Women Javelin Throw Athletics IV World Championship 1993 Stuttgart, Germany - Sunday 22.08 - Gold Medal: Trine Solberg-Hattestad, Norway
Final 16:00Distance1.
1. Trine Solberg-HattestadNORNOR69.18m69.1862.8064.7864.8061.0466.18
2. Karen ForkelGERGER65.80mX60.7865.8061.8865.04-
3. Natalya ShikolenkoBLRBLR65.64m65.64XXX64.68X
4. Tatyana ShikolenkoBLRBLR65.18mX63.4862.1461.3064.1065.18
5. Yekaterina Krasnikova-IvakinaRUSRUS65.12m60.50X64.6865.1262.86X
6. Silke RenkGERGER64.00m61.5062.1864.0061.9663.7463.44
7. Claudia IsailaROUROU61.54m59.8861.5458.40XXX
8. Felicia Tilea-MoldovanROUROU61.24m60.26X61.2461.14X60.02
9. Steffi NeriusGERGER60.26m
10.Antoaneta Todorova-SelenskaBULBUL58.82m
11.Heli RantanenFINFIN53.14m
-. Terese NekrosaiteLTULTUNMXXX

Women Javelin Throw - History

She had failed several times before at major championships, but in Stuttgart Hattestad did everything right. She led the qualifiers and with the first throw of the final went into a big lead with 69.18.
The Norwegian’s big rival, Natalya Shikolenko, followed up her 65.64 opener with three fouls. This allowed Forkel to claim the silver. Like Hattestad, the German therefore made amends for a miserable performance at the previous World Championships.
Natalya Shikolenko held on for the bronze one place ahead of her younger sister, Tatyana, who set a personal best in the final round.
World Record: Petra Felke-Meier (GDR) 80.00m 09.09.88 Potsdam, East Germany
Championship Record: Ftima Whitbread (GBR) 76.64m 06.09.87 Rome, Italy
Season Best: Trine Solberg-Hattestad (GDR) 72.12m 10.07.93 Oslo, Norway.

Qualification - Saturday 21.08

Mark 62.00m - 6+6 Athletes
Group A 10:00DistanceRk.
1. Trine Solberg-HattestadNORNOR66.52m1.
2. Tatyana ShikolenkoBLRBLR63.22m2.
3. Felicia Tilea-MoldovanROUROU62.90m3.
4. Heli RantanenFINFIN60.56m8.
5. Karen ForkelGERGER60.54m9.
6. Antoaneta Todorova-SelenskaBULBUL59.74m11.
7. Martine BegueFRAFRA59.16m14.
8. Jette JeppesenDENDEN58.80m15.
9. Sueli Pereira Dos SantosBRABRA57.16m17.
10.Yelena SvezhentsevaUZBUZB55.10m19.
11.Nikola TomeckovaCZECZE52.06m22.
Group B 11:30DistanceRk.
1. Yekaterina Krasnikova-IvakinaRUSRUS62.90m3.
2. Silke RenkGERGER62.88m5.
3. Natalya ShikolenkoBLRBLR62.06m6.
4. Terese NekrosaiteLTULTU61.02m7.
5. Claudia IsailaROUROU59.88m10.
6. Steffi NeriusGERGER59.68m12.
7. Paivi AlafranttiFINFIN59.26m13.
8. Shelley HolroydGBRGBR57.66m16.
9. Kinga ZsigmondHUNHUN55.72m18.
10.Young-Sun LeeKORKOR54.78m20.
11.Akiko MiyajimaJPNJPN54.50m21.
12.Iammo LaunaPNGPNG46.78m23.
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