Football Africa Cup of Nations 2013 Qualification - played 2012

Second Round

Winners qualify to the Final Tournament in South Africa.
Draw on 05.07.2012 in Johannesburg (RSA).
datesteam 1scoresteam 2HTaggr.
08.09,13.10Mali3-04-1Botswana1-01-07-1 Details
09.09,14.10Zimbabwe3-10-2Angola3-00-23-3 Details
Angola won in a away goals rule
08.09,13.10Ghana2-01-0Malawi1-01-03-0 Details
08.09,13.10Zambia1-00-1Uganda1-00-11-1 Details
Zambia won with penalties 9-8
08.09,14.10Cape Verde2-01-2Cameroon1-01-13-2 Details
08.09,13.10Sierra Leone2-20-0Tunisia1-00-02-2 Details
Tunisia won in a away goals rule
09.09,14.10Guinea1-00-2Niger0-00-01-2 Details
08.09,14.10Sudan5-30-2Ethiopia3-10-05-5 Details
Ethiopia won in a away goals rule
08.09,13.10Ivory Coast4-22-0Senegal1-10-06-2Details
09.09,14.10Congo DR4-01-2Equat. Guinea0-01-25-2 Details
08.09,14.10Gabon1-11-2Togo0-00-12-3 Details
08.09,14.10Central Africa1-01-3Burkina Faso 1-22-3Details

First Round

Teams that played in CAN 2012 were exempt from this Round.
Draw on 28.10.2011 in Malabo (EQU).
datesteam 1scoresteam 2HTaggr.
29.02,17.06Ethiopia0-01-1Benin0-01-11-1 Details
Ethiopia won in a away goals rule
29.02,16.06Rwanda0-00-2Nigeria0-00-10-2 Details
29.02,17.06Burundi2-10-1Zimbabwe0-00-12-2 Details
Zimbabwe won in a away goals rule
29.02,15.06Gambia1-21-4Algeria1-01-22-6 Details
29.02,17.06Kenya2-10-1Togo1-10-02-2 Details
Togo won in a away goals rule
29.02,16.06Sao Tome Principe2-12-4Sierra Leone0-01-44-5 Details
29.02,16.06Guinea Bissau0-10-1Cameroon0-00-00-2 Details
29.02,17.06Seychelles0-40-3Congo DR0-20-20-7 Details
Mozambique won with penalties 7-6
15.06,30.06Egypt2-31-1Central Africa1-10-13-4Details
29.02,17.06Madagascar0-41-3Cape Verde0-20-11-7Details

Preliminary Round

Draw on 28.10.2011 in Malabo (EQU). the 4 lowest ranked teams.
datesteam 1scoresteam 2HT
Swaziland withdrew due to financial reasons
15.01,22.01Sao Tome Principe1-00-0Lesotho1-00-0 Details
Main tournament CAN 2013.
South Africa qualified as a Host.
Libya was the initial host, but due to the War in 2011, the host was switched to South Africa.
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