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Women AG 2022
Women AG 2018ChinaKoreaJapanJakarta (INA)
Women AG 2014South KoreaChinaJapanIncheon (KOR)
Women AG 2010ChinaSouth KoreaJapanGuangzhou (CHN)
Women AG 2006ChinaTaiwanJapanDoha (QAT)
Women AG 2002ChinaSouth KoreaTaiwanBusan (KOR)
Women AG 1998JapanChinaSouth KoreaBangkok (THA)
Women AG 1994South KoreaJapanChinaHiroshima (JPN)
Women AG 1990South KoreaChinaTaiwanBeijing (CHN)
Women AG 1986ChinaSouth KoreaJapanSeoul (KOR)
Women AG 1982ChinaSouth KoreaJapanNew Delhi (IND)
Women AG 1978South KoreaChinaJapanBangkok (THA)
Women AG 1974JapanSouth KoreaChinaTehran (IRN)
In 2018 Korea plated with united team from South and North.
1. China64212
2. South Korea45110
3. Japan22610
4. Taiwan 123
5. Korea 1 1
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Last updated: 3 Oct 2023
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