Women Hammer Throw Athletics VIII World Championship 2001 Edmonton, Canada - Tuesday 07.08 - Gold Medal: Yipsi Moreno, Cuba
Final 20:05Distance1.
1. Yipsi MorenoCUBCUB70.65m69.5569.3470.6561.4568.8466.95
2. Olga KuzenkovaRUSRUS70.61m70.6169.94XXX69.78
3. Bronwyn EaglesAUSAUS68.87m67.6268.8764.6463.8168.1767.43
4. Kamila SkolimowskaPOLPOL68.05m67.7467.8867.0768.0567.9368.02
5. Manuela MontebrunFRAFRA67.78m67.7866.82XX67.74X
6. Lorraine ShawGBRGBR65.89m64.0465.8963.6863.6664.9562.38
7. Florence EzehFRAFRA65.88m63.6665.3064.9365.8865.7664.66
8. Ivana BrkljacicCROCRO65.43m65.43XXX62.94X
9. Kirsten MunchowGERGER64.39m62.51X64.39
10.Olga TsanderBLRBLR64.10mX64.10X
11.Wenxiu ZhangCHNCHN61.61m61.6160.1560.70
12.Melissa PriceUSAUSA61.57m61.5760.5859.51

Women Hammer Throw - History

Kuzenkova was the favourite and started well with 70.43 in qualifying then 70.61 in the first round of the final. She followed up with a 69.94, but she had no response when Moreno flung her hammer out to 70.65 in third round. In the meantime, Eagles had filled third place at 68.87.
Observers raved about Moreno’s technique. The 20 year-old Cuban prepared before each throw by making four circles with her right index finger. In rounds 3, 4 and 5 Kuzenkova fouled and there were no changes in the medal positions. After her and the competition’s final throw of 66.95, Moreno rushed toward the track to celebrate but was restrained from doing so as the women’s 10,000m had reached its closing stages.
Qualification - Monday 06.08mark 67.00m 4+10 Athletes
Group A 13.00hTeamDist.123
1. Olga KuzenkovaRUSRUS70.43m70.43
2. Manuela MontebrunFRAFRA67.92m67.92
3. Kirsten MunchowGERGER65.69m65.69X63.77
4. Melissa PriceUSAUSA65.65m65.6562.54X
5. Ivana BrkljacicCROCRO65.01m63.4763.7965.01
6. Wenxiu ZhangCHNCHN64.52m64.52X61.05
7. Anna NorgrenUSAUSA63.74mX63.2663.74
8. Agnieszka PogroszewskaPOLPOL63.59mX63.59X
9. Lyudmila GubkinaBLRBLR63.58m61.6363.58X
10.Evdokia TsamoglouGREGRE61.97m61.5060.0061.97
11.Martina DanisovaSVKSVK61.26m57.2560.7961.26
12.Mia StrommerFINFIN61.04m60.52X61.04
13.Lucie VrbenskaCZECZE60.01mX56.7660.01
14.Karyne Perkins-DimarcoAUSAUS59.80m59.42X59.80
15.Masumi AyaJPNJPN58.84m58.8456.8958.70
16.Marwa HusseinEGYEGY58.41m54.5058.41X
-. Ester BalassiniITAITANMXXX
Group B 14.50hTeamDist.123
1. Bronwyn EaglesAUSAUS68.35m68.35
2. Kamila SkolimowskaPOLPOL67.43m67.43
3. Yipsi MorenoCUBCUB66.60m65.01X66.60
4. Florence EzehFRAFRA65.71m65.7161.9265.57
5. Olga TsanderBLRBLR65.18m65.1862.24X
6. Lorraine ShawGBRGBR64.37m64.37X63.61
7. Dawn EllerbeUSAUSA64.34m64.3463.6661.62
8. Susanne KeilGERGER64.06m64.06XX
9. Tasha WilliamsNZLNZL63.83m62.0963.7963.83
10.Sini PoyryFINFIN63.76m61.5963.76X
11.Lisa MisipekaASAASA63.34mX63.3460.73
12.Cecilia NilssonSWESWE61.53m61.0761.5359.63
13.Caroline WittrinCANCAN59.30m59.30XX
14.Vania SilvaPORPOR58.91m58.5058.8558.91
15.Nancy GuillenESAESA57.96mX57.96X
16.Karina MoyaARGARG57.01mX56.7757.01
17.Marketa HajduCZECZE55.77m53.0955.77X
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