Men Basketball Asia Games 1970 Bangkok, Thailand - 9th to 20th December - Winner South Korea
Final Groupwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.KOR South Korea41393:320+731.228
2.ISR Israel41429:363+661.182
3.JPN Japan22281:301-200.934
4.TPE Taiwan23354:386-320.917
5.PHI Philippines23381:378+31.008
6.IND India04260:350-900.743
KOR South Korea-----81:6780:5774:72 93:54
ISR Israel -----83:67114:6383:7882:74
JPN Japan -----81:6676:72-
TPE Taiwan -----75:6478:53
PHI Philippines70:65 -----97:79
IND India -----
Asia Games 1970 index
TB 1st place: South Korea 81-67
TB 4th place: Rep. China 75-64 Philippines
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Mon 14.12.70KOR South Korea74-72TPE Taiwan
Mon 14.12.70ISR Israel83-67JPN Japan
Mon 14.12.70PHI Philippines97-79IND India
Tue 15.12.70ISR Israel114-63TPE Taiwan
Tue 15.12.70JPN Japan IND India
Tue 15.12.70PHI Philippines70-65KOR South Korea
Wed 16.12.70KOR South Korea80-57JPN Japan
Wed 16.12.70ISR Israel82-74IND India
Wed 16.12.70TPE Taiwan75-64PHI Philippines
Fri 18.12.70KOR South Korea93-54IND India
Fri 18.12.70ISR Israel83-78PHI Philippines
Fri 18.12.70JPN Japan81-66TPE Taiwan
Sat 19.12.70KOR South Korea81-67ISR Israel
Sat 19.12.70JPN Japan76-72PHI Philippines
Sat 19.12.70TPE Taiwan78-53IND India
Final Rankingwonlstpfpap+-rations
1.KOR South Korea71696:523+1731.331
2.ISR Israel71717:544+1731.318
3.JPN Japan43521:486+351.0721
4.TPE Taiwan44564:576-120.979
5.PHI Philippines44661:590+711.120
6.IND India25478:560-820.8541
Group 7-12.
7.IRI Iran62740:668+721.108
8.THA Thailand62667:619+481.078
9.MAS Malaysia35618:619-10.998
10.SGP Singapore35625:713-880.877
11.South Vietnam17652:817-1650.798
12.HKG Hong Kong08539:763-2240.706
Group 7-12wonlstpfpap+-ratio
7.IRI Iran50476:397+791.199
8.THA Thailand41466:430+361.084
9.MAS Malaysia32419:380+391.103
10.SGP Singapore23422:432-100.977
11.South Vietnam14450:531-810.847
12.HKG Hong Kong05374:437-630.856
IRI Iran------107:6982:7988:64104:9795:88
THA Thailand ------83:7995:81124:9195:72
MAS Malaysia ------76:69103:8282:64
SGP Singapore ------122:10186:72
South Vietnam ------79:78
HKG Hong Kong ------
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Mon 14.12.70IRI Iran104-97South Vietnam
Mon 14.12.70THA Thailand83-79MAS Malaysia
Mon 14.12.70SGP Singapore86-72HKG Hong Kong
Tue 15.12.70IRI Iran107-69THA Thailand
Tue 15.12.70MAS Malaysia76-69SGP Singapore
Tue 15.12.70South Vietnam79-78HKG Hong Kong
Wed 16.12.70IRI Iran82-79MAS Malaysia
Wed 16.12.70THA Thailand95-72HKG Hong Kong
Wed 16.12.70SGP Singapore122-101South Vietnam
Fri 18.12.70IRI Iran88-64SGP Singapore
Fri 18.12.70THA Thailand124-91South Vietnam
Fri 18.12.70MAS Malaysia82-64HKG Hong Kong
Sat 19.12.70IRI Iran95-88HKG Hong Kong
Sat 19.12.70THA Thailand95-81SGP Singapore
Sat 19.12.70MAS Malaysia103-82South Vietnam

First Groups Round.

First 2 from each Group advanced to Final Group. Rest played in Group 7-12.
Group Awonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.ISR Israel30288:181+1071.591
2.JPN Japan21240:185+551.297
3.SGP Singapore12203:281-780.722
4.South Vietnam03202:286-840.706
ISR Israel-----82:6498:58108:59
JPN Japan -----96:4780:56
SGP Singapore -----98:87
South Vietnam -----
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Thu 10.12.70ISR Israel108-59South Vietnam
Thu 10.12.70JPN Japan96-47SGP Singapore
Fri 11.12.70ISR Israel98-58SGP Singapore
Fri 11.12.70JPN Japan80-56South Vietnam
Sat 12.12.70ISR Israel82-64JPN Japan
Sat 12.12.70SGP Singapore98-87South Vietnam
Group Bwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.KOR South Korea30303:203+1001.493
2.PHI Philippines21280:212+681.321
3.IRI Iran12264:271-70.974
4.HKG Hong Kong03165:326-1610.506
KOR South Korea-----77:75110:77116:51
PHI Philippines -----92:90113:45
IRI Iran -----97:69
HKG Hong Kong -----
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Thu 10.12.70KOR South Korea110-77IRI Iran
Thu 10.12.70PHI Philippines113-45HKG Hong Kong
Fri 11.12.70KOR South Korea116-51HKG Hong Kong
Fri 11.12.70PHI Philippines92-90IRI Iran
Sat 12.12.70KOR South Korea77-75PHI Philippines
Sat 12.12.70IRI Iran97-69HKG Hong Kong
Group Cwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.IND India21218:210+81.038
2.TPE Taiwan21210:190+201.105
3.THA Thailand21201:189+121.063
4.MAS Malaysia03199:239-400.833
IND India---- 70:6477:72
TPE Taiwan74:71---- 82:62
THA Thailand 57:54----80:65
MAS Malaysia ----
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Thu 10.12.70TPE Taiwan74-71IND India
Thu 10.12.70THA Thailand80-65MAS Malaysia
Fri 11.12.70IND India70-64THA Thailand
Fri 11.12.70TPE Taiwan82-62MAS Malaysia
Sat 12.12.70IND India77-72MAS Malaysia
Sat 12.12.70THA Thailand57-54TPE Taiwan
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