Women Javelin Throw Athletics VI World Championship 1997 Athens, Greece - Saturday 09.08 - Gold Medal: Trine Solberg-Hattestad, Norway
Final 19:10Distance1.
1. Trine Solberg-HattestadNORNOR68.78m68.7863.32X66.32X65.46
2. Joanna StoneAUSAUS68.64m64.6868.1666.9466.1268.6468.60
3. Tanja DamaskeGERGER67.12m64.3063.7264.3664.1866.2667.12
4. Mikaela IngbergFINFIN66.00m64.50X63.7261.7064.1466.00
5. Felicia Tilea-MoldovanROMROM64.90m60.3255.2464.9061.1459.2464.40
6. Sonia Bicet PollCUBCUB63.80m63.8063.1663.0860.4460.5263.34
7. Osleidys MenendezCUBCUB63.76m63.7662.44X59.8863.0262.14
8. Tatyana ShikolenkoRUSRUS63.76mX63.76X62.68XX
9. Oksana Ovchinnikova-MakarovaRUSRUS62.92m58.7261.3262.92
10.Heli RantanenFINFIN62.64m62.6459.96X
11.Mirela Manjani-TzeliliGREGRE61.02m61.02X57.80
12.Rita RamanauskaiteLITLIT57.38m56.8057.3856.36

Women Javelin Throw - History

Stone, a London-born Australian policewoman, created a stir by leading the qualifiers with a personal best of 67.72 and proved that was no fluke by pressurising the favourite, Hattestad, throughout the final. The Norwegian, champion in 1993 and pregnant at the time of the 1995 Championships, opened strongly with 68.78 and that proved to be the winner but Stone drew uncomfortably close in the second round with 68.16 and her last two throws landed at 68.64 and 68.60. The bronze medallist Damaske excelled also, throwing a personal best of 67.12 in the final round, but Olympic Champion Rantanen suffered an off-day in tenth place. “I was given strength by the knowledge that my two sons were watching from the stands,” said Hattestad.

Qualification - Thursday 07.08

Mark 62.50m - 9 Athletes passed and next 3 were added to Final.
Group A 08:30DistanceRk.1.2.3.
1. Trine Solberg-HattestadNORNOR66.12m2.66.12
2. Heli RantanenFINFIN64.46m3.58.3864.46
3. Mirela Manjani-TzeliliGREGRE63.50m5.63.50
4. Felicia Tilea-MoldovanROUROU63.06m8.63.06
5. Oksana Ovchinnikova-MakarovaRUSRUS61.58m11.61.5860.2858.78
6. Osleidys MenendezCUBCUB60.90m12.X60.90X
7. Karen ForkelGERGER60.70m14.60.56X60.70
8. Zuleima AramendizCOLCOL58.98m15.51.1255.4258.98
9. Laverne EveBAHBAH58.80m16.57.6658.8054.02
10.Nikolett SzaboHUNHUN57.78m19.54.22X57.78
11.Young-Sun LeeKORKOR55.98m22.55.7455.9855.86
12.Lynda LipsonUSAUSA52.64m27.52.6449.42
13.Shelley HolroydGBRGBR51.06m28.50.9451.06X
14.Trishel ThompsonGUYGUY38.14m29.37.7638.14
Group B 10:10DistanceRk.1.2.3.
1. Joanna StoneAUSAUS67.72m1.67.72
2. Mikaela IngbergFINFIN63.92m4.63.92
3. Sonia Bicet PollCUBCUB63.48m6.63.48
4. Tanja DamaskeGERGER63.30m7.63.30
5. Rita RamanauskaiteLTULTU62.60m9.60.2662.60
6. Tatyana ShikolenkoRUSRUS61.78m10.58.7061.78X
7. Silke RenkGERGER60.72m13.56.2860.7259.66
8. Odeymis PalmaCUBCUB58.42m17.58.42X56.70
9. Tessa SandersonGBRGBR57.84m18.53.7054.5057.84
10.Taina UppaFINFIN57.72m20.57.7255.06X
11.Ewa RybakPOLPOL56.24m21.X56.2451.26
12.Nicole CarrollUSAUSA55.62m23.55.6254.1855.56
13.Erica WheelerUSAUSA54.16m24.53.0054.16X
14.Ageliki TsiolakoudiGREGRE53.48m25.53.48
15.Nikola TomeckovaCZECZE52.86m26.X52.1252.86
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