Men Basketball Africa World Cup 2019 Qualification
Africa has 5 quotas for 18th Men World Cup 2019.
_ First Groups Round - 16 teams in 4 Groups - First 3 teams from each group advance.
_ Group A - Tunisia (1.), Cameroon (5.), Guinea (16.), Chad (NP)
_ Group B - Nigeria (2.), Mali (9.), Rwanda (10.), Uganda (13.)
_ Group C - Morocco (4.), DR Congo (6.), Angola (7.), Egypt (8.)
_ Group D - Senegal (3.), Central Africa (11.), Mozambique (12.), Ivory Coast (14.)
_ Second Groups Round - 12 teams in 6 Groups - First 2 teams from each group and best 3rd place qualify to World Cup World 2019.
_ Group E - Best 3 from Group A and Best 3 from Group C.
_ Group F - Best 3 from Group B and Best 3 from Group D.
Teams selected from Africa Championship Men 2017.
In brackets ranking from Africa Championship Men 2017.
Chad replaced South Africa.
World Cup 2019 Europe Qualification
World Cup 2019 Europe Qualification - 12 teams.
World Cup 2019 Americas Qualification - 7 teams.
World Cup 2019 Asia and Oceania Qualification - 7 teams.

First Groups Round.

Played in 2 Rounds tournaments. First 3 from each group to Second Groups Round. Scores are transferred.
Group Awlpfpap+-ratio
1. Tunisia30264:162+1021.630
2. Cameroon21247:205+421.205
3. Chad12185:217-320.853
4. Guinea03185:297-1120.623
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT2T
First Round Robin played in Yaounde, Cameroon. UTC -1.
Fri 24.11.1718:00Tunisia96-56Guinea27-1847-2976-39
Fri 24.11.1720:30Cameroon65-60Chad17-1330-2746-51
Sat 25.11.1718:00Tunisia101-40Chad21-744-1977-30
Sat 25.11.1720:30Cameroon116-78Guinea28-2256-4387-60
Sun 26.11.1718:00Chad85-51Guinea20-1036-2369-33
Sun 26.11.1720:30Tunisia67-66Cameroon25-1536-2854-50
Second Round Robin played in Rades, Tunisia.
Fri 29.06.181-:00Chad Cameroon
Fri 29.06.181-:00Guinea Tunisia
Sat 30.06.181-:00Chad Tunisia
Sat 30.06.181-:00Guinea Cameroon
Sun 01.07.181-:00Cameroon Tunisia
Sun 01.07.181-:00Guinea Chad
Group Bwlpfpap+-ratio
1. Nigeria30292:198+941.475
2. Uganda12241:244-30.988
3. Mali12208:232-240.897
4. Rwanda12190:257-670.739
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT2T
First Round Robin played in Bamako, Mali. UTC 0.
Fri 23.02.1815:30Nigeria102-86Uganda18-2747-4675-66
Fri 23.02.1818:00Rwanda74-70Mali14-1231-2947-48
Sat 24.02.1815:30Nigeria108-53Rwanda31-1355-2884-40
Sat 24.02.1818:00Mali79-76Uganda17-1226-2850-51
Sun 25.02.1815:30Uganda79-63Rwanda28-1648-2763-46
Sun 25.02.1818:00Nigeria82-59Mali21-537-2157-42
Second Round Robin played in Lagos, Nigeria.
Fri 29.06.181-:00Uganda Nigeria
Fri 29.06.181-:00Mali Rwanda
Sat 30.06.181-:00Uganda Mali
Sat 30.06.181-:00Rwanda Nigeria
Sun 01.07.181-:00Mali Nigeria
Sun 01.07.181-:00Rwanda Uganda
Group Cwlpfpap+-ratio
1. Angola30203:184+191.103
2. Egypt21196:192+41.021
3. Morocco12207:210-30.986
4. DR Congo03206:226-200.912
TeamAngoEgypMoroDR C
DR Congo-------
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT2T
First Round Robin played in Lunada, Angola. UTC +1.
Fri 24.11.1715:30Egypt65-61otDR Congo10-1330-2245-40
after over time. FT: 55-55. OT: 10-6
Fri 24.11.1718:00Angola62-56Morocco18-1828-3547-47
Sat 25.11.1715:30Morocco88-81otDR Congo19-2235-3858-51
after over time. FT: 75-75. OT: 13-6
Sat 25.11.1718:00Angola68-64Egypt11-2230-3551-50
Sun 26.11.1715:30Egypt67-63Morocco16-1734-2852-42
Sun 26.11.1718:00Angola73-64DR Congo23-1335-3255-48
Second Round Robin played in Cairo, Egypt.
Fri 29.06.181-:00Morocco Angola
Fri 29.06.181-:00DR Congo Egypt
Sat 30.06.181-:00Egypt Angola
Sat 30.06.181-:00DR Congo Morocco
Sun 01.07.181-:00Morocco Egypt
Sun 01.07.181-:00DR Congo Angola
Group Dwlpfpap+-ratio
1. Senegal21190:184+61.033
2. Mozambique21177:165+121.073
3. Central Africa12180:191-110.942
4. Ivory Coast12182:189-70.963
Central Africa------63:62ot
Ivory Coast67:60------
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT2T
First Round Robin played in Maputo, Mozambique. UTC +2.
Fri 23.02.1816:30Senegal70-65Central Africa17-1935-3754-55
Fri 23.02.1819:00Mozambique66-53Ivory Coast18-1730-3350-37
Sat 24.02.1815:00Ivory Coast67-60Senegal13-1630-2847-37
Sat 24.02.1817:30Mozambique59-52Central Africa11-1124-2538-39
Sun 25.02.1815:00Central Africa63-62otIvory Coast17-1131-2439-34
after over time. FT: 55-55. OT: 8-7
Sun 25.02.1817:30Senegal60-52Mozambique5-1824-3239-41
Second Round Robin played in Dakar, Senegal.
Fri 29.06.181-:00Central Africa Senegal
Fri 29.06.181-:00Ivory Coast Mozambique
Sat 30.06.181-:00Senegal Ivory Coast
Sat 30.06.181-:00Central Africa Mozambique
Sun 01.07.181-:00Mozambique Senegal
Sun 01.07.181-:00Ivory Coast Central Africa

Second Groups Round.

As before 28th June 2018.
Group Ewlpfpap+-ratio
1. Tunisia20168:106+621.585
2. Angola20130:120+101.083
3. Cameroon11131:127+41.031
4. Egypt11131:13101.000
5. Morocco02119:129-100.922
6. Chad02100:166-660.602
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Group Fwlpfpap+-ratio
1. Nigeria20184:145+391.269
2. Mozambique11118:113+51.044
3. Senegal11120:119+11.008
4. Ivory Coast11120:126-60.952
5. Mali11138:158-200.873
6. Uganda02162:181-190.895
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
1-:00Mozambique66-53Ivory Coast
1-:00Ivory Coast67-60Senegal
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