Basketball National Basketball Association 1950-1951 Regular Season - Winner Minneapolis Lakers
Final of 1950-1951 Playoffs - Rochester Royals 4-3 New York Knicks
Overall Rankingwonlstpfpap+-mPCTDiv.
1. Minneapolis Lakers44245632:5264+368680.6471. West-x
2. Philadelphia Warriors40265634:5386+248660.6061. East-x
3. Rochester Royals41275756:5553+203680.6032. West-x
4. Boston Celtics39305881:5899-18690.5652. East-x
5. New York Knicks36305667:5639+28660.5453. East-x
6. Syracuse Nationals32345680:5645+35660.4854. East-x
7. Fort Wayne Pistons32365721:5849-128680.4713. West-x
8. Indianapolis Olympians31375555:5716-161680.4564. West-x
9. Tri-Cities Blackhawks25435731:5988-257680.3685. West
10.Baltimore Bullets24425414:5565-151660.3645. East
11.Washington Capitols10252844:3011-167350.2866. East
Washington Capitols folded on January 9,1951 after 35 matches.
Table Matches
Table MatchesMinnPhilRochBostNewSyraFortIndiTri-BaltWash
Minneapolis Lakers----- 1:2 1:3 0:3 0:3 1:2 1:4 3:2 5:0 1:2 1:0
Philadelphia Warriors 0:3----- 1:2 1:3 1:3 2:2 0:3 2:1 1:2 2:3 1:0
Rochester Royals 1:3 0:3----- 1:2 0:3 2:1 1:3 2:3 1:3 2:1 2:0
Boston Celtics 0:3 1:3 0:3----- 1:2 0:4 2:1 1:1 1:2 4:3 2:1
New York Knicks 0:3 2:2 0:3 2:3----- 1:4 2:2 0:3 2:2 3:2 1:1
Syracuse Nationals 0:3 0:4 1:2 1:3 1:4----- 0:3 1:2 1:2 3:1 1:0
Fort Wayne Pistons 1:2 0:3 0:4 0:3 0:2 0:3----- 2:2 1:4 0:3 1:1
Indianapolis Olympians 1:4 0:3 2:2 0:3 2:1 1:2 1:3----- 0:4 2:2 2:1
Tri-Cities Blackhawks 0:5 0:3 0:4 0:3 0:2 1:2 1:4 0:4----- 1:2 0:1
Baltimore Bullets 0:3 0:4 0:3 0:2 0:2 2:2 1:2 0:2 1:2----- 0:2
Washington Capitols 0:1 0:2 0:3 2:2 0:1 0:1 0:2 1:0 0:1 0:1-----
Table MatchesMinnPhilRochBostNewSyraFortIndiTri-BaltWash
League reduced from 17 to 11 teams.
Anderson Packers, Sheboygan Red Skins and Waterloo Hawks moved to NPBL.
Chikago Stags, Denver Nuggets nad St. Louis Bombers folded.

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Tue, Oct 31, 1950Washington Capitols70-78Rochester Royals


Wed, Nov 1, 1950Indianapolis Olympians84-100Washington Capitols
Wed, Nov 1, 1950Boston Celtics84-107Fort Wayne Pistons
Wed, Nov 1, 1950Minneapolis Lakers71-81Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Nov 2, 1950Boston Celtics65-79Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Thu, Nov 2, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons77-92Syracuse Nationals
Sat, Nov 4, 1950Minneapolis Lakers91-85Washington Capitols
Sat, Nov 4, 1950New York Knicks76-87Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Sat, Nov 4, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons71-95Rochester Royals
Sat, Nov 4, 1950Boston Celtics68-77Philadelphia Warriors
Sat, Nov 4, 1950Indianapolis Olympians86-102Baltimore Bullets
Sun, Nov 5, 1950New York Knicks95-98otTri-Cities Blackhawks
Sun, Nov 5, 1950Minneapolis Lakers87-90Syracuse Nationals
Sun, Nov 5, 1950Indianapolis Olympians63-68Fort Wayne Pistons
Tue, Nov 7, 1950New York Knicks73-86Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Nov 7, 1950Boston Celtics83-64Baltimore Bullets
at Providence, RI
Wed, Nov 8, 1950Baltimore Bullets81-86Washington Capitols
Wed, Nov 8, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks79-87Fort Wayne Pistons
Thu, Nov 9, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks70-89Syracuse Nationals
Thu, Nov 9, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons72-87Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Nov 9, 1950Indianapolis Olympians85-73New York Knicks
Thu, Nov 9, 1950Minneapolis Lakers71-76Boston Celtics
Sat, Nov 11, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks77-86Rochester Royals
Sat, Nov 11, 1950Syracuse Nationals72-74otNew York Knicks
Sat, Nov 11, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons77-85Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Nov 11, 1950Boston Celtics78-77Washington Capitols
Sun, Nov 12, 1950Rochester Royals79-82otTri-Cities Blackhawks
Sun, Nov 12, 1950Baltimore Bullets57-83Syracuse Nationals
Sun, Nov 12, 1950Philadelphia Warriors70-83Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Nov 12, 1950Washington Capitols73-87Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Nov 12, 1950Indianapolis Olympians75-78Boston Celtics
Tue, Nov 14, 1950New York Knicks92-87Washington Capitols
Tue, Nov 14, 1950Baltimore Bullets72-84Philadelphia Warriors
Tue, Nov 14, 1950Syracuse Nationals78-108Indianapolis Olympians
Wed, Nov 15, 1950Syracuse Nationals71-72otMinneapolis Lakers
Wed, Nov 15, 1950Rochester Royals85-89Fort Wayne Pistons
Wed, Nov 15, 1950Philadelphia Warriors72-80Baltimore Bullets
Wed, Nov 15, 1950Washington Capitols74-79Boston Celtics
at Providence, RI
Thu, Nov 16, 1950Syracuse Nationals75-79Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Thu, Nov 16, 1950Indianapolis Olympians67-84Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Nov 16, 1950Minneapolis Lakers69-71New York Knicks
Thu, Nov 16, 1950Baltimore Bullets73-82Boston Celtics
Sat, Nov 18, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons75-118Washington Capitols
Sat, Nov 18, 1950Minneapolis Lakers86-77otRochester Royals
Sat, Nov 18, 1950Philadelphia Warriors87-93New York Knicks
Sat, Nov 18, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks67-74Indianapolis Olympians
Sat, Nov 18, 1950Boston Celtics80-76Baltimore Bullets
Sun, Nov 19, 1950Indianapolis Olympians81-104Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Sun, Nov 19, 1950New York Knicks83-96Syracuse Nationals
Sun, Nov 19, 1950Rochester Royals77-90Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Nov 19, 1950Baltimore Bullets80-84Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Nov 19, 1950Washington Capitols81-75Boston Celtics
Tue, Nov 21, 1950Washington Capitols78-83Philadelphia Warriors
Tue, Nov 21, 1950Boston Celtics89-83New York Knicks
Tue, Nov 21, 1950Rochester Royals79-91Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Nov 21, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks76-65Baltimore Bullets
at New York, NY
Wed, Nov 22, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks60-65Washington Capitols
Wed, Nov 22, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons19-18Minneapolis Lakers
Wed, Nov 22, 1950New York Knicks87-73Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Nov 23, 1950Indianapolis Olympians92-85Syracuse Nationals
Thu, Nov 23, 1950Rochester Royals71-89Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Nov 23, 1950Washington Capitols78-109New York Knicks
Thu, Nov 23, 1950Minneapolis Lakers63-73Fort Wayne Pistons
Thu, Nov 23, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks78-94Boston Celtics
Sat, Nov 25, 1950Syracuse Nationals77-67Washington Capitols
Sat, Nov 25, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons71-85Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Sat, Nov 25, 1950Boston Celtics82-90Rochester Royals
Sat, Nov 25, 1950Baltimore Bullets81-92Indianapolis Olympians
Sun, Nov 26, 1950Washington Capitols76-90Syracuse Nationals
Sun, Nov 26, 1950Baltimore Bullets71-85Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Nov 26, 1950Indianapolis Olympians70-79Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Nov 26, 1950New York Knicks90-93otBoston Celtics
Tue, Nov 28, 1950Baltimore Bullets73-65Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Tue, Nov 28, 1950Washington Capitols71-87Rochester Royals
Tue, Nov 28, 1950Syracuse Nationals84-108New York Knicks
Tue, Nov 28, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons66-90Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Nov 28, 1950Philadelphia Warriors76-74Boston Celtics
at New York, NY
Wed, Nov 29, 1950Rochester Royals72-71Washington Capitols
Wed, Nov 29, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks66-85Minneapolis Lakers
Thu, Nov 30, 1950Syracuse Nationals78-81Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Nov 30, 1950Rochester Royals74-79New York Knicks
Thu, Nov 30, 1950Washington Capitols85-81Boston Celtics


Fri, Dec 1, 1950Minneapolis Lakers65-66Indianapolis Olympians
Sat, Dec 2, 1950Syracuse Nationals99-96otBaltimore Bullets
Sat, Dec 2, 1950Indianapolis Olympians72-94Rochester Royals
Sat, Dec 2, 1950Boston Celtics83-75Washington Capitols
Sun, Dec 3, 1950Baltimore Bullets85-97Boston Celtics
Sun, Dec 3, 1950Rochester Royals79-80Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Dec 3, 1950Philadelphia Warriors83-95Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Dec 3, 1950Indianapolis Olympians81-84Syracuse Nationals
Sun, Dec 3, 1950New York Knicks100-92Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Tue, Dec 5, 1950New York Knicks89-95Indianapolis Olympians
Wed, Dec 6, 1950Rochester Royals74-70Baltimore Bullets
Wed, Dec 6, 1950Philadelphia Warriors73-92Fort Wayne Pistons
Wed, Dec 6, 1950New York Knicks62-84Minneapolis Lakers
Wed, Dec 6, 1950Indianapolis Olympians101-79Washington Capitols
Thu, Dec 7, 1950Indianapolis Olympians73-102Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Dec 7, 1950Rochester Royals76-69Syracuse Nationals
Thu, Dec 7, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons77-76Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Sat, Dec 9, 1950Philadelphia Warriors75-76Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Dec 9, 1950Syracuse Nationals86-85Boston Celtics
Sat, Dec 9, 1950Minneapolis Lakers88-79Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Sat, Dec 9, 1950New York Knicks84-91Washington Capitols
Sun, Dec 10, 1950Washington Capitols81-97Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Dec 10, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks101-114Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Dec 10, 1950Indianapolis Olympians84-106New York Knicks
Sun, Dec 10, 1950Philadelphia Warriors84-99Rochester Royals
Sun, Dec 10, 1950Baltimore Bullets86-76Syracuse Nationals
Tue, Dec 12, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons81-87Boston Celtics
Tue, Dec 12, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks74-75Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Dec 12, 1950New York Knicks91-101Philadelphia Warriors
Tue, Dec 12, 1950Baltimore Bullets87-102Rochester Royals
Wed, Dec 13, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks55-83Baltimore Bullets
Wed, Dec 13, 1950Rochester Royals82-72Minneapolis Lakers
Wed, Dec 13, 1950Boston Celtics79-110Washington Capitols
Thu, Dec 14, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons82-94Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Dec 14, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks78-69Syracuse Nationals
Fri, Dec 15, 1950Minneapolis Lakers82-71Indianapolis Olympians
Sat, Dec 16, 1950Boston Celtics88-119Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Dec 16, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons77-86New York Knicks
Sat, Dec 16, 1950Syracuse Nationals79-75otRochester Royals
Sat, Dec 16, 1950Minneapolis Lakers86-71Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Sat, Dec 16, 1950Philadelphia Warriors96-88Washington Capitols
Sun, Dec 17, 1950Rochester Royals75-88Boston Celtics
Sun, Dec 17, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks103-99Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Dec 17, 1950Indianapolis Olympians60-79Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Dec 17, 1950New York Knicks86-95Syracuse Nationals
Tue, Dec 19, 1950New York Knicks86-80Boston Celtics
at Providence, RI
Tue, Dec 19, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons93-92Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Dec 19, 1950Minneapolis Lakers67-71Philadelphia Warriors
Wed, Dec 20, 1950Minneapolis Lakers84-91Baltimore Bullets
Wed, Dec 20, 1950Syracuse Nationals83-86Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Wed, Dec 20, 1950Rochester Royals94-76Washington Capitols
Thu, Dec 21, 1950Syracuse Nationals72-97Fort Wayne Pistons
Sat, Dec 23, 1950Minneapolis Lakers81-87Boston Celtics
Sat, Dec 23, 1950Philadelphia Warriors79-83otNew York Knicks
Sat, Dec 23, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons65-77Rochester Royals
Sat, Dec 23, 1950Indianapolis Olympians87-79otWashington Capitols
Mon, Dec 25, 1950Washington Capitols79-93Minneapolis Lakers
Mon, Dec 25, 1950New York Knicks86-84otPhiladelphia Warriors
Mon, Dec 25, 1950Boston Celtics77-90Rochester Royals
Mon, Dec 25, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons69-81Syracuse Nationals
Mon, Dec 25, 1950Baltimore Bullets72-87Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Tue, Dec 26, 1950Syracuse Nationals100-102Boston Celtics
Tue, Dec 26, 1950Washington Capitols88-81Indianapolis Olympians
Wed, Dec 27, 1950Rochester Royals74-68Fort Wayne Pistons
Wed, Dec 27, 1950Baltimore Bullets63-81Minneapolis Lakers
Wed, Dec 27, 1950Philadelphia Warriors74-79New York Knicks
at Hershey, PA
Thu, Dec 28, 1950Syracuse Nationals88-91otPhiladelphia Warriors
Thu, Dec 28, 1950Minneapolis Lakers67-75Rochester Royals
Thu, Dec 28, 1950Washington Capitols80-97Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Fri, Dec 29, 1950Tri-Cities Blackhawks81-112Indianapolis Olympians
Sat, Dec 30, 1950Syracuse Nationals90-80otBaltimore Bullets
Sat, Dec 30, 1950Boston Celtics60-77New York Knicks
Sat, Dec 30, 1950Washington Capitols77-91Rochester Royals
Sun, Dec 31, 1950New York Knicks90-100Boston Celtics
Sun, Dec 31, 1950Philadelphia Warriors73-83Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Dec 31, 1950Fort Wayne Pistons100-110Tri-Cities Blackhawks


Mon, Jan 1, 1951Washington Capitols71-83Baltimore Bullets
Mon, Jan 1, 1951Minneapolis Lakers70-83Fort Wayne Pistons
Mon, Jan 1, 1951New York Knicks88-91otRochester Royals
Mon, Jan 1, 1951Boston Celtics89-106Syracuse Nationals
Mon, Jan 1, 1951Philadelphia Warriors92-109Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Tue, Jan 2, 1951Philadelphia Warriors87-86otIndianapolis Olympians
Wed, Jan 3, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons64-86Minneapolis Lakers
Wed, Jan 3, 1951Boston Celtics84-82Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Wed, Jan 3, 1951Baltimore Bullets82-92Washington Capitols
Thu, Jan 4, 1951Indianapolis Olympians94-83Fort Wayne Pistons
Thu, Jan 4, 1951Baltimore Bullets69-92Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Jan 4, 1951Minneapolis Lakers80-77Syracuse Nationals
Fri, Jan 5, 1951Boston Celtics54-69Minneapolis Lakers
Sat, Jan 6, 1951Philadelphia Warriors57-64Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Jan 6, 1951Syracuse Nationals87-85otNew York Knicks
Sat, Jan 6, 1951Indianapolis Olympians75-73otRochester Royals
Sat, Jan 6, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons91-76Washington Capitols
Sun, Jan 7, 1951Washington Capitols86-91otBoston Celtics
Sun, Jan 7, 1951New York Knicks79-76Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Jan 7, 1951Rochester Royals57-69Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Jan 7, 1951Baltimore Bullets65-73Syracuse Nationals
Sun, Jan 7, 1951Indianapolis Olympians79-83Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Mon, Jan 8, 1951New York Knicks75-70otFort Wayne Pistons
Tue, Jan 9, 1951Rochester Royals77-59Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Jan 9, 1951Washington Capitols74-102Philadelphia Warriors
Wed, Jan 10, 1951Rochester Royals80-78otBaltimore Bullets
Wed, Jan 10, 1951New York Knicks65-70Minneapolis Lakers
Wed, Jan 10, 1951Syracuse Nationals97-96Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Thu, Jan 11, 1951Syracuse Nationals76-84Fort Wayne Pistons
Thu, Jan 11, 1951Rochester Royals79-82Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Jan 11, 1951Minneapolis Lakers113-109Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Fri, Jan 12, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons89-81Indianapolis Olympians
Sat, Jan 13, 1951Baltimore Bullets79-92New York Knicks
Sat, Jan 13, 1951Boston Celtics97-87Philadelphia Warriors
Sat, Jan 13, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons78-99Rochester Royals
Sun, Jan 14, 1951New York Knicks91-93otBaltimore Bullets
Sun, Jan 14, 1951Philadelphia Warriors73-98Boston Celtics
Sun, Jan 14, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks85-94Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Jan 14, 1951Indianapolis Olympians84-86otMinneapolis Lakers
Sun, Jan 14, 1951Rochester Royals63-92Syracuse Nationals
Tue, Jan 16, 1951Minneapolis Lakers68-82Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Jan 16, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks89-97Rochester Royals
Wed, Jan 17, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks70-81Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Jan 18, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks85-105Boston Celtics
Thu, Jan 18, 1951Minneapolis Lakers78-95New York Knicks
Thu, Jan 18, 1951Indianapolis Olympians80-114Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Jan 18, 1951Rochester Royals96-87Syracuse Nationals
Sat, Jan 20, 1951Indianapolis Olympians63-102Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Jan 20, 1951Minneapolis Lakers89-70Fort Wayne Pistons
at Milwaukee, WI
Sat, Jan 20, 1951Philadelphia Warriors101-87Rochester Royals
Sat, Jan 20, 1951Boston Celtics85-91Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Sun, Jan 21, 1951Boston Celtics112-106otFort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Jan 21, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks82-89Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Jan 21, 1951Rochester Royals83-88otNew York Knicks
Sun, Jan 21, 1951Philadelphia Warriors96-86Syracuse Nationals
Tue, Jan 23, 1951Minneapolis Lakers89-79Baltimore Bullets
at Johnstown, PA
Tue, Jan 23, 1951Boston Celtics83-79otIndianapolis Olympians
Tue, Jan 23, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks77-88Philadelphia Warriors
Tue, Jan 23, 1951New York Knicks92-102otRochester Royals
Wed, Jan 24, 1951Syracuse Nationals82-87Baltimore Bullets
Wed, Jan 24, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks85-95New York Knicks
Thu, Jan 25, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons97-99Boston Celtics
Thu, Jan 25, 1951Minneapolis Lakers90-71Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Jan 25, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks87-113Syracuse Nationals
Fri, Jan 26, 1951Philadelphia Warriors75-78Indianapolis Olympians
Sat, Jan 27, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons91-97Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Jan 27, 1951Boston Celtics75-76New York Knicks
Sat, Jan 27, 1951Syracuse Nationals83-85Rochester Royals
Sun, Jan 28, 1951Rochester Royals88-93Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Jan 28, 1951Indianapolis Olympians75-101Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Jan 28, 1951Boston Celtics83-104Syracuse Nationals
Sun, Jan 28, 1951Philadelphia Warriors96-86Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Mon, Jan 29, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks85-87Indianapolis Olympians
at Jeffersonville, IN
Tue, Jan 30, 1951Syracuse Nationals87-96Boston Celtics
Tue, Jan 30, 1951Baltimore Bullets90-95Rochester Royals
Wed, Jan 31, 1951Philadelphia Warriors84-91Fort Wayne Pistons
Wed, Jan 31, 1951Rochester Royals63-68Indianapolis Olympians
Wed, Jan 31, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks78-106Minneapolis Lakers
Wed, Jan 31, 1951Baltimore Bullets77-89New York Knicks


Thu, Feb 1, 1951Boston Celtics80-82otPhiladelphia Warriors
Thu, Feb 1, 1951New York Knicks93-90Syracuse Nationals
Thu, Feb 1, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons102-109Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Fri, Feb 2, 1951Syracuse Nationals90-96otBoston Celtics
Sat, Feb 3, 1951New York Knicks83-72Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Feb 3, 1951Minneapolis Lakers89-84Indianapolis Olympians
Sat, Feb 3, 1951Philadelphia Warriors61-65Rochester Royals
Sun, Feb 4, 1951Baltimore Bullets108-95Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Feb 4, 1951Boston Celtics84-98Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Feb 4, 1951Indianapolis Olympians105-83New York Knicks
Sun, Feb 4, 1951Philadelphia Warriors75-78Syracuse Nationals
Sun, Feb 4, 1951Rochester Royals81-84Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Mon, Feb 5, 1951Indianapolis Olympians57-70Boston Celtics
at Cincinnati, OH
Tue, Feb 6, 1951New York Knicks91-82Baltimore Bullets
at Philadelphia, PA
Tue, Feb 6, 1951Rochester Royals76-78Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Feb 6, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks77-97Philadelphia Warriors
Wed, Feb 7, 1951Minneapolis Lakers86-96Fort Wayne Pistons
Wed, Feb 7, 1951Baltimore Bullets102-82Syracuse Nationals
Thu, Feb 8, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks70-85Boston Celtics
Thu, Feb 8, 1951Rochester Royals58-69Minneapolis Lakers
Thu, Feb 8, 1951Baltimore Bullets75-86Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Feb 8, 1951New York Knicks83-96Syracuse Nationals
Sat, Feb 10, 1951Boston Celtics76-81Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Feb 10, 1951Philadelphia Warriors88-78Indianapolis Olympians
Sat, Feb 10, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons62-73New York Knicks
Sat, Feb 10, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks90-98Rochester Royals
Sun, Feb 11, 1951Syracuse Nationals80-72Baltimore Bullets
Sun, Feb 11, 1951Rochester Royals77-93Boston Celtics
Sun, Feb 11, 1951New York Knicks96-120Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Feb 11, 1951Indianapolis Olympians78-91Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Feb 11, 1951Philadelphia Warriors72-76Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Tue, Feb 13, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons78-80Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Feb 13, 1951Boston Celtics98-104Philadelphia Warriors
Wed, Feb 14, 1951Syracuse Nationals75-77Fort Wayne Pistons
Wed, Feb 14, 1951Baltimore Bullets71-99Minneapolis Lakers
Wed, Feb 14, 1951Rochester Royals65-81New York Knicks
Wed, Feb 14, 1951Indianapolis Olympians91-98Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Thu, Feb 15, 1951Indianapolis Olympians69-60Baltimore Bullets
at Cincinnati, OH
Thu, Feb 15, 1951New York Knicks98-93Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Feb 15, 1951Boston Celtics80-94Syracuse Nationals
Fri, Feb 16, 1951Philadelphia Warriors76-81Boston Celtics
Fri, Feb 16, 1951Minneapolis Lakers76-71Indianapolis Olympians
Sat, Feb 17, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons91-112Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Feb 17, 1951Syracuse Nationals75-88New York Knicks
Sat, Feb 17, 1951Minneapolis Lakers82-87Rochester Royals
Sun, Feb 18, 1951Indianapolis Olympians75-78Boston Celtics
Sun, Feb 18, 1951Philadelphia Warriors70-75Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Feb 18, 1951Minneapolis Lakers80-91Syracuse Nationals
Sun, Feb 18, 1951Rochester Royals83-89Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Tue, Feb 20, 1951Syracuse Nationals81-79Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Feb 20, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks69-99Philadelphia Warriors
Tue, Feb 20, 1951Baltimore Bullets89-105Rochester Royals
Wed, Feb 21, 1951Philadelphia Warriors83-81Baltimore Bullets
Wed, Feb 21, 1951New York Knicks85-87otBoston Celtics
Wed, Feb 21, 1951Syracuse Nationals76-82Minneapolis Lakers
Thu, Feb 22, 1951Boston Celtics72-69Baltimore Bullets
at New York, NY
Thu, Feb 22, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks90-94New York Knicks
Thu, Feb 22, 1951Rochester Royals90-98Philadelphia Warriors
Sat, Feb 24, 1951Boston Celtics75-84Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Feb 24, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons78-95Minneapolis Lakers
Sat, Feb 24, 1951Philadelphia Warriors70-64New York Knicks
Sat, Feb 24, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks89-99Rochester Royals
Sun, Feb 25, 1951Philadelphia Warriors83-93Boston Celtics
Sun, Feb 25, 1951Baltimore Bullets92-102Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Feb 25, 1951Indianapolis Olympians75-73Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Feb 25, 1951New York Knicks93-98Syracuse Nationals
Sun, Feb 25, 1951Rochester Royals82-78Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Tue, Feb 27, 1951Baltimore Bullets74-96Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Feb 27, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks77-83Minneapolis Lakers
at Milwaukee, WI
Tue, Feb 27, 1951Syracuse Nationals72-86Philadelphia Warriors
Tue, Feb 27, 1951New York Knicks90-100Rochester Royals
Wed, Feb 28, 1951Minneapolis Lakers73-77Fort Wayne Pistons
Wed, Feb 28, 1951Baltimore Bullets85-100Tri-Cities Blackhawks


Thu, Mar 1, 1951New York Knicks84-78Boston Celtics
Thu, Mar 1, 1951Minneapolis Lakers77-97Philadelphia Warriors
Thu, Mar 1, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons86-108Syracuse Nationals
Sat, Mar 3, 1951Boston Celtics95-87Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Mar 3, 1951Syracuse Nationals78-97New York Knicks
Sat, Mar 3, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons79-89Rochester Royals
Sun, Mar 4, 1951Minneapolis Lakers86-92Boston Celtics
Sun, Mar 4, 1951New York Knicks98-105Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Mar 4, 1951Philadelphia Warriors79-85Syracuse Nationals
Sun, Mar 4, 1951Indianapolis Olympians72-87Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Tue, Mar 6, 1951Boston Celtics73-75Indianapolis Olympians
Tue, Mar 6, 1951New York Knicks76-96Philadelphia Warriors
Tue, Mar 6, 1951Minneapolis Lakers79-90Rochester Royals
Tue, Mar 6, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons86-88Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Wed, Mar 7, 1951Philadelphia Warriors95-84Baltimore Bullets
Wed, Mar 7, 1951Boston Celtics99-95Fort Wayne Pistons
Thu, Mar 8, 1951Minneapolis Lakers94-97otNew York Knicks
Thu, Mar 8, 1951Baltimore Bullets90-94otPhiladelphia Warriors
Thu, Mar 8, 1951Indianapolis Olympians97-121Syracuse Nationals
Fri, Mar 9, 1951Rochester Royals91-84Indianapolis Olympians
Sat, Mar 10, 1951Syracuse Nationals86-107Rochester Royals
Sat, Mar 10, 1951Minneapolis Lakers99-88Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Sun, Mar 11, 1951New York Knicks89-112Baltimore Bullets
Sun, Mar 11, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks87-102Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Mar 11, 1951Boston Celtics96-98otMinneapolis Lakers
Sun, Mar 11, 1951Indianapolis Olympians95-88Rochester Royals
Sun, Mar 11, 1951Philadelphia Warriors95-91Syracuse Nationals
Tue, Mar 13, 1951Rochester Royals111-107otBoston Celtics
Tue, Mar 13, 1951Syracuse Nationals93-98Indianapolis Olympians
Wed, Mar 14, 1951Indianapolis Olympians109-115Fort Wayne Pistons
Wed, Mar 14, 1951Syracuse Nationals76-100Minneapolis Lakers
Wed, Mar 14, 1951New York Knicks92-91Tri-Cities Blackhawks
Thu, Mar 15, 1951Rochester Royals87-93Baltimore Bullets
Thu, Mar 15, 1951New York Knicks70-74Indianapolis Olympians
Thu, Mar 15, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons78-88Philadelphia Warriors
Fri, Mar 16, 1951Fort Wayne Pistons88-90Boston Celtics
Sat, Mar 17, 1951Indianapolis Olympians92-91Baltimore Bullets
Sat, Mar 17, 1951Syracuse Nationals86-100Philadelphia Warriors
Sat, Mar 17, 1951Boston Celtics89-114Rochester Royals
Sat, Mar 17, 1951Minneapolis Lakers92-91otTri-Cities Blackhawks
Sun, Mar 18, 1951Tri-Cities Blackhawks82-95Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun, Mar 18, 1951New York Knicks68-86Minneapolis Lakers
Sun, Mar 18, 1951Indianapolis Olympians79-91Rochester Royals
Sun, Mar 18, 1951Boston Celtics89-97Syracuse Nationals

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