE73.90m13.
8. Tore GustafssonSWESWE71.88m15.
9. Karsten KobsGERGER71.82m16.
10.Savas SaritzoglouGREGRE71.76m17.
11.Johann LindnerAUTAUT71.46m18.
12.Jim DriscollUSAUSA69.40m21.
13.Paul HeadGBRGBR68.88m22.
14.Tuck Yim WongSINSIN49.14m28.
Group B 12:45DistanceRk.
1. Sergey LitvinovRUSRUS77.96m1.
2. Tibor GecsekHUNHUN77.82m2.
3. Lance DealUSAUSA77.14m4.
4. Igor AstapkovichBLRBLR76.82m6.
5. Christophe EpalleFRAFRA74.74m10.
6. Vadim KolesnikUKRUKR74.36m12.
7. Walter CiofaniFRAFRA73.36m14.
8. Alberto SanchezCUBCUB71.00m19.
9. Marko WahlmanFINFIN69.62m20.
10.Andres CharadiaARGARG68.48m23.
11.Iosif ShaverdashviliGEOGEO68.26m24.
12.Guillermo GuzmanMEXMEX67.30m25.
13.Hakim ToumiALGALG66.16m26.
14.Enrico SgrullettiITAITA63.58m27.
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