Women Basketball European Champions Cup 1980 - FIAT Torino (ITA)
1 2 FinalsGroups RoundGroup AGroup B1 8 FinalsRound 1
Final played in Wittenheim (FRA)
20.03FIAT TorinoITA75-66Minior PernikBUL36-33

Semi-Finals (1/2)

04.03,11,03BOB Oud-BeijerlandNED76-7858-74FIAT TorinoITA40-3925-36
04.03,11.03Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG76-9182-75Minior PernikBUL42-4436-35
Soviet Union traditionaly not enterred a team in a year with Olympic Games.
Groups Round. First 2 to 1/2 Finals
Group AwlpfpaMiniBOBBSECUC
1. Minior PernikBUL51492:433----100:8482:6989:73
2. BOB Oud-BeijerlandNED33472:49388:79----85:7279:78
3. BSE BudapestHUN24438:45457:7880:69----89:63
4. CUC Clermont FerrandFRA24437:45962:7384:6777:71----
dateteam 1leg 1leg 2team 21HT2HT
08.01,06.02BOB Oud-BeijerlandNED85-7269-80BSE BudapestHUN50-39-
09.01,06.02CUC Clermont FerrandFRA62-7373-89Minior PernikBUL-35-48
16.01,12.02CUC Clermont FerrandFRA84-6778-79BOB Oud-BeijerlandNED43-3340-43
16.01,13.02Minior PernikBUL82-6978-57BSE BudapestHUN41-39-
23.01,20.02Minior PernikBUL100-8479-88BOB Oud-BeijerlandNED48-36-
23.01,20.02BSE BudapestHUN89-6371-77CUC Clermont FerrandFRA-32-34
Group Bwlpfpa FiatCrveSparBaye
1. FIAT TorinoITA60499:380 ----81:7963:56105:39
2. Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG33503:438 94:95----83:69110:49
3. Sparta PragaTCH24417:414 60:7976:54----68:72
4. Bayer LeverkusenFRG15343:530 52:7668:8363:88----
dateteam 1leg 1leg 2team 21HT2HT
09.01,05.02Bayer LeverkusenFRG52-7639-105FIAT TorinoITA-18-63
09.01,06.02Sparta PragaTCH76-5469-83Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG36-23-
16.01,12.02FIAT TorinoITA81-7995-94Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG39-4744-53
16.01,12.02Bayer LeverkusenFRG63-8872-68Sparta PragaTCH17-42-
23.01,20.02Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG110-4983-68Bayer LeverkusenFRG64-2537-35
23.01,20.02FIAT TorinoITA63-5660-79Sparta PragaTCH31-2637-28
Round 2
22.11,29.11ABC DonauAUT84-8859-107BOB Oud-BeijerlandNED37-4631-50
22.11,28.11Celta VigoESP68-5451-68CUC Clermont FerrandFRA38-31-
22.11,29.11Oestelbergen StarsNOR56-8740-81Sparta PragaTCH--
22.11,29.11Elitzur HolonISR55-7055-74Bayer LeverkusenFRG--
Minior Pernik, BSE Budapest, FIAT Torino and Crvena Zvezda Beograd - bye
Round 1
31.10,--.11BOB Oud-BeijerlandNED113-28101-45DSI KulobiTUR--
31.10,07.11Sporting AthensGRE30-5567-134ABC DonauAUT16-2139-63
31.10,07.11CIF LisboaPOR51-7148-80Oestelbergen StarsNOR--
31.10,07.11Bayer LeverkusenFRG103-5494-45Black Stars MershLUX56-16-
Final Ranking from Groups Round.
1. FIAT TorinoITA90726:580
2. Minyor PernikBUL63724:666
3. Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG44661:604
3. BOB Oud-BeijerlandNED35606:645
5. Sparta PragaTCH24417:414
5. BSE BudapestHUN24438:454
7. CUC Clermont FerrandFRA24437:459
7. Bayer LeverkusenFRG15343:530
eliminated teams before Groups Round.
Round 2
Oestelbergen StarsNOR
Celta VigoESP
Elitzur HolonISR
Round 1
Black Stars MershLUX
DNS: Soviet Union, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Denmark.
The scores are completed courtesy to: Lefteris lemi@mycosmos.gr
Thanks to to: Mixana Hristoforakis mixmix666@yahoo.gr
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