Men Basketball European Cup Winners Cup 1972 - Simmenthal Olimpia Milano (ITA)
Men CC 1972Men CWC 1972Korac 1972Women CC 1972Women CWC 1972
1 2 FinalsGroups RoundGroup AGroup B1 8 FinalsRound 1
Final played at Thessaloniki (GRE)
21.03Simmenthal Olimpia MilanoITA74-70Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG47-34
Detailed Line Ups at Pearlbasket

1/2 Finals

datesteam 1scoresteam 2HT
01.03,08.03Fides Partenope Basket NapoliITA69-8583-76Simmenthal Olimpia MilanoITA34-3446-39
01.03,08.03Juventud de BadalonaESP83-7070-90Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG35-3131-50
Groups RoundGroup AGroup B1 8 FinalsRound 1
Groups Round
First 2 to Semi-Finals. Classification made commulating Home and Away scores.
Tie-Break takes in account only games between the tied teams.
Group AwlpfpaFiJuRa
1. Fides Partenope Basket NapoliITA2(2)0(2)335:321---92:6697:82
2. Juventud de BadalonaESP1(2)1(2)303:31483:69---77:57
3. Racing Bell MechelenBE0(2)2(2)325:32890:7796:77---
dateteam 1scoresteam 2HT
05.01,12.01Fides Partenope Basket NapoliITA97-8277-90Racing Bell MechelenBEL49-3138-50
19.01,02.02Juventud de BadalonaESP83-6966-92Fides Partenope Basket NapoliITA38-3226-41
09.02,16.02Racing Bell MechelenBEL96-7757-77Juventud de BadalonaESP45-3822-37
Group BwlpfpaCrSiAE
1. Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG2(3)0(1)322:307---84:58100:63
2. Simmenthal Olimpia MilanoITA1(2)1(2)345:27986:62---117:76
3. AEK AthensGRE0(1)2(3)296:377100:7657:84
dateteam 1scoresteam 2HT
05.01,12.01AEK AthensGRE57-8476-117Simmenthal Olimpia MilanoITA33-4326-50
19.01,02.02Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG100-6376-100AEK AthensGRE45-3440-51
09.02,16.02Simmenthal Olimpia MilanoITA86-6258-84Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG49-3636-38
Round 2
02.12,09.12TJ Spartak ZJS BrnoTCH69-7682-92Fides Partenope Basket NapoliITA36-3435-51
02.12,09.12Juventud de BadalonaESP120-6297-45Sutton and Crystal PalaceENG49-2750-25
02.12,09.12AS Denain-VoltaireFRA74-6872-90Racing Bell MechelenBEL32-3243-57
02.12,09.12SK Handelsministerium WienAUT90-9768-108Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG40-5531-51
Simmenthal Olimpia MilanoITAbye
02.12,09.12Levski-Spartak SofiaBUL103-6967-115AEK AthensGRE46-3029-66
Round 1
dateteam 1scoresteam 2HT
04.11,11.11Fides Partenope Basket NapoliITA82-4982-71USC MainzFRG46-1939-45
04.11,11.11TJ Spartak ZJS BrnoTCH111-65113-85BBC Arantia LarochettelLUX52-3955-43
04.11,11.11Juventud de BadalonaESPwoKS Partizani TiraneALB
04.11,11.11Sutton and Crystal PalaceENG83-6888-50Gladsaxe BK KobenhavnDEN40-3845-22
04.11,11.11Maccabi HaifaISR82-10976-91AS Denain-VoltaireFRA37-5434-43
04.11,11.11Racing Bell MechelenBEL113-7177-73Ass. Academica de CoimbraPOR57-3434-37
04.11,11.11Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG95-62101-77Helsingin Kisa-ToveritFIN44-3346-35
04.11,11.11SK Handelsministerium WienAUTwoFiat Stars AmsterdamNED
04.11,11.11AEK AthensGRE72-4567-66Besiktas JK IstanbulTUR34-1924-31
04.11,11.11Ghouta BC DamascusSYR-woLevski-Spartak SofiaBUL
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