Women Basketball XVIIII World Cup 2018 Tenerife, Canarias, Spain 22-30.09 - Winner United States (10th)
First time played as World Cup instead of World Championship in order to align its name with that of corresponding men's compatition Men 2019. Winner will qualify to Tokyo Olympic Women 2020.
Played at Tenerife Sports Pavilion Santiago Martin (T) in San Cristobal de La Laguna, cap.: 5,100 and Palacio Municipal de Deportes (P) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, cap.: 3,600.
Final at Tenerife Sports Pavilion Santiago Martin, San Cristobal de La Laguna.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3Tatt.
Sun 30.09.1820:00United States73-56Australia20-1535-2761-38
Play-Off for 3rd place.
Sun 30.09.1817:30Spain67-60Belgium15-1532-2755-43
Play-Off for 5th place.
Sun 30.09.1814:00France81-67China19-2737-3661-50653
Play-Off for 7th place.
Sun 30.09.1811:30Canada73-72Nigeria21-1730-3549-54326

Semi-Finals (1/2)

played at Tenerife Sports Pavilion Santiago Martin, San Cristobal de La Laguna.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3Tatt.
Sat 29.09.1817:30United States93-77Belgium21-2640-3973-572,595
Sat 29.09.1820:00Australia72-66Spain23-1534-3550-583,976
Classification 5-8.
Sat 29.09.1811:30France84-62Nigeria18-2040-3463-44549
Sat 29.09.1814:00China76-71Canada16-1934-4858-62692

Quarter-Finals (1/4)

played at Tenerife Sports Pavilion Santiago Martin, San Cristobal de La Laguna.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3Tatt.
played at Tenerife Sports Pavilion Santiago Martin, San Cristobal de La Laguna.
Fri 28.09.1811:30United States71-40Nigeria9-1727-2346-35
Fri 28.09.1814:00Australia83-42China24-742-1861-34
Fri 28.09.1817:30Belgium86-65France20-1753-3167-48
Fri 28.09.1820:30Spain68-53Canada13-1629-2747-50


datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3Tatt.
played at Palacio Municipal de Deportes, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Wed 26.09.1811:30China87-81Japan19-2546-4467-571,169
Wed 26.09.1814:00Nigeria57-56Greece15-1531-2648-37479
played at Tenerife Sports Pavilion Santiago Martin, San Cristobal de La Laguna.
Wed 26.09.1817:30France78-61Turkey19-1038-2758-47832
Wed 26.09.1820:00Spain63-48Senegal17-1834-3446-40
Final Ranking
1. United States
2. Australia
3. Spain
4. Belgium
Final Rankingwlpfpap+-ratioGroupWRWP
1. United States60529:401+1281.3191. D1.
2. Australia51468:359+1091.3041. B4.
3. Spain52489:429+601.1402. C2.
4. Belgium33456:401+551.1371. C28.
eliminated to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
5. France52532:476+561.1182. A3.70
6. China43501:543-420.9232. D10.65
7. Canada42431:389+421.1081. A5.60
8. Nigeria34448:508-600.8822. B34.55
eliminated in Play-Offs.
9. Japan22298:309-110.9643. C13.50
10.Turkey13256:279-230.9183. B7.45
11.Greece13235:261-260.9003. A20.40
12.Senegal13251:294-430.8543. D17.35
eliminated in Groups Round.
13.Latvia03206:236-300.8734. D26.30
14.South Korea03169:229-600.7384. A16.25
15.Argentina03150:222-720.6764. B15.20
16.Puerto Rico03150:233-830.6444. C22.15
World Ranking as from 27.08.2017.
Best not qualified teams: 6. Czechia, 8. Serbia, 9. Brazil, 11.Russia, 12.Belarus, 14.Cuba, 18.Angola, 19.Croatia.

Groups Round.

Winners progress to Quarter-Finals (1/4). 2nd and 3rd progress to Play-Offs.
Group Awlpfpap+-ratioWR
1. Canada30234:173+611.3536.
2. France21224:200+241.1203.
3. Greece12179:204-250.87720.
4. South Korea03169:229-600.73815.
France ----75:7189:58
Greece ----58:48
South Korea ----
Canada advanced ot Quarter-Finals (1/4).
France and Greece advanced to Play-Offs.
South Korea was eliminated and finished 14.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3Tatt.
Sat 22.09.1813:30France89-58South Korea18-2343-3166-43479
Sat 22.09.1817:30Canada81-50Greece23-1051-2566-381,157
Sun 23.09.1811:30Canada82-63South Korea18-1045-2461-40589
Sun 23.09.1817:30France75-71Greece26-1738-3654-591,501
Tue 25.09.1813:30Greece58-48South Korea16-1725-2845-35508
Tue 25.09.1820:30Canada71-60France12-2526-3645-46
Group Bwlpfpap+-ratioWR
1. Australia30260:175+851.4864.
2. Nigeria21217:224-70.96942.
3. Turkey12195:201-60.9707.
4. Argentina03150:222-720.67616.
Nigeria ----74:6875:70
Turkey ----63:37
Argentina ----
Australia advanced to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
Nigeria and Turkey advanced to Play-Offs.
Argentina was eliminated and finished 15.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3Tatt.
Sat 22.09.1811:30Australia86-68Nigeria24-1742-3163-54422
Sat 22.09.1814:00Turkey63-37Argentina19-1133-2051-24573
Sun 23.09.1811:00Australia84-43Argentina21-540-1368-24689
Sun 23.09.1820:30Nigeria74-68Turkey7-1529-3252-42643
Tue 25.09.1811:30Australia90-64Turkey32-1953-3375-491,805
Tue 25.09.1817:30Nigeria75-70Argentina19-1332-2951-48
Group Cwlpfpap+-ratioWR
1. Belgium21233:176+571.32478.
2. Spain21225:196+291.1482.
3. Japan21217:220-30.98613.
4. Puerto Rico03150:233-830.64422.
Belgium----72:63 86:36
Spain ----84:7178:53
Japan77:75ot ----69:61
Puerto Rico ----
Belgium advanced to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
Spain and Japan advanced to Play-Offs.
Puerto Rico was eliminated and finished 16.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3Tatt.
Sat 22.09.1820:00Spain84-71Japan20-1039-2161-484,146
Sat 22.09.1810:30Belgium86-36Puerto Rico18-348-672-18619
Sun 23.09.1813:30Japan77-75otBelgium17-1335-3257-50855
after Over Time. FT: 68-68. OT: 9-7
Sun 23.09.1820:00Spain78-53Puerto Rico8-1526-2548-353,157
Tue 25.09.1811:00Japan69-61Puerto Rico23-1543-2853-451,442
Tue 25.09.1820:00Belgium72-63Spain19-1539-3261-46
Group Dwlpfpap+-ratioWR
1. United States30289:231+581.2511.
2. China21227:22701.00010.
3. Senegal12203:231-280.87917.
4. Latvia03206:236-300.87327.
United States-----100:8887:67102:76
China -----75:6664:61
Senegal -----70:69
Latvia -----
United Stated advanced to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
China and Senegal advanced to Play-Offs.
Latvia was eliminated and finished 13.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3Tatt.
Sat 22.09.1811:00China64-61Latvia17-1031-3044-44700
Sat 22.09.1818:00United States87-67Senegal18-1745-3165-481,450
Sun 23.09.1814:00Senegal70-69Latvia15-1928-2950-52963
Sun 23.09.1818:00United States100-88China25-2048-3977-681,979
Tue 25.09.181-:00China75-66Senegal10-830-1952-47808
Tue 25.09.181-:00United States102-76Latvia28-1952-4278-50


SpainHost - 1st Europe Women 2017
United StatesOlympic Women 20161st101-72SpainSat 20.08.16
FranceEurope Women 20172nd67-40SlovakiaThu 22.06.17
BelgiumEurope Women 20173rd79-66ItalyThu 22.06.17
GreeceEurope Women 20174th84-55TurkeyThu 22.06.17
TurkeyEurope Women 20175th72-56SlovakiaSat 24.06.17
LatviaEurope Women 20176th68-67ItalySat 24.06.17
CanadaAmerica Women 20171st84-45BrazilSat 12.08.17
ArgentinaAmerica Women 20172nd48-44Puerto RicoSat 12.08.17
Puerto RixoAmerica Women 20173rd75-68BrazilSun 13.08.17
JapanAsia Women 20171st73-57TaiwanThu 27.07.17
AustraliaAsia Women 20172nd81-48North KoreaThu 27.07.17
ChinaAsia Women 20173rd117-43PhilippinesThu 27.07.17
South KoreaAsia Women 20174th64-49New ZealandThu 27.07.17
NigeriaAfrica Women 20171st48-47MaliSat 26.08.17
SenegalAfrica Women 20172nd75-52MozambiqueSat 26.08.17
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