Women Javelin Athletics VII World Championship 1999 Sevilla, Spain - Saturday 28.08 - Gold Medal: Mirela Manjani-Tzelili, Greece
1. Mirela Manjani-TzeliliGREGRE67.09m62.4166.3367.0966.44XX
2. Tatyana ShikolenkoRUSRUS66.37m63.7562.28X62.5166.37X
3. Trine Solberg-HattestadNORNOR66.06m63.7366.0662.5664.2463.4263.85
4. Osleidys MenendezCUBCUB64.61m64.6161.1263.1862.5563.7462.54
5. Louise McPaul-CurreyAUSAUS64.38m60.39X60.8164.3861.1060.75
6. Sonia Poll BicetCUBCUB63.52m61.6261.74X63.5261.08X
7. Jianhua WeiCHNCHN62.97m58.9862.2762.97XX57.66
8. Oksana Ovchinnikova-MakarovaRUSRUS62.67m59.2362.67XX60.16X
9. Mikaela IngbergFINFIN60.48m56.4859.3660.48
10.Taina UppaFINFIN59.83mX59.83X
11.Felicia Tilea-MoldovanROUROU59.24m59.2458.24X
12.Karen ForkelGERGER54.65m54.5154.65X
In a year which caused so much grief to Albanians there was a result from Seville which might have brought those people some pride and pleasure. Miréla Manjani no longer competes for Albania; now married to Greek weightlifter George Tzelílis she became a Greek citizen in 1997, but she made history by becoming the first Albanian-born athlete ever to win a world athletics title. Title holder Hattestad was delighted to take the lead in round 2 with 66.06 but later in the round Tzelíli went ahead with 66.33 and with her next throw she improved to a Greek record with the new implement of 67.09. Tatyana Shikolenko later produced a Russian record of 66.37 to push Hattestad down to third; her elder sister Natalya won this title for Belarus in 1995. European Champion Tanja Damaske was unable through injury to throw in the qualifying round.
Qualification Thursday 26.08
Group A 18.45hDistance123
1. Trine Solberg-HattestadNORNOR62.67m62.67
2. Osleidys MenendezCUBCUB62.07m62.07
3. Tatyana ShikolenkoRUSRUS61.78m61.78
4. Sonia Bicet PollCUBCUB61.63m61.63
5. Mikaela IngbergFINFIN61.50m58.8659.3561.50
6. Jianhua WeiCHNCHN61.39m61.39
7. Louise McPaul-CurreyAUSAUS60.83m60.8359.6256.51
8. Karen ForkelGERGER60.40m55.6660.4059.04
9. Felicia Tilea-MoldovanROMROM60.11m60.11X57.78
10.Genowefa PatlaPOLPOL59.50m55.1759.5056.27
11.Rita RamanauskaiteLTULTU58.60m57.2558.60X
12.Steffi NeriusGERGER58.43m58.4357.0757.05
13.Evfemija StorgaSLOSLO53.54mX53.2653.54
14.Gurmeet Kaur RaiINDIND51.97m51.9751.7647.90
15.Sabina MoyaCOLCOL47.27mX47.2744.27
Group B 20.40hDistance123
1. Oksana Ovchinnikova-MakarovaRUSRUS63.83m63.83
2. Mirela Manjani-TzeliliGREGRE61.45m61.45
3. Taina UppaFINFIN60.51m60.5159.0260.47
4. Ana Mirela TermureROUROU58.52m58.52X56.01
5. Lili LiangCHNCHN58.43m49.4158.4355.96
6. Laverne EveBAHBAH57.97m55.2255.7957.97
7. Xiomara RiveroCUBCUB57.48mXX57.48
8. Nadine Schoellkopf-AuzeilFRAFRA57.33m54.6255.9257.33
9. Nikola TomeckovaCZECZE56.88m54.55X56.88
10.Ewa RybakPOLPOL56.41m55.1256.4156.14
11.Khristina GeorgievaBULBUL55.79m55.7954.9054.57
12.Linda BluetrichUSAUSA52.31m50.2652.3152.17
13.Young-Sun LeeKORKOR51.36m50.3351.3651.31
-. Maka ObolashviliGEOGEONMXX-
-. Tanja DamaskeGERGERNM---
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