Men High Jump Athletics VI World Championship 1997 Athens (GRE) - Wednesday 06.08 - Gold Medal: Javier Sotomayor, Cuba
Final 18:10Height220225229232235237239
1. Javier SotomayorCUBCUB2.37m-XO-OOXO-
2. Artur PartykaPOLPOL2.35mO-O-XOXX-X
3. Tim ForsythAUSAUS2.35mO-XOOXOX-XX
4. Steinar HoenNORNOR2.32m-OOOXX-X
4. Dalton GrantGBRGBR2.32m---OXXX
6. Lambros PapakostasGREGRE2.32m-OOXOXX-X
7. Konstantin MatusevichISRISR2.29mOOOXXX
8. Jin-Taek LeeKORKOR2.29mXOOOXXX
9. Martin BussGERGER2.29mXXOOOXXX
10.Gilmar MayoCOLCOL2.29mOOXOXXX
11.Sergey KlyuginRUSRUS2.29mXOXOXXOret
12.Jan JankuCZECZE2.25mOOXXX
Happily recovered from the injuries which had led to the loss of his Olympic crown the previous year, Sotomayor further enhanced his claims to being considered the greatest of all high jumpers by regaining this title. Five men were still left in as the bar was raised to 2.37 but the Cuban was the only one successful. Another remarkable big time competitor, Partyka medalled for the third consecutive time, taking silver on countback against Forsyth.

Men High Jump History

Grant, ever the showman, came in at the greatest starting height ever attempted (2.32), daring indeed for a man who hadn’t gone higher than 2.28 all season. His gamble appeared to be paying off when his first time clearance took him into the lead, but the next height of 2.35 eluded him and he had to settle for equal fourth place with European champion Hoen.

Qualification - Monday 04.08 18:00

Mark 2.28m 10+2 Athletes
Group AHeight215219223226228
1. Gilmar MayoCOLCOL2.28mOOOOO
1. Jin-Taek LeeKORKOR2.28m-O-OO
3. Lambros PapakostasGREGRE2.28m-OOOXO
4. Martin BussGERGER2.28mOXOOXOXO
5. Charles AustinUSAUSA2.26m-O-XOXXX
6. Staffan StrandSWESWE2.23mO-OXXX
6. Charles LefrancoisCANCAN2.23m-OOXXX
8. Jaroslaw KotewiczPOLPOL2.23mO-XOXXX
8. Mark BoswellCANCAN2.23m-OXOXXX
8. Mark MandyIRLIRL2.23mOOXOXX-X
8. Dragutin TopicYUGYUG2.23mO-XO-XXX
12.Elvir KrehmicBSHBSH2.23mXXOOXOXXX
13.Brendan ReillyGBRGBR2.23m-OXXOXX-X
14.Arturo OrtizESPESP2.19m-O-XXX
14.Tomas JankuCZECZE2.19mOOXXX
16.Randy JenkinsUSAUSA2.19mXXOXXO-XXX
17.Konstantinos LiapisGREGRE2.15mOXXX
Group BHeight215219223226228
1. Artur PartykaPOLPOL2.28m-O-OO
1. Javier SotomayorCUBCUB2.28m--OOO
1. Steinar HoenNORNOR2.28m--O-O
4. Tim ForsythAUSAUS2.28mO--OXXO
5. Konstantin MatusevichISRISR2.28mOOXOXOXXO
6. Dalton GrantGBRGBR2.28m-XOOXXOXXO
7. Jan JankuCZECZE2.26m-OXOOXXX
7. Cigdem ArslanTURTUR2.26m
8. Sergey KlyuginRUSRUS2.26mOXXOOOXXX
9. Steve SmithGBRGBR2.26mO-XOXOXXX
10.Didier DetcheniqueFRAFRA2.23mOOOXXX
10.Stevan ZoricYUGYUG2.23m-OOXXX
10.Brian BrownUSAUSA2.23mO-OXXX
13.Dimitrios KokotisGREGRE2.23mXXOOOXXX
13.Mustapha RaifakFRAFRA2.23mXXOOOXXX
15.Glenn HowardNZLNZL2.15mOXXX
15.Julio LucianoDOMDOM2.15mOXXX
17.Michiya OnoueJPNJPN2.15mXOXXX
18.Khemraj NaikoMRIMRI2.15mXXOXXX
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