Women Basketball XXXVII European Championship 2019 Serbia and Latvia 27.06-07.07 - Winner Spain 5th
Final played at Stark Arena Beograd, Serbia.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT3Tatt.
Sun 07.07.201920:30ESP Spain86-66FRA France32-2150-3670-56
Bronze Medal Play-Off
Sun 07.07.201917:30SRB Serbia81-55GBR Great Britain25-1640-3361-39

Semi-Finals (1/2)

played at Stark Arena Beograd, Serbia.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT3Tatt.
Sat 06.07.1918:00FRA France63-56GBR Great Britain12-1634-3452-46
Sat 06.07.1920:30ESP Spain71-66SRB Serbia21-1137-3058-50
Classification 5-8 for Olympic Qualifiers
Sat 06.07.1912:30BEL Belgium72-56HUN Hungary12-1739-2557-37
Sat 06.07.1915:00SWE Sweden57-52RUS Russia12-1027-2643-39

Quarter-Finals (1/4)

played at Stark Arena Beograd, Serbia
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT3Tatt.
Thu 04.07.1912:30GBR Great Britain62-59HUN Hungary15-1332-2248-38457
Thu 04.07.1915:00ESP Spain78-54RUS Russia19-1644-2851-45651
Thu 04.07.1918:00FRA France84-80aotBEL Belgium27-1635-3254-541,083
after over time. FT: 68-68 OT: 16-12
Thu 04.07.1920:30SRB Serbia87-49SWE Sweden21-1243-2164-335,938


datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT3Tatt.
played at Arena Riga, Latvia
Mon 01.07.1918:30SWE Sweden77-62LAT Latvia23-1445-2359-402,250
Mon 01.07.1921:00GBR Great Britain92-71MNE Montenegro22-1444-4169-60200
played at Stark Arena Beograd, Serbia
Tue 02.07.1918:00BEL Belgium72-67SLO Slovenia10-2034-3253-51338
Tue 02.07.1921:00RUS Russia63-54ITA Italy17-1729-3347-45434
Final Rankingwlpfpap+-ratioGr.2017
1.ESP Spain60456:378+781.2061.A1.
2.FRA France51446:401+451.1121.B2.
3.SRB Serbia51436:357+791.2211.D11.
4.GBR Great Britain43466:455+111.0242.A
eliminated in Quarter-Finals (1/4).
5.BEL Belgium33418:400+181.0452.D3.
6.SWE Sweden33379:394-150.9622.B
7.HUN Hungary23320:328-80.9761.C12.
8.RUS Russia24362:395-330.9163.D9.
eliminated in Play-Offs.
9.ITA Italy22237:233+41.0172.C7.
10.SLO Slovenia13270:290-200.9313.C14.
11.LAT Latvia13260:284-240.9153.A6.
12.MNE Montenegro13245:304-590.8063.B16.
eliminated in Groups Round.
13.BLR Belarus12184:192-80.9584.D15.
14.TUR Turkey12168:177-90.9494.C5.
15.CZE Czechia12189:208-190.9094.B13.
16.UKR Ukraine03205:245-400.8374.A10.
First 6 - Spain, France, Serbia, Great Britain, Sweden and Belgium advanced to Olympic 2020 Qualifying Tournament.
From Women EuroBasket 2017 Great Britain and Sweden replaced Greece and Slovakia.

Groups Round.

Winners advanced to Quarter-Finals. 2nd and 3rd to Play-Offs. 4th places were eliminated.
Group A_w__l_pfpap+-ratio
1.ESP Spain30221:192+291.151
2.GBR Great Britain21201:181+201.110
3.LAT Latvia12198:207-90.957
4.UKR Ukraine03205:245-400.837
TeamESP SpaiGBR GreaLAT LatvUKR Ukra
ESP Spain----67:5959:5695:77
GBR Great Britain ----74:6068:54
LAT Latvia ----82:74
UKR Ukraine ----
Spain advanced to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
Great Britain and Latvia advanced to Play-Offs.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT3Tatt.
played at Arena Riga, Latvia. UTC+3.
Thu 27.06.1918:30GBR Great Britain74-60LAT Latvia24-1741-3965-492,900
Thu 27.06.1921:00ESP Spain95-77UKR Ukraine19-2347-4276-60350
Fri 28.06.1918:30LAT Latvia82-74UKR Ukraine15-1441-3458-483,000
Fri 28.06.1921:00ESP Spain67-59GBR Great Britain14-1431-3448-43300
Sun 30.06.1913:00GBR Great Britain68-54UKR Ukraine19-1435-2444-45293
Sun 30.06.1918:30ESP Spain59-56LAT Latvia17-1735-2549-352,522
Group B_w__l_pfpap+-ratio
1.FRA France30233:179+541.302
2.SWE Sweden12196:193+31.016
3.MNE Montenegro12174:212-380.821
4.CZE Czechia12189:208-190.909
TeamFRA FranSWE SwedMNE MontCZE Czec
FRA France----71:6588:5374:61
SWE Sweden ----67:51
MNE Montenegro ----70:57
CZE Czechia 71:64 ----
France advanced to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
Sweden and Montenegro advanced to Play-Offs.
2nd to 4th place tye-break: 2. Sweden 1 1 +9, 3. Montenegro -3, 4. Czechia -6.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT3Tatt.
played at Arena Riga, Latvia. UTC+3.
Thu 27.06.1913:00SWE Sweden67-51MNE Montenegro23-831-2349-33693
Thu 27.06.1915:30FRA France74-61CZE Czechia19-2028-3550-50450
Fri 28.06.1913:00CZE Czechia71-64SWE Sweden14-1430-4452-53690
Fri 28.06.1915:30FRA France88-53MNE Montenegro24-1346-2567-38250
Sun 30.06.1915:30MNE Montenegro70-57CZE Czechia20-1139-2451-38463
Sun 30.06.1921:00FRA France71-65SWE Sweden17-935-2551-41705
Group C_w__l_pfpap+-ratio
1.HUN Hungary21205:194+111.057
2.ITA Italy21183:170+131.076
3.SLO Slovenia12203:218-150.931
4.TUR Turkey12168:177-90.949
TeamHUN HungITA ItalSLO SlovTUR Turk
HUN Hungary----59:5188:84
ITA Italy ----75:5757:54
SLO Slovenia ----62:55
TUR Turkey59:58 ----
Hungary advanced to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
Italy and Slovenia advanced to Play-Offs.
1st place tye-break: Hungary 59-51 Italy.
3rd place tye-break: Slovenia 62-55 Turkey.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT3Tatt.
played at Cair Sports Center, Nis, Serbia. UTC+2.
Thu 27.06.1916:00HUN Hungary88-84SLO Slovenia22-2536-3959-69420
Thu 27.06.1918:30ITA Italy57-54TUR Turkey10-1726-2536-37312
Fri 28.06.1916:00SLO Slovenia62-55TUR Turkey14-1430-2946-47500
Fri 28.06.1918:30HUN Hungary59-51ITA Italy18-1125-2639-33388
Sun 30.06.1916:00TUR Turkey59-58HUN Hungary19-1427-2647-41288
Sun 30.06.1918:30ITA Italy75-57SLO Slovenia18-2136-3256-43550
Group D_w__l_pfpap+-ratio
1.SRB Serbia30202:182+201.110
2.BEL Belgium12194:193+11.005
3.RUS Russia12193:206-130.937
4.BLR Belarus12184:192-80.958
TeamSRB SerbBEL BelgRUS RussBLR Bela
SRB Serbia----70:6677:6355:53
BEL Belgium ----67:54
RUS Russia ----76:62
BLR Belarus 69:61 ----
Serbia advanced to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
Belgium and Russia advanced to Play-Offs.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1THT3Tatt.
played at Crystall Hall, Zrenjanin, Serbia. UTC+2.
Thu 27.06.1917:45BEL Belgium67-54RUS Russia16-1940-3253-47365
Thu 27.06.1920:30SRB Serbia55-53BLR Belarus18-1629-3241-421,394
Fri 28.06.1917:45BLR Belarus69-61BEL Belgium21-1935-3753-52333
Fri 28.06.1920:30SRB Serbia77-63RUS Russia23-1641-3253-531,705
Sun 30.06.1917:45RUS Russia76-62BLR Belarus15-1933-2752-41322
Sun 30.06.1920:30SRB Serbia70-66BEL Belgium16-1526-3442-482,162


Serbia and Latvia pre-qualified as Hosts.
14 teams from Women EuroBasket Qualification 2019.
8 groups winners and 6 second places.
Group A - Montenegro
Group B - Turkey and Belarus
Group C - Russia and Hungary
Group D - Great Britain
Group E - France and Slovenia
Group F - Spain and Ukraine
Group G - Belgium and Czechia
Group H - Italy and Sweden

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