Men Basketball XVII Pan-American Games 2019 Lima, Peru +5 - 31.07-04.08 - Winner Argentina
Panam Games 2019 indexWomen Tournament Women PG 2019Played at Coliseo Eduardo Dibos.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT1T2T
Sun 04.08.1921:00ARG Argentina84-66PUR Puerto Rico27-1840-3060-50
Sun 04.08.1918:00USA United States92-83DOM Dominicana20-2036-3860-65
Semi-Finals (1/2)
Sat 03.08.1918:00PUR Puerto Rico65-63DOM Dominicana13-1834-2649-40
Sat 03.08.1921:00ARG Argentina114-75USA United States29-1861-3691-56
5th place Paly-Off
Sat 03.08.1913:30VEN Venezuela78-68URU Uruguay19-2536-3759-59
7th place Paly-Off
Sat 03.08.1910:30MEX Mexico92-81ISV US Virgin Islands26-1354-2466-55
Final Ranking
1.ARG Argentina
2.PUR Puerto Rico
3.USA United States
4.DOM Dominicana
5.VEN Venezuela
6.URU Uruguay
7.MEX Mexico
8.ISV US Virgin Islands
Final Ranking_w__l_pfpap+-ratio2015
1.ARG Argentina41466:375+911.2435.
2.PUR Puerto Rico41392:384+81.0216.
3.USA United States32440:421+191.0453.
4.DOM Dominicana23391:377+141.0374.
eliminated in Groups Round.
5.VEN Venezuela22282:295-130.9567.
6.URU Uruguay13262:324-620.809
7.MEX Mexico22286:282+41.0148.
8.ISV US Virgin Islands04338:399-610.847
Second most successefull team Brazil and title holder from Men PG 2015 not qualified. Missing former medalists: Cuba, Canada (finalist from 2015) and Panama.

Groups Round.

First advance to Semi-Finals (1/2). 3rd to Classification 5-6. 4th to Classification 7-8.
Group A_w__l_pfpap+-ratio
1.PUR Puerto Rico30261:237+241.101
2.USA United States21273:224+491.219
3.VEN Venezuela12204:227-230.899
4.ISV US Virgin Islands03257:307-500.837
TeamPuerUnitVeneUS V
PUR Puerto Rico-----87:8473:64101:89
USA United States -----70:53119:84
VEN Venezuela -----87:84
ISV US Virgin Islands -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT2T
Wed 31.07.1910:30USA United States119-84USV US Virgin Islands39-2356-4391-62
Wed 31.07.1913:30PUR Puerto Rico73-64VEN Venezuela11-1226-3049-44
Thu 01.08.1910:30PUR Puerto Rico101-89ISV US Virgin Islands33-1159-2777-54
Thu 01.08.1921:00USA United States70-53VEN Venezuela20-1334-2950-37
Fri 02.08.1918:00VEN Venezuela87-84ISV US Virgin Islands19-1939-4853-53
Fri 02.08.1921:00PUR Puerto Rico87-84USA United States27-3846-5764-72
Group B_w__l_pfpap+-ratio
1.ARG Argentina21268:234+341.145
2.DOM Dominicana21245:220+251.114
3.URU Uruguay12194:246-520.789
4.MEX Mexico12194:201-70.965
ARG Argentina-----102:97aot102:65
DOM Dominicana -----83:5765:61aot
URU Uruguay -----72:61
MEX Mexico72:64 -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT3T
Wed 31.07.1918:00ARG Argentina102-65URU Uruguay27-251-1773-44
Wed 31.07.1921:00DOM Dominicana65-61aotMEX Mexico20-633-1947-41
after Over Time. FT: 55-55. OT: 10-6
Thu 01.08.1913:30ARG Argentina102-97aotDOM Dominicana21-1843-3766-55
after Over Time. FT: 87-87. OT: 15-10
Thu 01.08.1918:00URU Uruguay72-61MEX Mexico19-1230-2444-46
Fri 02.08.1910:30DOM Dominicana83-57URU Uruguay15-1935-3154-43
Fri 02.08.1913:30MEX Mexico72-64ARG Argentina10-2027-3551-55
Qualification Men 2017 - First 7 and Peru as Host.
United States, Argentina, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Dominicana
Second most successefull team Brazil and title holder from Men PG 2015 not qualified. Missing former medalists: Cuba, Canada and Panama.
Medals beforeGSBAll
1. United States83314
2. Brazil62614
3. Puerto Rico25411
4. Argentina12 3
5. Mexico 314
6. Canada 1 1
6. Dominicana 1 1
8. Cuba 11
8. Panama 11
8. Uruguay 11
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