Basketball Association of America (BAA) 1947-1948 Regular Season - Winner St. Louis Bombers
Final of 1947-1948 Playoffs - Baltimore Bullets (W2) 4-2 Philadelphia Warriors (E1)
Overall Rankingwonlstpfpap+-mPCTDiv.
1. St. Louis Bombers29193432:3335+97480.6041. West
2. Baltimore Bullets28203570:3385+185480.5832. West
3. Chicago Stags28203640:3513+127480.5833. West
4. Washington Capitols28203537:3415+122480.5834. West
5. Philadelphia Warriors27213521:3460+61480.5621. East
6. New York Knicks26223578:3427+151480.5422. East
7. Boston Celtics20283303:3491-188480.4173. East
8. Providence Steam Rollers 6423318:3873-555480.1254. East
Table Matches
Table MatchesSt.BaltChicWashPhilNewBostProv
St. Louis Bombers----- 2:2 3:1 1:3 1:2 1:2 1:2 3:0
Baltimore Bullets 1:3----- 1:3 0:4 1:2 3:0 3:1 3:0
Chicago Stags 2:2 0:4----- 2:2 2:1 3:0 2:1 3:0
Washington Capitols 1:3 2:2 1:3----- 1:2 1:2 1:3 1:0
Philadelphia Warriors 1:2 2:1 1:2 0:3----- 3:1 2:2 4:0
New York Knicks 2:1 1:2 0:3 1:2 3:1----- 4:0 3:1
Boston Celtics 0:3 0:2 2:1 0:2 2:2 1:3----- 1:1
Providence Steam Rollers 0:3 0:3 2:1 1:4 0:4 0:4 1:5-----
Table MatchesSt.BaltChicWashPhilNewBostProv
Cleveland Rebels, Detroit Falcons, Pitsburgh Ironmen and Toronto Huskies folded before the season. Baltimore Bullets were brought into the league from American Basketball League to provide 8 teams.

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Wed, Nov 12, 1947Baltimore Bullets55-63Washington Capitols
Thu, Nov 13, 1947Boston Celtics74-85Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Nov 13, 1947St. Louis Bombers70-80Chicago Stags
Thu, Nov 13, 1947Washington Capitols65-80New York Knicks
Thu, Nov 13, 1947Providence Steam Rollers64-79Philadelphia Warriors
Fri, Nov 14, 1947Philadelphia Warriors79-74Boston Celtics
Sat, Nov 15, 1947Washington Capitols69-73Boston Celtics
Sat, Nov 15, 1947Baltimore Bullets67-63Chicago Stags
Sat, Nov 15, 1947St. Louis Bombers67-73New York Knicks
Sat, Nov 15, 1947Philadelphia Warriors80-78Providence Steam Rollers
Tue, Nov 18, 1947St. Louis Bombers65-50Boston Celtics
Tue, Nov 18, 1947New York Knicks87-69Providence Steam Rollers
Wed, Nov 19, 1947Chicago Stags81-63New York Knicks
Wed, Nov 19, 1947Philadelphia Warriors67-74Washington Capitols
Thu, Nov 20, 1947New York Knicks56-68Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Nov 20, 1947Washington Capitols77-81Chicago Stags
Thu, Nov 20, 1947Boston Celtics67-57Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Nov 20, 1947Providence Steam Rollers67-73St. Louis Bombers
Fri, Nov 21, 1947Baltimore Bullets89-73Boston Celtics
Sat, Nov 22, 1947Chicago Stags72-75Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Nov 22, 1947Providence Steam Rollers62-65Boston Celtics
Sat, Nov 22, 1947Philadelphia Warriors83-78New York Knicks
Sat, Nov 22, 1947Washington Capitols62-70St. Louis Bombers
Tue, Nov 25, 1947New York Knicks91-75Boston Celtics
Wed, Nov 26, 1947Boston Celtics65-63New York Knicks
Wed, Nov 26, 1947St. Louis Bombers64-83Washington Capitols
Thu, Nov 27, 1947New York Knicks81-59Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Nov 27, 1947Baltimore Bullets76-61Providence Steam Rollers
Fri, Nov 28, 1947Washington Capitols83-92Boston Celtics
Fri, Nov 28, 1947Philadelphia Warriors71-75Chicago Stags
Sat, Nov 29, 1947Baltimore Bullets71-67St. Louis Bombers
Sat, Nov 29, 1947Providence Steam Rollers85-78Washington Capitols


Mon, Dec 1, 1947Washington Capitols70-62New York Knicks
Tue, Dec 2, 1947Baltimore Bullets77-69otBoston Celtics
Tue, Dec 2, 1947St. Louis Bombers86-66Providence Steam Rollers
Wed, Dec 3, 1947Washington Capitols73-81Chicago Stags
Wed, Dec 3, 1947Baltimore Bullets73-58Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Dec 4, 1947St. Louis Bombers65-51Baltimore Bullets
Fri, Dec 5, 1947Providence Steam Rollers69-73Boston Celtics
Sat, Dec 6, 1947Baltimore Bullets65-73Chicago Stags
Sat, Dec 6, 1947New York Knicks114-85Providence Steam Rollers
Mon, Dec 8, 1947St. Louis Bombers56-71New York Knicks
Tue, Dec 9, 1947Providence Steam Rollers74-78otPhiladelphia Warriors
Wed, Dec 10, 1947New York Knicks79-75Boston Celtics
Thu, Dec 11, 1947Washington Capitols71-69otBaltimore Bullets
Thu, Dec 11, 1947St. Louis Bombers74-69Philadelphia Warriors
Fri, Dec 12, 1947Philadelphia Warriors67-69Boston Celtics
Fri, Dec 12, 1947St. Louis Bombers85-75Chicago Stags
Sat, Dec 13, 1947New York Knicks80-66Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Dec 13, 1947Providence Steam Rollers72-88Washington Capitols
Mon, Dec 15, 1947Philadelphia Warriors74-71New York Knicks
Wed, Dec 17, 1947Providence Steam Rollers66-67Boston Celtics
Wed, Dec 17, 1947Baltimore Bullets64-66Washington Capitols
Thu, Dec 18, 1947St. Louis Bombers67-74Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Dec 18, 1947Washington Capitols70-64Chicago Stags
Thu, Dec 18, 1947New York Knicks99-71Philadelphia Warriors
Fri, Dec 19, 1947St. Louis Bombers70-78Boston Celtics
Sat, Dec 20, 1947Boston Celtics58-70New York Knicks
Sat, Dec 20, 1947Philadelphia Warriors80-74Providence Steam Rollers
Sat, Dec 20, 1947St. Louis Bombers55-52Washington Capitols
Sun, Dec 21, 1947Baltimore Bullets83-93Chicago Stags
Tue, Dec 23, 1947Chicago Stags83-75Boston Celtics
Tue, Dec 23, 1947New York Knicks58-66Providence Steam Rollers
Thu, Dec 25, 1947Chicago Stags70-87Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Dec 25, 1947Providence Steam Rollers75-89New York Knicks
Thu, Dec 25, 1947Washington Capitols73-56St. Louis Bombers
Fri, Dec 26, 1947Providence Steam Rollers61-89Philadelphia Warriors
Sat, Dec 27, 1947Providence Steam Rollers63-74Boston Celtics
Sat, Dec 27, 1947Chicago Stags79-70New York Knicks
Sat, Dec 27, 1947Philadelphia Warriors70-72Washington Capitols
Sun, Dec 28, 1947Baltimore Bullets63-67St. Louis Bombers
Tue, Dec 30, 1947Philadelphia Warriors64-70Boston Celtics
Tue, Dec 30, 1947Chicago Stags85-73Providence Steam Rollers


Thu, Jan 1, 1948Philadelphia Warriors72-60Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Jan 1, 1948Boston Celtics48-58St. Louis Bombers
Fri, Jan 2, 1948Washington Capitols60-69Philadelphia Warriors
Sat, Jan 3, 1948Baltimore Bullets79-70New York Knicks
Sat, Jan 3, 1948Chicago Stags79-76Providence Steam Rollers
Sat, Jan 3, 1948Boston Celtics60-95Washington Capitols
Sun, Jan 4, 1948Philadelphia Warriors66-80St. Louis Bombers
Tue, Jan 6, 1948Providence Steam Rollers64-82Baltimore Bullets
Wed, Jan 7, 1948Chicago Stags79-74New York Knicks
Thu, Jan 8, 1948Chicago Stags75-78Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Jan 8, 1948Washington Capitols73-76St. Louis Bombers
Fri, Jan 9, 1948Chicago Stags77-60Philadelphia Warriors
Sat, Jan 10, 1948Boston Celtics57-70Providence Steam Rollers
Sat, Jan 10, 1948Philadelphia Warriors99-106otWashington Capitols
Sun, Jan 11, 1948Washington Capitols56-84Boston Celtics
Sun, Jan 11, 1948New York Knicks86-99Chicago Stags
Sun, Jan 11, 1948Baltimore Bullets54-69St. Louis Bombers
Wed, Jan 14, 1948Chicago Stags67-75Washington Capitols
Thu, Jan 15, 1948Baltimore Bullets98-78Providence Steam Rollers
Thu, Jan 15, 1948New York Knicks59-55St. Louis Bombers
Fri, Jan 16, 1948Chicago Stags61-75Boston Celtics
Fri, Jan 16, 1948Baltimore Bullets63-72Philadelphia Warriors
Sat, Jan 17, 1948Philadelphia Warriors79-77Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Jan 17, 1948New York Knicks62-78Washington Capitols
Sun, Jan 18, 1948Boston Celtics48-72Chicago Stags
Sun, Jan 18, 1948Providence Steam Rollers61-70St. Louis Bombers
Mon, Jan 19, 1948Philadelphia Warriors63-57New York Knicks
Tue, Jan 20, 1948St. Louis Bombers59-82Philadelphia Warriors
Wed, Jan 21, 1948St. Louis Bombers74-81Washington Capitols
Thu, Jan 22, 1948St. Louis Bombers71-68Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Jan 22, 1948Providence Steam Rollers56-50Chicago Stags
Thu, Jan 22, 1948Boston Celtics61-54Philadelphia Warriors
Fri, Jan 23, 1948New York Knicks74-58Boston Celtics
Sat, Jan 24, 1948Baltimore Bullets72-58New York Knicks
Sat, Jan 24, 1948Providence Steam Rollers60-69Washington Capitols
Sun, Jan 25, 1948Boston Celtics54-72St. Louis Bombers
Tue, Jan 27, 1948Philadelphia Warriors77-68Boston Celtics
Tue, Jan 27, 1948Baltimore Bullets74-78Chicago Stags
Tue, Jan 27, 1948St. Louis Bombers94-61Providence Steam Rollers
Wed, Jan 28, 1948Providence Steam Rollers73-75New York Knicks
Thu, Jan 29, 1948New York Knicks66-60Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Jan 29, 1948Chicago Stags60-62St. Louis Bombers
Fri, Jan 30, 1948Washington Capitols71-95Baltimore Bullets
at Baltimore, MD (Fifth Regiment Armory)
Fri, Jan 30, 1948Providence Steam Rollers79-69Boston Celtics
Sat, Jan 31, 1948Boston Celtics64-66New York Knicks
Sat, Jan 31, 1948Baltimore Bullets68-62Providence Steam Rollers
Sat, Jan 31, 1948Philadelphia Warriors66-60St. Louis Bombers
Sat, Jan 31, 1948Chicago Stags48-54Washington Capitols


Sun, Feb 1, 1948Philadelphia Warriors85-78Chicago Stags
Tue, Feb 3, 1948New York Knicks78-62Providence Steam Rollers
Wed, Feb 4, 1948Providence Steam Rollers69-108New York Knicks
Wed, Feb 4, 1948Baltimore Bullets72-77Washington Capitols
Thu, Feb 5, 1948Providence Steam Rollers74-100Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Feb 5, 1948Washington Capitols72-60Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Feb 5, 1948Chicago Stags77-71St. Louis Bombers
Fri, Feb 6, 1948New York Knicks68-57Boston Celtics
Sat, Feb 7, 1948Washington Capitols86-64Providence Steam Rollers
Sat, Feb 7, 1948Philadelphia Warriors54-67St. Louis Bombers
Sun, Feb 8, 1948Philadelphia Warriors74-80otChicago Stags
Sun, Feb 8, 1948Boston Celtics68-80New York Knicks
Tue, Feb 10, 1948Providence Steam Rollers60-79Washington Capitols
Wed, Feb 11, 1948St. Louis Bombers80-78Chicago Stags
Wed, Feb 11, 1948Providence Steam Rollers63-86New York Knicks
Thu, Feb 12, 1948New York Knicks86-96Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Feb 12, 1948Boston Celtics60-69Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Feb 12, 1948Chicago Stags80-74St. Louis Bombers
Fri, Feb 13, 1948Providence Steam Rollers73-79Boston Celtics
Sat, Feb 14, 1948Philadelphia Warriors47-78New York Knicks
Sat, Feb 14, 1948Boston Celtics58-72Washington Capitols
Sun, Feb 15, 1948Providence Steam Rollers85-79Chicago Stags
Sun, Feb 15, 1948Baltimore Bullets63-69St. Louis Bombers
Wed, Feb 18, 1948New York Knicks79-75Washington Capitols
Thu, Feb 19, 1948Baltimore Bullets79-76otBoston Celtics
Thu, Feb 19, 1948New York Knicks74-82Chicago Stags
Thu, Feb 19, 1948Washington Capitols76-84Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Feb 19, 1948Providence Steam Rollers69-78St. Louis Bombers
Sat, Feb 21, 1948Chicago Stags92-73Providence Steam Rollers
Sat, Feb 21, 1948Baltimore Bullets72-85Washington Capitols
Sun, Feb 22, 1948Chicago Stags97-77Boston Celtics
Sun, Feb 22, 1948New York Knicks71-80St. Louis Bombers
Tue, Feb 24, 1948Baltimore Bullets71-83Philadelphia Warriors
Wed, Feb 25, 1948Chicago Stags73-66Washington Capitols
Thu, Feb 26, 1948Washington Capitols70-97Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Feb 26, 1948Chicago Stags80-89Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Feb 26, 1948Boston Celtics92-94otSt. Louis Bombers
Fri, Feb 27, 1948Boston Celtics83-69Chicago Stags
Sat, Feb 28, 1948Baltimore Bullets78-56New York Knicks
Sat, Feb 28, 1948Philadelphia Warriors83-82Providence Steam Rollers
Sat, Feb 28, 1948Washington Capitols61-82St. Louis Bombers
Sun, Feb 29, 1948Baltimore Bullets62-65Boston Celtics
Sun, Feb 29, 1948Washington Capitols75-76otChicago Stags


Tue, Mar 2, 1948New York Knicks66-76Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Mar 4, 1948St. Louis Bombers75-84Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Mar 4, 1948Boston Celtics62-82Philadelphia Warriors
Fri, Mar 5, 1948St. Louis Bombers68-71Boston Celtics
Sat, Mar 6, 1948Boston Celtics68-81Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Mar 6, 1948Washington Capitols64-69otNew York Knicks
Sun, Mar 7, 1948Providence Steam Rollers81-89Chicago Stags
Tue, Mar 9, 1948Chicago Stags93-79Philadelphia Warriors
Tue, Mar 9, 1948St. Louis Bombers75-69Providence Steam Rollers
Wed, Mar 10, 1948St. Louis Bombers82-73New York Knicks
Wed, Mar 10, 1948Chicago Stags71-54Washington Capitols
Thu, Mar 11, 1948Chicago Stags83-86Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Mar 11, 1948St. Louis Bombers74-92Philadelphia Warriors
Sat, Mar 13, 1948Philadelphia Warriors62-64Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Mar 13, 1948New York Knicks51-58Chicago Stags
Sat, Mar 13, 1948Boston Celtics86-64Providence Steam Rollers
Sat, Mar 13, 1948St. Louis Bombers69-86Washington Capitols
Tue, Mar 16, 1948Washington Capitols76-62Boston Celtics
Tue, Mar 16, 1948Philadelphia Warriors100-78Providence Steam Rollers
Wed, Mar 17, 1948Providence Steam Rollers67-82Washington Capitols
Thu, Mar 18, 1948Washington Capitols71-64Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Mar 18, 1948Boston Celtics77-72Chicago Stags
Thu, Mar 18, 1948Providence Steam Rollers57-88Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Mar 18, 1948New York Knicks91-80St. Louis Bombers
Sat, Mar 20, 1948Providence Steam Rollers58-75Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Mar 20, 1948Chicago Stags63-75St. Louis Bombers
Sat, Mar 20, 1948New York Knicks82-103Washington Capitols
Sun, Mar 21, 1948St. Louis Bombers82-70Chicago Stags

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