Men Basketball Gulf Championship 2004 Dammam (KSA) 14-19.11 - Winner Saudi Arabia
This is qualification for Asia Championship Men 2005.
Saudia Arabia and Kuwait qualified.
Qatar pre-qualified as Host.
Round Robinwlpfpa
1. Saudi Arabia50445:348
2. Qatar41375:275
3. Kuwait32358:368
4. Bahrain23387:362
5. UA Emirates14347:313
6. Oman05209:455
TeamSaudQataKuwaBahrUA EOman
Saudi Arabia-----76:7385:7587:6984:74113:57
Qatar -----77:5465:5167:5693:38
Kuwait -----79:7677:7173:59
Bahrain -----82:79109:52
UA Emirates -----67:3
Oman -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played at Hall of Youth Care, Dammam (KSA)
14.09Kuwait77-71UA Emirates
14.09Saudi Arabia113-57Oman
15.09Saudi Arabia84-74UA Emirates
16.09Saudi Arabia85-75Kuwait
16.09Qatar67-56UA Emirates
18.09Saudi Arabia76-73Qatar
18.09Bahrain82-79UA Emirates
19.09UA Emirates67-3Oman
19.09Saudi Arabia87-69Bahrain
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