Women Basketball European Champions Cup 1983 - AS Vicenza (ITA)
1 2 FinalsGroups RoundGroup AGroup B1 8 FinalsRound 1
Final played in Venecia (ITA)
17.03AS VicenzaITA76-67Agon 08 DüsseldorfFRG39-41

Semi-Finals (1/2)

17.02,23.02AS VicenzaITA89-5467-77Monting ZagrebYUG46-27
17.02,24.02Daugawa RigaURS75-7349-52Agon 08 DusseldorfFRG
First defeat to Daugawa from 1966 and first elimination from 1963.
Groups Round. First 2 to 1/2 Finals
Group AwlpfpaTBDaugMontSlavAsni
1. Daugawa RigaURS60501:394 ----92:7991:6192:83
2. Monting ZagrebYUG33461:470+866:91----81:8280:71
3. Slavia PragaTCH33439:459-849:6873:82----87:53
4. Asnieres SportsFRA06408:486 56:6761:7384:87----
dateteam 1leg 1leg 2team 21HT2HT
07.12,20.01Daugawa RigaURS91-6168-49Slavia PragaTCH52-3235-18
08.12,--.--Monting ZagrebYUG80-7173-61Asnieres SportsFRA38-30-
15,12,25.01Asnieres SportsFRA84-8753-87Slavia PragaTCH55-4430-47
--.--,--.--Daugawa RigaURS92-7991-66Monting ZagrebYUG--
11.01,02.02Slavia PragaTCH73-8282-81Monting ZagrebYUG40-3336-39
13.01,--.--Asnieres SportsFRA56-6783-92Daugawa RigaURS23-35-
Group BwlpfpaViceAgonSparBBC
1. AS VicenzaITA51436:342----65:5663:4374:43
2. Agon 08 DusseldorfFRG42513:38487:70----90:70108:58
3. Spartacus BudapestHUN24406:45365:9364:63----83:60
4. BBC KoksydeBEL15350:52648:7157:10984:81----
dateteam 1leg 1leg 2team 21HT2HT
08.12,--.--BBC KoksydeBEL57-10958-108Agon 08 DusseldorfFRG28-54-
--.--,--.--Spartacus BudapestHUN65-9343-63AS VicenzaITA--
16.12,27.01Agon 08 DusseldorfFRG90-7063-64Spartacus BudapestHUN49-30-
16.12,25.01AS VicenzaITA74-4371-48BBC KoksydeBEL--
12&13.01BBC KoksydeBEL84-8160-83Spartacus BudapestHUN-36-40
13.01,03.02AS VicenzaITA65-5670-87Agon 08 DusseldorfFRG36-28-
1/8 Finals
Daugawa RigaURSbye
04.11,11.11AnkaraTUR52-8625-84Monting ZagrebYUG26-48-
04.11,11.11MerschLUX30-10832-128Slavia PragaTCH
10.11,11.11SouthgateENG34-7455-88Asnieres SportsFRA
04.11,11.11AO Palaio FaliroGRE43-11016-105AS VicenzaITA21-56-
04&07.11Agon 08 DusseldorfFRG129-67114-71Elizur Tel-AvivISR
04.11,11.11El CairoEGY36-10943-140Spartacus BudapestHUN
04.11,11.11Celta VigoESP81-7272-68BBC KoksideBEL37-36-
Celta Vigo withdrew and was replaced by BBC Koksyde for the Group Round
Round 1
06.10,13.10CIF LisboaPOR64-7852-65SouthgateENG-26-35
06.10,13.10Elizur Tel-AvivISR81-7081-70UBSC WienAUT37-3429-31
Final Ranking from Groups Round.
1. Primigi VicenzaITA72668:540
2. Agon 08 DusseldorfFRG54705:584
3. Monting ZagrebYUG44592:626
3. Daugawa RigaURS71625:519
5. Slavia PragaTCH33439:459
5. Spartacus BudapestHUN24406:453
7. BBC KoksideBEL15350:526
7. Asnieres SportsFRA06408:486
eliminated teams before Groups Round.
Round 2
AO Palaio FaliroGRE
Elizur Tel-AvivISR
El CairoEGY
Celta VigoESP
Round 1
DNS: Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland.
The scores are completed courtesy to: Lefteris lemi@mycosmos.gr
Thanks to to: Mixana Hristoforakis mixmix666@yahoo.gr
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