Men Basketball 8th Asia Championship 1975 Bangkok (THA) - 15-26.11 Winner China
Final Groupwlpfpa
1. China50478:365
2. Japan41446:412
3. South Korea32539:405
4. India23419:479
5. Philippines14409:527
6. Thailand05355:458
Japan -----106:10299:81100:85 82:64
South Korea -----126:61121:74112:67
India -----113:69 83:74
Philippines -----96:88
Thailand -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
23.11CHN China111-81IND India55-44
23.11JPN Japan82-64THA Thailand41-24
24.11JPN Japan100-85PHI Philippines50-47
24.11CHN China97-78KOR South Korea58-42
25.11KOR South Korea112-67THA Thailand65-38
25.11IND India113-69PHI Philippines59-30
26.11KOR South Korea121-74PHI Philippines61-34
26.11CHN China80-59JPN Japan38-28
26.11IND India83-74THA Thailand61-34
Final Rankingwlpfpa
1. China90909:635
2. Japan71807:609
3. South Korea62945:578
4. India53754:728
5. Philippines54850:860
6. Thailand45740:765
Group 7-13
7. Singapore63765:779
8. Malaysia54844:853
9. Hong Kong45793:842
13.Sri Lanka09649:1059
Japan qualified to Olympic Men 1976, because Chinese NOC was not eligible to play in the games.
East (4): 1. 2. 3. 9.
South East (5): 5. 6. 7. 8. 10.
Middle (3): 4. 11. 13.
Gulf (1): Kuwait
First championship for China, Kuwait and Sri Lanka.
Iran not played.
Taiwan was excluded, because China did not want to play with them in the same tournament.
First Groups Round
Group 7-13wlpfpa
7. Singapore60546:474
8. Malaysia51612:508
9. Hong Kong42544:506
13.Sri Lanka06474:634
TeamSingaMalayHongIndoPakisKuwaiSri L
Singapore----- 79:7493:89104:8786:79 89:75 95:70
Malaysia ----- 92:83 98:84101:84103:84144:94
Hong Kong -----87:7682:75 92:89111:81
Indonesia -----74:67 81:73
Pakistan ----- 93:85100:74
Kuwait 72:66 -----103:82
Sri Lanka -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
23.11INA Indonesia81-73SRI Srilanka48-39
23.11Malaysia101-84PAK Pakistan46-48
23.11HKG Hong Kong92-89KUW Kuwait47-39
24.11Malaysia98-84INA Indonesia48-35
24.11PAK Pakistan100-74SRI Srilanka47-42
24.11Singapore89-75KUW Kuwait40-39
25.11HKG Hong Kong111-81SRI Srilanka53-46
25.11PAK Pakistan93-85KUW Kuwait37-40
26.11KUW Kuwait72-66INA Indonesia37-32
26.11Singapore95-70SRI Srilanka51-32
26.11Malaysia92-83HKG Hong Kong51-40

First Groups Round.

First 3 to Final Group. Scores are transferred.
Group Awlpfpa
1. China60621:417
2. Philippines51622:526
3. Thailand42535:488
4. Singapore33502:560
5. Hong Kong24507:580
6. Indonesia15460:588
7. Pakistan06440:528
Philippines -----96:8897:72122:88117:87105:86
Thailand -----99:8394:76105:7987:69
Singapore -----93:89104:8786:79
Hong Kong -----87:7682:75
Indonesia -----74:67
Pakistan -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
15.11THA Thailand94-76HKG Hong Kong44-40
15.11PHI Philippines97-72Singapore47-44
15.11INA Indonesia74-67PAK Pakistan37-22
transferred to Group 7-13
16.11HKG Hong Kong87-76INA Indonesia35-38
transferred to Group 7-13
16.11CHN China94-64PAK Pakistan47-28
16.11THA Thailand99-83Singapore50-47
17.11PHI Philippines117-87INA Indonesia57-35
17.11THA Thailand87-69PAK Pakistan37-25
17.11CHN China109-64Singapore51-35
18.11Singapore104-87INA Indonesia48-36
transferred to Group 7-13
18.11HKG Hong Kong82-75PAK Pakistan40-44
transferred to Group 7-13
18.11CHN China105-85PHI Philippines50-44
transferred to Final Group
19.11Singapore93-89HKG Hong Kong53-44
transferred to Group 7-13
19.11CHN China108-57INA Indonesia43-29
19.11PHI Philippines96-88THA Thailand49-55
transferred to Final Group
20.11PHI Philippines105-86PAK Pakistan52-50
20.11CHN China120-85HKG Hong Kong59-45
20.11THA Thailand105-79INA Indonesia52-37
21.11Singapore86-79PAK Pakistan52-37
transferred to Group 7-13
21.11PHI Philippines122-88HKG Hong Kong64-42
21.11CHN China85-62THA Thailand41-32
transferred to Final Group
Group Bwlpfpa
1. Japan50566:380
2. South Korea41634:340
3. India32477:474
4. Malaysia23479:523
5. Kuwait14399:517
6. Sri Lanka05351:672
South Korea ------126:61119:69124:68163:36
India ------109:8690:78136:85
Malaysia ------103:84144:94
Kuwait ------103:82
Sri Lanka ------
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
15.11KOR South Korea124-68KUW Kuwait59-33
15.11JPN Japan117-77Malaysia54-33
16.11Malaysia144-94SRI Srilanka73-45
transferred to Group 7-13
16.11KOR South Korea126-61IND India65-26
transferred to Final Group
17.11KUW Kuwait103-82SRI Srilanka52-41
transferred to Group 7-13
17.11JPN Japan99-81IND India45-40
transferred to Final Group
18.11JPN Japan126-54SRI Srilanka63-20
18.11IND India90-78KUW Kuwait42-35
19.11KOR South Korea119-69Malaysia67-36
19.11JPN Japan118-66KUW Kuwait52-29
20.11IND India109-86Malaysia53-38
20.11KOR South Korea163-36SRI Srilanka77-14
21.11IND India136-85SRI Srilanka70-35
21.11Malaysia103-84KUW Kuwait50-39
transferred to Group 7-13
21.11JPN Japan106-102KOR South Korea53-56
transferred to Final Group
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