Men Pole Vault Athletics VI World Championship 1997 Athens (GRE) - Sunday 10.08 - Gold Medal: Sergey Bubka, Ukraine 6th
Final 17:30Height550570580586591596601606615
1. Sergey BubkaUKRUKR6.01m-XO--XO-O-DNF
2. Maksim TarasovRUSRUS5.96m-XO-OXXOOX-XX
4. Tim LobingerGERGER5.80mOOOXXX
5. Nick BuckfieldGBRGBR5.70mOOXXX
6. Pat MansonUSAUSA5.70mXOOXXX
7. Vadim StrogalyovRUSRUS5.70mOXXOXXX
8. Yevgeniy SmiryaginRUSRUS5.70mXOXXOXXX
9. Martin ErikssonSWESWE5.50mOXXX

Men Pole Vault History

9. Danny KrasnovISRISR5.50mOXXX
11.Trond BarthelNORNOR5.50mXOXXX
-.Jean GalfioneFRAFRANM-XXX
Without question, Bubka was the brightest star of the 1997 championships. Here was a man who, at 33, and struggling to regain fitness after an Achilles tendon operation in December 1996, could have been excused had he come up short on this occasion. But no, instead he sailed over the greatest height ever cleared in a major international championship to become world champion for the sixth time over a 14year span, a sequence that will probably never be matched in any event.
The 5.70 he cleared in the qualifying competition was his best for the season, and after making that height at the second try in the final he coolly passed 5.80 and 5.86. With the bar at 5.91 and with Tarasov and Starkey still in contention, Bubka had to clear – or finish an ignominious seventh. At the second attempt he cleared to take the lead, followed by Tarasov (2nd attempt) and Starkey (3rd attempt). Tarasov then cleared 5.96 first time, Starkey had one failure and Bubka passed! The bar went up to 6.01: Starkey and Tarasov failed their first attempts ... Bubka, with a frighteningly intense look in his eyes, determination personified, cleared with plenty to spare.
It was all over although Starkey did have one more try at 6.01, and Tarasov reserved his two remaining attempts for 6.06. It was an astonishing performance under any circumstances, but from a man who because of continuing Achilles tendon problems, had only started jogging in April and had completed only three pole vault training sessions that year, it was practically miraculous. “My participation was a big risk because pain in my Achilles tendon is still with me,” said Bubka. “It was not my best title, but it was the most difficult.”

Qualification - Friday 08.08 17:30

Group AHeight530545560570
1. Tim LobingerGERGER5.70m-OOO
1. Maksim TarasovRUSRUS5.70m---O
3. Sergey BubkaUKRUKR5.70m---XO
3. Nick BuckfieldGBRGBR5.70mOOOXO
5. Trond BarthelNORNOR5.70m-XOXOXO
6. Pat MansonUSAUSA5.70m-OOXXO
7. Danny KrasnovISRISR5.70m-XOOXXO
8. Juan Gabriel Concepcion ZambranoESPESP5.60m OXXX
9. Alain AndjiFRAFRA5.60m-OXXOXXX
9. Andrei TivontschikGERGER5.60m--XXOXXX
11.Peter WidenSWESWE5.45m-OXXX
12.Ilian EfremovBULBUL5.45mXXOOXXX
13.Vesa RantanenFINFIN5.45mOXOXXX
14.Andrea GianniniITAITA5.45mXOXOXXX
15.Edgardo DiazPURPUR5.45mOXXOXXX
16.Ruhan IsimTURTUR5.30mXXOXXX
-. Okkert BritsRSARSANM--XX-X
-. Lawrence JohnsonUSAUSANM--XXX
-. Aleksandr KorchaginKZKKZKNMXXX
-. Montxu MirandaESPESPDNF
Group BHeight530545560570
1. Martin ErikssonSWESWE5.70m O
2. Yevgeniy SmiryaginRUSRUS5.70mXOOXXOO
3. Jean GalfioneFRAFRA5.70m-XO-XO
4. Vadim StrogalyovRUSRUS5.70m-XXOOXO
5. Riaan BothaRSARSA5.70m--OXXO
6. Dean StarkeyUSAUSA5.70m-XOXOXXO
7. Igor PotapovichKZKKZK5.60m--OXXX
8. Khalid LachhebFRAFRA5.60mXOOXOXXX
9. Michael StolleGERGER5.60mOOXXOXXX
10.Fabio PizzolatoITAITA5.60mXXOOXXOXXX
11.Paul GibbonsNZLNZL5.45mOXOXXX
12.Laurens LooijeNEDNED5.30mOXXX
12.Vyacheslav ShuteyevUKRUKR5.30mOXXX
-. Heikki VaaraniemiFINFINNM-XXX
-. Javier GarciaESPESPNM-XXX
-. Stavros TsitourasGREGRENM-XXX
-. Dmitriy MarkovBLRBLRDNS
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