Women Basketball at 18th Asia Games 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia - Winner China (6th)
Finals and Semi-Finals (1/2) played at Istora Gelora Bung Karno.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30
Sat 01.09.1816:00CHN China71-65KOR Korea23-2238-3858-53
Classification 3-4
Sat 01.09.1810:00JPN Japan76-63TPE Taiwan20-1426-3352-46
Classification 5-6
Fri 31.08.1816:00KAZ Kazakhstan71-64THA Thailand17-1531-2849-51
Classification 7-8
Fri 31.08.1810:00INA Indonesia82-66MGL Mongolia14-645-2262-44

Semi-Finals (1/2)

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30
Thu 30.08.1810:00KOR Korea89-66TPE Taiwan28-2050-3572-47
Thu 30.08.1812:30CHN China86-74JPN Japan20-1740-3071-54
Classification 5-8 played at GBK Basketball Hall.
Tue 28.08.1810:00THA Thailand80-51MGL Mongolia17-1138-2351-41
Tue 28.08.1812:30KAZ Kazakhstan93-65INA Indonesia27-1454-3369-50

Quarter-Finals (1/4)

played at GBK Basketball Hall.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30
Sun 26.08.1810:00TPE Taiwan76-59MGL Mongolia11-1433-3453-43
Sun 26.08.1812:30KOR Korea106-63THA Thailand28-1160-1976-37
Sun 26.08.1816:00JPN Japan104-57KAZ Kazakhstan22-2145-2873-46
Sun 26.08.1818:30CHN China141-37INA Indonesia40-679-13119-18
Asia Games 2018 index
Final Ranking
1. China
2. Korea
3. Japan
4. Taiwan
Final RankingPwdlgfgag+-
1. China14700746:358+388
2. Korea10502642:438+204
3. Japan10502646:431+215
4. Taiwan10502563:463+100
5. Kazakhstan8403484:524-40
6. Thailand6304438:544-106
7. Indonesia4205417:674-257
8. Mongolia2106369:596-227
eliminated in Groups Round.
9. India0004242:336-94
10.Hong Kong0004230:413-183

Groups Round.

First 4 advanced to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
Group Xwlgfgag+-sd
1. Taiwan40358:239+1194.
2. Korea31382:238+1441.
3. Kazakhstan22263:291-28
4. Indonesia13233:374-141
5. India04242:336-94
Korea -----85:57108:40104:54
Kazakhstan -----85:7379:61
Indonesia -----69:66
India -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30
played at GBK Basketball Hall.
Wed 15.08.1812:20TPE Taiwan72-42KAZ Kazakhstan16-636-1855-29
Wed 15.08.1818:30KOR Korea108-40INA Indonesia25-858-2079-29
Fri 17.08.1810:00TPE Taiwan87-85otKOR Korea21-2343-4059-58
after Over Time. FT: 73-73. OT: 14-12.
Fri 17.08.1816:00KAZ Kazakhstan79-61IND India18-1337-2559-46
Sun 19.08.1810:00TPE Taiwan84-61IND India18-1733-2864-45
Sun 19.08.1818:30KAZ Kazakhstan85-73INA Indonesia18-1443-3166-44
Mon 20.08.1810:00KOR Korea104-54IND India22-1249-2274-39
Tue 21.08.1818:30TPE Taiwan115-51INA Indonesia34-1266-2490-33
Tue 21.08.1810:00KOR Korea85-57KAZ Kazakhstan29-1247-2969-41
Thu 23.08.1818:30INA Indonesia69-66IND India17-1431-2952-50
Group Bwlgfgag+-sd
1. China40448:182+2662.
2. Japan31392:225+1673.
3. Thailand22231:316-85
4. Mongolia13193:358-165
5. Hong Kong04230:413-183
Japan -----91:41107:35121:44
Thailand -----62:3986:76
Mongolia -----83:79
Hong Kong -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30
played at GBK Basketball Hall.
Wed 15.08.1810:00CHN China110-42THA Thailand30-753-1983-33
Wed 15.08.1816:00JPN Japan121-44HKG Hong Kong29-1362-2896-34
Fri 17.08.1812:30CHN China105-73JPN Japan35-2255-4181-59
Fri 17.08.1818:30MGL Mongolia83-79HKG Hong Kong22-1247-3864-60
Sun 19.08.1812:30JPN Japan107-35MGL Mongolia30-1164-1989-30
Sun 19.08.1816:00THA Thailand86-76HKG Hong Kong18-1641-3160-59
Tue 21.08.1810:00CHN China110-36MGL Mongolia26-1557-2483-33
Tue 21.08.1812:30JPN Japan91-41THA Thailand28-1050-2370-39
Thu 23.08.1810:00CHN China123-31HKG Hong Kong31-1260-2297-27
Thu 23.08.1812:30THA Thailand62-39MGL Mongolia10-623-1845-30
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