Women Basketball III European Cup Winners Cup 1974 - Spartak Leningrad (URS)
Men CC 1974Men CWC 1974Korac 1974Women CC 1974Women CWC 1974
1 2 FinalsGroups RoundGroup AGroup BRound 2Round 1
datesteam 1scoresteam 2HT
03.04,10.04Spartak LeningradURS68-5860-57Geas Sesto San GiovanniITA33-3236-31

1/2 Final

datesteam 1scoresteam 2HT
13.03,20.03Spartak LeningradURS86-4177-40IEFS BucurestiROU--
13.03,20.03Geas Sesto San GiovanniITA55-5956-50Kralovopolska BrnoTCH47-28-

Groups Round.

First 2 to 1/2 Finals.
Group Awlpfpa GeasIEFSSpar
1. Geas Sesto San GiovanniITA2(3)0(1)246:216 ----66:4668:51
2. IEFS BucurestiROU1(2)1(2)247:250 66:53----74:66
3. Spartacus BudapestHUN0(1)2(3)235:262 53:5965:61----
datesteam 1scoresteam 2HT
09.01,16.01Spartacus BudapestHUN53-5951-68Geas Sesto San GiovanniITA--
30.01,07.02IEFS BucurestiROU74-6661-65Spartacus BudapestHUN--
21.02,27.02Geas Sesto San GiovanniITA66-4653-66IEFS BucurestiROU--
Group Bwlpfpa SparKralJele
1. Spartak LeningradURS2(4)0(0)371:207 ----80:53102:41
2. Kralovopolska BrnoTCH1(2)1(2)283:297 61:90----91:52
3. Jeleznicar SarajevoYUG0(0)2(4)220:370 52:9975:78----
datesteam 1scoresteam 2HT
17.01,--.01Jeleznicar SarajevoYUG52-9941-102Spartak LeningradURS--
31.01,07.02Kralovopolska BrnoTCH91-5278-75Jeleznicar SarajevoYUG-35-35
20.02,27.02Spartak LeningradURS80-5390-61Kralovopolska BrnoTCH-42-27

Round 2.

datesteam 1scoresteam 2HT
--.11,--.12Geas Sesto San GiovanniITA50-4173-80Akademik SofiaBUL--
28.11,--.12Moritz Picadero BarcelonaESP40-7348-60Spartacus BudapestHUN10-36-
--.11,--.12Hapoel Tel-AvivISR IEFS BucurestiROU--
--.11,--.12Spartak LeningrdURSbye
28.11,--.12Gerbe MontceauFRA61-5861-81Kralovopolska BrnoTCH32-29-
28.11,05.12SK GoettingenFRG59-8551-78Jeleznicar SarajevoYUG24-51-

Round 1.

datesteam 1scoresteam 2HT
06.11,--.11Gerbe MontceauFRA86-4960-51FC PortoPOR--
08.11,--.11Carlsberg WoluweBEL51-5039-49Moritz Picadero BarcelonaESP23-2618-20
Final Ranking from Groups Round.
1. Spartak LeningradURS80662:403
2. Geas Sesto San GiovanITA44472:453
3. Kralovopolska BrnoTCH33392:408
3. IEFS BucurestiROU24328:413
5. Spartacus BudapestHUN13235:262
5. Jeleznicar SaraevoYUG04220:370
eliminated teams before Groups Round.
Round 2
Akademik SofiaBUL
Gerbe MontceauFRA
Hapoel Tel-AvivISR
Moritz Picadero BarcelonaESP
SK GoettingenFRG
Round 1
Carlsberg WoluweBEL
The scores are completed courtesy to: Lefteris lemi@mycosmos.gr
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