Women Hammer Throw Athletics X World Championship 2005 Helsinki, Finland - Friday 12.08 - Gold Medal: Yipsi Moreno, Cuba
Final 19:50Distance1.
1. Yipsi MorenoCUBCUB73.08m70.39X70.8871.2673.0873.0472.67m
2. Tatyana LysenkoRUSRUS72.46mX70.3068.4468.9272.4671.6871.14m
3. Manuela MontebrunFRAFRA71.41m67.9268.9366.9971.4171.0270.8071.63m
4. Wenxiu ZhangCHNCHN69.82m68.1665.9068.3169.8266.6868.5366.73m
5. Iryna SekachovaUKRUKR69.65m69.6567.2667.5968.6268.0868.1568.55m
6. Kamila SkolimowskaPOLPOL68.96m68.9667.1468.7668.3467.01X70.28m
7. Candice ScottTRITRI66.55m66.5563.1663.79XX63.3266.85m
8. Clarissa ClarettiITAITA64.76mX64.2864.76 68.21m
9.Erin GilreathUSAUSA64.54m64.5464.0163.38 67.41m
10.Mihaela MelinteROUROU64.31m64.31X63.94 68.31m
11.Susanne KeilGERGER63.25mXX63.25 67.82m
-. Olga KuzenkovaRUSRUS75.10mX68.9470.7070.8074.0375.1071.97m

Women Hammer Throw - History

The medallists from Paris – Moreno, Kuzenkova and Montebrun – were again favoured to win the medals, though new world record holder Lysenko was clearly a contender. These four were the leading qualifiers.
The opening three rounds of the final were low-key, with Moreno (70.88) leading from Kuzenkova (70.70) and Lysenko (70.30). Montebrun – in sixth place at halfway – warmed things up by taking the lead with 71.41 in round four. In the next round the tall, athletic (1.86/81Kg) Lysenko reached 72.46, to be overtaken immediately by Kuzenkova (74.03) and Moreno (73.08). The Olympic Champion increased her lead over the double World Champion, throwing 75.10 in the last round, her best for five years, while Moreno responded with 73.04.
Almost eight years later, in March 2013, the winner was exposed as a drug cheat when it was announced that a re-analysis of her Helsinki doping control sample – using the most up-to-date analytical techniques – had revealed an adverse finding. Besides being suspended in 20013-2015, all her results for two years from August 2005 were disqualified, starting with those in Helsinki. Moreno therefore became a triple champion.

Qualification> - Wednesday 10.08

mark 70.00mStand.A 69.50mStand.A 67.00m
Group A 14:00Distance1.2.3.
1. Yipsi MorenoCUBCUB72.67m72.67
2. Tatyana LysenkoRUSRUS71.14m71.14
3. Kamila SkolimowskaPOLPOL70.28m69.2670.28
4. Mihaela MelinteROMROM68.31m67.8368.3166.63
5. Clarissa ClarettiITAITA68.21m63.0668.2166.39
6. Wenxiu ZhangCHNCHN66.73mX66.73X
7. Nataliya ZolotukhinaUKRUKR66.36m65.4966.3666.27
8. Darya PchelnikBLRBLR65.54mXX65.54
9. Berta CastellsESPESP65.50mX63.5665.50
10.Eva OrbanHUNHUN64.26mX64.2664.10
11.Sini PoyryFINFIN64.24mX64.24X
12.Bethany HartUSAUSA63.97m63.9761.95X
13.Cecilia NilssonSWESWE62.27mX60.2462.27
14.Betty HeidlerGERGER61.91mXX61.91
-. Jennifer DahlgrenARGARGNMXXX
-. Yekaterina KhoroshikhRUSRUSNMXXX
-. Kathrin KlaasGERGERNMXXX
Group B 15:40hDistance1.2.3.
1. Olga KuzenkovaRUSRUS71.97mX71.97
2. Manuela MontebrunFRAFRA71.63m68.6471.63
3. Iryna SekachovaUKRUKR68.55m67.0868.55X
4. Susanne KeilGERGER67.82m67.82XX
5. Erin GilreathUSAUSA67.41m67.4163.1565.19
6. Candice ScottTRITRI66.85m66.8564.9959.70
7. Volha TsanderBLRBLR66.07mXX66.07
8. Ivana BrkljacicCROCRO65.63m65.6363.6265.32
9. Amber CampbellUSAUSA65.48m61.2065.4861.43
10.Stiliani PapadopoulouGREGRE64.99m64.2364.9961.68
11.Jennifer JoyceCANCAN64.34m61.88X64.34
12.Shirley WebbGBRGBR64.16mX64.1663.91
13.Eileen O'KeeffeIRLIRL64.09mX64.0963.71
14.Yunaika CrawfordCUBCUB63.79mX63.79X
15.Yuka MurofushiJPNJPN62.83m56.4362.83X
16.Amarilys AlmesticaPURPUR56.66m56.66XX
-. Ester BalassiniITAITANMXXX
Tatyana LysenkoRUSA1177.06m77.06m
Volha TsanderBLRB1176.66m76.66m
Manuela MontebrunFRAB1674.66m74.66m
Kamila SkolimowskaPOLA174.27m74.27m
Yipsi MorenoCUBA1273.88m75.18m
Erin GilreathUSAB173.87m73.87m
Olga KuzenkovaRUSB1073.59m75.68m
Ester BalassiniITAB673.59m73.59m
Wenxiu ZhangCHNA973.24m73.24m
Yekaterina KhoroshikhRUSA1673.08m73.08m
Susanne KeilGERB572.74m72.74m
Betty HeidlerGERA272.19m72.73m
Mihaela MelinteROMA571.95m76.07m
Candice ScottTRIB871.45m71.45m
Darya PchelnikBLRA771.08m71.08m
Ivana BrkljacicCROB1871.00m71.00m
Kathrin KlaasGERA1070.91m70.91m
Clarissa ClarettiITAA1770.59m70.59m
Yuan GuCHNB1770.50m72.36m
Iryna SekachovaUKRB1470.30m74.16m
Bethany HartUSAA869.65m69.65m
Amber CampbellUSAB769.52m69.52m
Eileen O'KeeffeIRLB1569.36m69.36m
Yunaika CrawfordCUBB1269.30m73.16m
Sini PoyryFINA468.90m69.16m
Eva OrbanHUNA1368.70m68.70m
Jennifer JoyceCANB368.48m68.48m
Cecilia NilssonSWEA668.44m68.44m
Berta CastellsESPA1468.31m68.87m
Stiliani PapadopoulouGREB268.14m68.14m
Nataliya ZolotukhinaUKRA1567.75m69.73m
Shirley WebbGBRB467.58m67.58m
Jennifer DahlgrenARGA367.07m67.07m
Yuka MurofushiJPNB962.91m67.77m
Amarilys AlmesticaPURB1362.65m63.87m
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