Men Basketball Asia Games 1966 Bangkok (THA)- 09-19.12 Winner Israel
Asia Games 1966 index
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Final18.12Israel90-42THA Thailand
3-418.12KOR South Korea72-60JPN Japan39-52
5-618.12TPE Taiwan75-72PHI Philippines
7-818.12IRI Iran95-88Malaysia
9-1018.12South Vietnm102-88Ceylon
1/217.12THA Thailand67-52KOR South Korea
Match ended at 35:23 after fight between players.
1/217.12Israel57-34JPN Japan
5-817.12PHI Philippines113-73Malaysia
5-817.12TPE Taiwan89-78IRI Iran
Final Ranking
Final Rankingwlpfpa
1. Israel61564:400
2. Thailand42436:416
3. South Korea61581:425
4. Japan42420:328
eliminated in Groups Round.
5. Taiwan42519:451
6. Philippines43697:495
7. Iran34543:575
8. Malaysia15420:501
9. South Vietnam24480:589
Ceylon was the name of Sri Lanka.
Burma was the name of Myanmar.

Groups Round.

First 2 to Semi-Finals. Rest to Classification.
Group Awlpfpa
1. Japan40326:199
2. Thailand31327:274
3. Taiwan22355:301
4. Malaysia13259:293
5. Ceylon04251:451
Thailand -----78:7270:58120:70
Taiwan -----101:80129:75
Malaysia -----87:53
Ceylon -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
10.12THA Thailand70-58Malaysia28-24
10.12JPN Japan115-53Ceylon
11.12TPE Taiwan129-75Ceylon
11.12JPN Japan69-34Malaysia
12.12THA Thailand120-70Ceylon
12.12JPN Japan68-53TPE Taiwan
13.12THA Thailand78-72TPE Taiwan
14.12TPE Taiwan101-80Malaysia
15.12JPN Japan74-59THA Thailand
Group Bwlpfpa
1. South Korea50457:298
2. Israel41417:324
3. Philippines32512:347
4. Iran23370:398
5. South Vietnam14378:501
6. Burma05283:549
South Korea-----62:4883:8274:53110:62128:53
Israel -----91:8687:55100:70bt
Philippines -----103:59109:65132:49
Iran -----100:86103:48
South Vietnam -----95:82
Burma -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
10.12KOR South Korea110-62South Vietnam
10.12PHI Philippines132-49Burma
10.12Israel87-55IRI Iran
11.12KOR South Korea128-53Burma
11.12PHI Philippines103-69IRI Iran
11.12Israel100-70South Vietnam
12.12PHI Philippines109-65South Vietnam
12.12IRI Iran103-48Burma
12.12KOR South Korea62-48Israel
14.12South Vietnam95-82Burma
14.12KOR South Korea74-53IRI Iran
14.12Israel91-86PHI Philippines37-44
15.12IRI Iran100-86South Vietnam
15.12KOR South Korea83-82PHI Philippines
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