Football English Premiership 2017/2018
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
Round 18
1. Manchester City49161052:11+4117
2. Manchester United38122337:11+2617
3. Chelsea38122432:14+1818
4. Arsenal33103531:20+1118
5. Burnley3295416:12+418
6. Tottenham Hotspur3194430:14+1617
7. Liverpool3187234:20+1417
8. Leicester City2675627:26+118
9. Watford2264827:33-618
11.Huddersfield Town2163916:30-1418
13.Brighton Hove Albio1846814:23-918
14.Crystal Palace1745915:28-1318
15.West Ham United1745915:31-1618
16.AFC Bournemouth1644915:20-517
17.Stoke City16441019:37-1818
18.Newcastle United15431116:27-1118
19.West Bromwich Albion1428712:22-1017
20.Swansea City1233119:22-1317

F.A. Cup/2017-2018

League Cup/2017-2018

Championship 2017-2018

Midweek Rounds - 14 and 25.
Round 20 - Boxing Day.
Round 22 - New Year Day.
3 breaks for World Cup Qualifications.
1 break for fiendlies.
Manchester City---- 3:13:0 5:0 1:1 2:1 5:02:1 7:2
Manchester United1:2---- 1:0 2:0 4:0 1:04:04:01:0 4:1
Chelsea0:11:0----0:02:3 4:22:0 1:0 3:1 1:0
Arsenal 1:3 ---- 2:0 4:3 5:0 2:0 3:0 1:02:02:1
Burnley 0:1---- 1:0 0:0 1:01:1 1:01:00:12:0
Tottenham Hotspur 1:2 1:1----4:1 2:01:0 1:05:1 1:10:0
Liverpool 0:01:14:01:1 ---- 1:13:03:0 1:0 0:0
Leicester City0:2 1:2 1:02:12:3---- 2:0 2:00:3 1:1
Watford0:62:4 2:1 1:13:3 ---- 1:4 0:0 2:0 0:1
Everton 2:50:10:3 3:2----2:0 3:02:11:0
Huddersfield Town1:22:11:3 0:4 1:1 ----0:02:0 1:01:0
Southampton 0:1 1:10:1 1:40:24:1 ---- 3:2 2:21:00:0
Brighton Hove Albio0:2 0:0 1:5 1:1 1:1----0:0 2:21:03:1
Crystal Palace 2:1 2:12:20:30:1 ----2:22:22:1 0:2
West Ham United 1:00:0 2:31:41:1 2:0 0:3 ---- 1:0
AFC Bournemouth1:2 0:1 1:2 0:00:2 4:01:12:1 ----
Stoke City 2:20:41:0 0:32:2 2:1 0:11:2---- 2:1
Newcastle United 0:21:12:30:30:1 1:03:00:12:1----
West Bromwich Albion2:3 0:4 2:2 0:00:01:01:12:2----
Swansea City0:40:4 1:21:2 2:0 0:1 0:0 0:11:0----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Round 1
Fri 11.08.1719:45Arsenal4-3Leicester City2-259,387
Sat 12.08.1712:30Watford3-3Liverpool2-120,407
Sat 12.08.1715:00Chelsea2-3Burnley0-341,616
Sat 12.08.1715:00Crystal Palace0-3Huddersfield Town0-225,448
Sat 12.08.1715:00Everton1-0Stoke City1-039,045
Sat 12.08.1715:00Southampton0-0Swansea City0-031,447
Sat 12.08.1715:00West Bromwich Albion1-0AFC Bournemouth1-025,011
Sat 12.08.1717:30Brighton Hove Albio0-2Manchester City0-030,415
Sun 13.08.1713:30Newcastle United0-2Tottenham Hotspur
Sun 13.08.1716:00Manchester United4-0West Ham United
Round 2
Sat 19.08.1712:30Swansea City0-4Manchester United0-120,862
Sat 19.08.1715:00AFC Bournemouth0-2Watford0-010,501
Sat 19.08.1715:00Burnley0-1West Bromwich Albion0-019,619
Sat 19.08.1715:00Leicester City2-0Brighton Hove Albio1-031,902
Sat 19.08.1715:00Liverpool1-0Crystal Palace0-053,138
Sat 19.08.1715:00Southampton3-2West Ham United2-131,424
Sat 19.08.1717:30Stoke City1-0Arsenal0-029,459
Sun 20.08.1713:30Huddersfield Town1-0Newcastle United0-024,128
Sun 20.08.1716:00Tottenham Hotspur1-2Chelsea0-173,587
Mon 21.08.1720:00Manchester City1-1Everton0-149,108
Round 3
Sat 26.08.1712:30AFC Bournemouth1-2Manchester City1-110,419
Sat 26.08.1715:00Crystal Palace0-2Swansea City0-123,477
Sat 26.08.1715:00Huddersfield Town0-0Southampton0-023,548
Sat 26.08.1715:00Newcastle United3-0West Ham United1-052,093
Sat 26.08.1715:00Watford0-0Brighton Hove Albio0-020,181
Sat 26.08.1717:30Manchester United2-0Leicester City0-075,021
Sun 27.08.1713:30Chelsea2-0Everton2-041,382
Sun 27.08.1713:30West Bromwich Albion1-1Stoke City0-022,704
Sun 27.08.1716:00Liverpool4-0Arsenal2-053,206
Sun 27.08.1716:00Tottenham Hotspur1-1Burnley0-067,862
Break for World Cup 2018 Qualification Europe WCQ 2018 - England 2-1 Slovakia.
Round 4
Sat 09.09.1712:30Manchester City5-0Liverpool2-054,172
Sat 09.09.1715:00Arsenal3-0AFC Bournemouth2-059,262
Sat 09.09.1715:00Brighton Hove Albio3-1West Bromwich Albion1-030,381
Sat 09.09.1715:00Everton0-3Tottenham Hotspur0-238,835
Sat 09.09.1715:00Leicester City1-2Chelsea0-130,923
Sat 09.09.1715:00Southampton0-2Watford0-131,435
Sat 09.09.1717:30Stoke City2-2Manchester United1-129,320
Sun 10.09.1713:30Burnley1-0Crystal Palace1-018,862
Sun 10.09.1716:00Swansea City0-1Newcastle United0-020,872
Mon 10.09.1720:00West Ham United2-0Huddersfield Town0-056,977
Round 5
Fri 15.09.1720:00AFC Bournemouth2-1Brighton Hove Albio0-010,369
Sat 16.09.1712:30Crystal Palace0-1Southampton0-124,199
Sat 16.09.1715:00Huddersfield Town1-1Leicester City0-024,169
Sat 16.09.1715:00Liverpool1-1Burnley1-153,321
Sat 16.09.1715:00Newcastle United2-1Stoke City1-051,795
Sat 16.09.1715:00Watford0-6Manchester City0-320,305
Sat 16.09.1715:00West Bromwich Albion0-0West Ham United0-024,942
Sat 16.09.1717:30Tottenham Hotspur0-0Swansea City0-065,366
Sun 17.09.1713:30Chelsea0-0Arsenal0-041,478
Sun 17.09.1716:00Manchester United4-0Everton1-075,042
Round 6
Sat 23.09.1712:30West Ham United2-3Tottenham Hotspur0-256,988
Sat 23.09.1715:00Burnley0-0Huddersfield Town0-020,759
Sat 23.09.1715:00Everton2-1AFC Bournemouth0-038,133
Sat 23.09.1715:00Manchester City5-0Crystal Palace1-053,526
Sat 23.09.1715:00Southampton0-1Manchester United0-131,930
Sat 23.09.1715:00Stoke City0-4Chelsea0-229,661
Sat 23.09.1715:00Swansea City1-2Watford0-120,372
Sat 23.09.1717:30Leicester City2-3Liverpool1-232,004
Sun 24.09.1716:00Brighton Hove Albio1-0Newcastle United0-030,468
Mon 25.09.1720:00Arsenal2-0West Bromwich Albion1-059,134
Round 7
Sat 30.09.1712:30Huddersfield Town0-4Tottenham Hotspur0-324,169
Sat 30.09.1715:00AFC Bournemouth0-0Leicester City0-010,444
Sat 30.09.1715:00Manchester United4-0Crystal Palace2-075,118
Sat 30.09.1715:00Stoke City2-1Southampton1-029,285
Sat 30.09.1715:00West Bromwich Albion2-2Watford2-124,606
Sat 30.09.1715:00West Ham United1-0Swansea City0-056,922
Sat 30.09.1717:30Chelsea0-1Manchester City0-041,530
Sun 01.10.1712:00Arsenal2-0Brighton Hove Albio1-059,378
Sun 01.10.1714:15Everton0-1Burnley0-138,448
Sun 01.10.1716:30Newcastle United1-1Liverpool1-152,303
Break for World Cup 2018 Qualification Europe WCQ 2018.
Round 8
Sat 14.10.1712:30Liverpool0-0Manchester United0-052,912
Sat 14.10.1715:00Burnley1-1West Ham United0-120,945
Sat 14.10.1715:00Crystal Palace2-1Chelsea2-125,480
Sat 14.10.1715:00Manchester City7-2Stoke City3-154,128
Sat 14.10.1715:00Swansea City2-0Huddersfield Town1-020,657
Sat 14.10.1715:00Tottenham Hotspur1-0AFC Bournemouth0-073,502
Sat 14.10.1717:30Watford2-1Arsenal0-120,384
Sun 15.10.1713:30Brighton Hove Albio1-1Everton0-030,565
Sun 15.10.1716:00Southampton2-2Newcastle United0-131,437
Mon 16.10.1720:00Leicester City1-1West Bromwich Albion0-030,203
Round 9
Fri 20.10.1720:00West Ham United0-3Brighton Hove Albio0-256,977
Sat 21.10.1712:30Chelsea4-2Watford1-141,467
Sat 21.10.1715:00Huddersfield Town2-1Manchester United2-024,426
Sat 21.10.1715:00Manchester City3-0Burnley1-054,118
Sat 21.10.1715:00Newcastle United1-0Crystal Palace0-052,251
Sat 21.10.1715:00Stoke City1-2AFC Bournemouth0-229,500
Sat 21.10.1715:00Swansea City1-2Leicester City0-120,251
Sat 21.10.1717:30Southampton1-0West Bromwich Albion0-029,947
Sun 22.10.1713:30Everton2-5Arsenal1-139,189
Sun 22.10.1716:00Tottenham Hotspur4-1Liverpool3-180,827
_ Round 10
Sat 28.10.1712:30Manchester United1-0Tottenham Hotspur0-075,034
Sat 28.10.1715:00Arsenal2-1Swansea City0-1 59,493
Sat 28.10.1715:00Crystal Palace2-2West Ham United0-2 25,242
Sat 28.10.1715:00Liverpool3-0Huddersfield Town0-0 53,268
Sat 28.10.1715:00Watford0-1Stoke City0-1 20,087
Sat 28.10.1715:00West Bromwich Albion2-3Manchester City1-2 24,003
Sat 28.10.1717:30AFC Bournemouth0-1Chelsea0-0 10,998
Sun 29.10.1713:30Brighton Hove Albio1-1Southampton0-1 30,564
Sun 29.10.1716:00Leicester City2-0Everton2-0 31,891
Sun 29.10.1720:00Burnley1-0Newcastle United0-0 21,031
Round 11
Sat 04.11.1712:30Stoke City2-2Leicester City1-1 29,602
Sat 04.11.1715:00Huddersfield Town1-0West Bromwich Albion1-0 24,169
Sat 04.11.1715:00Newcastle United0-1AFC Bournemouth0-0 52,237
Sat 04.11.1715:00Southampton0-1Burnley0-0 30,491
Sat 04.11.1715:00Swansea City0-1Brighton Hove Albio0-1 20,822
Sat 04.11.1717:30West Ham United1-4Liverpool0-2 56,961
Sun 05.11.1712:00Tottenham Hotspur1-0Crystal Palace0-0 65,270
Sun 05.11.1714:15Manchester City3-1Arsenal1-0 54,286
Sun 05.11.1716:30Chelsea1-0Manchester United0-0 41,615
Sun 05.11.1716:30Everton3-2Watford0-0 38,609
Round 12
Sat 18.11.1712:30Arsenal2-0Tottenham Hotspur2-0 59,530
Sat 18.11.1715:00AFC Bournemouth4-0Huddersfield Town2-0 10,879
Sat 18.11.1715:00Burnley2-0Swansea City2-0 18,895
Sat 18.11.1715:00Crystal Palace2-2Everton2-2 25,526
Sat 18.11.1715:00Leicester City0-2Manchester City0-0 31,908
Sat 18.11.1715:00Liverpool3-0Southampton2-0 53,256
Sat 18.11.1715:00West Bromwich Albion0-4Chelsea0-3 23,592
Sat 18.11.1717:30Manchester United4-1Newcastle United2-1 75,035
Sun 19.11.1716:00Watford2-0West Ham United1-0 20,018
Mon 20.11.1720:00Brighton Hove Albio2-2Stoke City1-2 29,676
Round 13
Fri 24.11.1720:00West Ham United1-1Leicester City1-1 56,897
Sat 25.11.1715:00Crystal Palace2-1Stoke City0-0 23,723
Sat 25.11.1715:00Manchester United1-0Brighton Hove Albio0-0 75,018
Sat 25.11.1715:00Newcastle United0-3Watford0-2 52,188
Sat 25.11.1715:00Swansea City0-0AFC Bournemouth0-0 20,228
Sat 25.11.1715:00Tottenham Hotspur1-1West Bromwich Albion0-1 65,905
Sat 25.11.1717:30Liverpool1-1Chelsea0-0 53,225
Sun 26.11.1713:30Southampton4-1Everton1-1 30,461
Sun 26.11.1714:00Burnley0-1Arsenal0-0 21,722
Sun 26.11.1716:00Huddersfield Town1-2Manchester City1-0 24,121
Round 14 - First midweek Round.
Tue 28.11.1719:45Brighton Hove Albio0-0Crystal Palace0-0 29,889
Tue 28.11.1719:45Leicester City2-1Tottenham Hotspur2-0 31,950
Tue 28.11.1720:00Watford2-4Manchester United0-3 20,552
Tue 28.11.1720:00West Bromwich Albion2-2Newcastle United1-0 25,534
Wed 29.11.1719:45AFC Bournemouth1-2Burnley0-1 10,302
Wed 29.11.1719:45Arsenal5-0Huddersfield Town1-0 59,285
Wed 29.11.1719:45Chelsea1-0Swansea City0-0 41,365
Wed 29.11.1720:00Everton3-0West Ham United2-0 38,242
Wed 29.11.1720:00Manchester City2-1Southampton0-0 53,407
Wed 29.11.1720:00Stoke City0-3Liverpool0-1 29,423
Round 15
Sat 02.12.1712:30Chelsea3-1Newcastle United2-1 41,538
Sat 02.12.1715:00Brighton Hove Albio1-5Liverpool0-2 30,634
Sat 02.12.1715:00Everton2-0Huddersfield Town0-0 39,617
Sat 02.12.1715:00Leicester City1-0Burnley1-0 30,714
Sat 02.12.1715:00Stoke City2-1Swansea City2-1 28,261
Sat 02.12.1715:00Watford1-1Tottenham Hotspur1-1 20,278
Sat 02.12.1715:00West Bromwich Albion0-0Crystal Palace0-0 23,531
Sat 02.12.1717:30Arsenal1-3Manchester United0-2 59,547
Sun 03.12.1713:30AFC Bournemouth1-1Southampton1-0 10,764
Sun 03.12.1716:00Manchester City2-1West Ham United0-1 54,203
Round 16
Sat 09.12.1712:30West Ham United1-0Chelsea1-0 56,953
Sat 09.12.1715:00Burnley1-0Watford1-0 19,479
Sat 09.12.1715:00Crystal Palace2-2AFC Bournemouth2-2 24,823
Sat 09.12.1715:00Huddersfield Town2-0Brighton Hove Albio2-0 24,018
Sat 09.12.1715:00Swansea City1-0West Bromwich Albion0-0 19.580
Sat 09.12.1715:00Tottenham Hotspur5-1Stoke City1-0 62,202
Sat 09.12.1717:30Newcastle United2-3Leicester City1-1 __,___
Sun 10.12.1712:00Southampton1-1Arsenal1-0 31,643
Sun 10.12.1714:15Liverpool1-1Everton1-0 53,082
Sun 10.12.1716:30Manchester United1-2Manchester City1-1 74,847
Round 17
Tue 12.12.1719:45Burnley1-0Stoke City1-0 19,909
Tue 12.12.1720:00Crystal Palace2-1Watford0-1 23,566
Tue 12.12.1720:00Huddersfield Town1-3Chelsea0-2 24,169
Wed 13.12.1719:45Newcastle United0-1Everton0-1 51,042
Wed 13.12.1719:45Southampton1-4Leicester City0-3 __,___
Wed 13.12.1719:45Swansea City0-4Manchester City0-2 20,870
Wed 13.12.1720:00Liverpool0-0West Bromwich Albion0-0 53,243
Wed 13.12.1720:00Manchester United1-0AFC Bournemouth1-0 74,798
Wed 13.12.1720:00Tottenham Hotspur2-0Brighton Hove Albio1-0 46,438
Wed 13.12.1720:00West Ham United0-0Arsenal0-0 __,___
Round 18
Sat 16.12.1712:30Leicester City0-3Crystal Palace0-2 31,081
Sat 16.12.1715:00Arsenal1-0Newcastle United1-0 59,379
Sat 16.12.1715:00Brighton Hove Albio0-0Burnley0-0 29,921
Sat 16.12.1715:00Chelsea1-0Southampton1-0 41,562
Sat 16.12.1715:00Watford1-4Huddersfield Town0-3 __,___
Sat 16.12.1716:00Stoke City0-1West Ham United0-1 __,___
Sat 16.12.1717:30Manchester City Tottenham Hotspur __,___
Sun 17.12.1714:15West Bromwich Albion Manchester United __,___
Sun 17.12.1716:30AFC Bournemouth Liverpool __,___
Mon 18.12.1720:00Everton Swansea City __,___
Round 19
Fri 22.12.1719:45Arsenal Liverpool
Sat 23.12.1715:00Brighton Hove Albio Watford
Sat 23.12.1715:00Everton Chelsea
Sat 23.12.1715:00Manchester City AFC Bournemouth
Sat 23.12.1715:00Southampton Huddersfield Town
Sat 23.12.1715:00Stoke City West Bromwich Albion
Sat 23.12.1715:00Swansea City Crystal Palace
Sat 23.12.1715:00West Ham United Newcastle United
Sat 23.12.1717:30Burnley Tottenham Hotspur
Sat 23.12.1719:45Leicester City Manchester United
Round Robin 2
Round 20 - Boxing Day
Tue 26.12.1712:30Tottenham Hotspur Southampton
Tue 26.12.1715:00AFC Bournemouth West Ham United
Tue 26.12.1715:00Chelsea Brighton Hove Albio
Tue 26.12.1715:00Huddersfield Town Stoke City
Tue 26.12.1715:00Manchester United Burnley
Tue 26.12.1715:00Watford Leicester City
Tue 26.12.1715:00West Bromwich Albion Everton
Tue 26.12.1717:30Liverpool Swansea City
Wed 27.12.1719:45Newcastle United Manchester City
Thu 28.12.1720:00Crystal Palace Arsenal
Round 21
Sat 30.12.1715:00AFC Bournemouth Everton
Sat 30.12.1715:00Chelsea Stoke City
Sat 30.12.1715:00Huddersfield Town Burnley
Sat 30.12.1715:00Liverpool Leicester City
Sat 30.12.1715:00Newcastle United Brighton Hove Albio
Sat 30.12.1715:00Watford Swansea City
Sat 30.12.1717:30Manchester United Southampton
Sun 31.12.1712:00Crystal Palace Manchester City
Sun 31.12.1714:15Tottenham Hotspur West Ham United
Sun 31.12.1716:30West Bromwich Albion Arsenal
Round 22 - New Year Day.
Mon 01.01.1812:30Brighton Hove Albio AFC Bournemouth
Mon 01.01.1815:00Burnley Liverpool
Mon 01.01.1815:00Leicester City Huddersfield Town
Mon 01.01.1815:00Stoke City Newcastle United
Mon 01.01.1817:30Everton Manchester United
Tue 02.01.1821:45Southampton Crystal Palace
Tun 02.01.1821:45Swansea City Tottenham Hotspur
Tue 02.01.1821:45West Ham United West Bromwich Albion
Tue 02.01.1820:00Manchester City Watford
Wed 03.01.1819:45Arsenal Chelsea
F.A. Cup 2017-2018 Round 3 break - Saturday 06.01
Round 23
Sat 13.01.1815:00Chelsea Leicester City
Sat 13.01.1815:00Crystal Palace Burnley
Sat 13.01.1815:00Huddersfield Town West Ham United
Sat 13.01.1815:00Newcastle United Swansea City
Sat 13.01.1815:00Watford Southampton
Sat 13.01.1815:00West Bromwich Albion Brighton Hove Albio
Sat 13.01.1817:30Tottenham Hotspur Everton
Sun 14.01.1813:30AFC Bournemouth Arsenal
Sun 14.01.1816:00Liverpool Manchester City
Mon 15.01.1820:00Manchester United Stoke City
Round 24
Sat 20.01.1812:30Brighton Hove Albio Chelsea
Sat 20.01.1815:00Arsenal Crystal Palace
Sat 20.01.1815:00Burnley Manchester United
Sat 20.01.1815:00Everton West Bromwich Albion
Sat 20.01.1815:00Leicester City Watford
Sat 20.01.1815:00Stoke City Huddersfield Town
Sat 20.01.1815:00West Ham United AFC Bournemouth
Sat 20.01.1817:30Manchester City Newcastle United
Sun 21.01.1816:00Southampton Tottenham Hotspur
Mon 22.01.1820:00Swansea City Liverpool
F.A. Cup 2017-2018 Round 4 break - Saturday 27.01
Round 25 - Second midweek Round. After FA Cup 2017-2018 Round 4.
Tue 30.01.1819:45Swansea City Arsenal
Tue 30.01.1819:45West Ham United Crystal Palace
Tue 30.01.1820:00Huddersfield Town Liverpool
Wed 31.01.1819:45Chelsea AFC Bournemouth
Wed 31.01.1819:45Everton Leicester City
Wed 31.01.1819:45Newcastle United Burnley
Wed 31.01.1819:45Southampton Brighton Hove Albio
Wed 31.01.1820:00Manchester City West Bromwich Albion
Wed 31.01.1820:00Stoke City Watford
Wed 31.01.1820:00Tottenham Hotspur Manchester United
Round 26
Sat 03.02.1815:00AFC Bournemouth Stoke City
Sat 03.02.1815:00Arsenal Everton
Sat 03.02.1815:00Brighton Hove Albio West Ham United
Sat 03.02.1815:00Burnley Manchester City
Sat 03.02.1815:00Crystal Palace Newcastle United
Sat 03.02.1815:00Leicester City Swansea City
Sat 03.02.1815:00Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur
Sat 03.02.1815:00Manchester United Huddersfield Town
Sat 03.02.1815:00Watford Chelsea
Sat 03.02.1815:00West Bromwich Albion Southampton
Round 27
Sat 10.02.1815:00Chelsea West Bromwich Albion
Sat 10.02.1815:00Everton Crystal Palace
Sat 10.02.1815:00Huddersfield Town AFC Bournemouth
Sat 10.02.1815:00Manchester City Leicester City
Sat 10.02.1815:00Newcastle United Manchester United
Sat 10.02.1815:00Southampton Liverpool
Sat 10.02.1815:00Stoke City Brighton Hove Albio
Sat 10.02.1815:00Swansea City Burnley
Sat 10.02.1815:00Tottenham Hotspur Arsenal
Sat 10.02.1815:00West Ham United Watford
Round 28
Sat 24.02.1815:00AFC Bournemouth Newcastle United
Sat 24.02.1815:00Arsenal Manchester City
Sat 24.02.1815:00Brighton Hove Albio Swansea City
Sat 24.02.1815:00Burnley Southampton
Sat 24.02.1815:00Crystal Palace Tottenham Hotspur
Sat 24.02.1815:00Leicester City Stoke City
Sat 24.02.1815:00Liverpool West Ham United
Sat 24.02.1815:00Manchester United Chelsea
Sat 24.02.1815:00Watford Everton
Sat 24.02.1815:00West Bromwich Albion Huddersfield Town
Round 29
Sat 03.03.1815:00Brighton Hove Albio Arsenal
Sat 03.03.1815:00Burnley Everton
Sat 03.03.1815:00Crystal Palace Manchester United
Sat 03.03.1815:00Leicester City AFC Bournemouth
Sat 03.03.1815:00Liverpool Newcastle United
Sat 03.03.1815:00Manchester City Chelsea
Sat 03.03.1815:00Southampton Stoke City
Sat 03.03.1815:00Swansea City West Ham United
Sat 03.03.1815:00Tottenham Hotspur Huddersfield Town
Sat 03.03.1815:00Watford West Bromwich Albion
Round 30
Sat 10.03.1815:00AFC Bournemouth Tottenham Hotspur
Sat 10.03.1815:00Arsenal Watford
Sat 10.03.1815:00Chelsea Crystal Palace
Sat 10.03.1815:00Everton Brighton Hove Albio
Sat 10.03.1815:00Huddersfield Town Swansea City
Sat 10.03.1815:00Manchester United Liverpool
Sat 10.03.1815:00Newcastle United Southampton
Sat 10.03.1815:00Stoke City Manchester City
Sat 10.03.1815:00West Bromwich Albion Leicester City
Sat 10.03.1815:00West Ham United Burnley
Round 31
Sat 17.03.1815:00AFC Bournemouth West Bromwich Albion
Sat 17.03.1815:00Burnley Chelsea
Sat 17.03.1815:00Huddersfield Town Crystal Palace
Sat 17.03.1815:00Leicester City Arsenal
Sat 17.03.1815:00Liverpool Watford
Sat 17.03.1815:00Manchester City Brighton Hove Albio
Sat 17.03.1815:00Stoke City Everton
Sat 17.03.1815:00Swansea City Southampton
Sat 17.03.1815:00Tottenham Hotspur Newcastle United
Sat 17.03.1815:00West Ham United Manchester United
Round 32
Sat 31.03.1815:00Arsenal Stoke City
Sat 31.03.1815:00Brighton Hove Albio Leicester City
Sat 31.03.1815:00Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur
Sat 31.03.1815:00Crystal Palace Liverpool
Sat 31.03.1815:00Everton Manchester City
Sat 31.03.1815:00Manchester United Swansea City
Sat 31.03.1815:00Newcastle United Huddersfield Town
Sat 31.03.1815:00Southampton West Ham United
Sat 31.03.1815:00Watford AFC Bournemouth
Sat 31.03.1815:00West Bromwich Albion Burnley
Round 33
Sat 07.04.1815:00AFC Bournemouth Crystal Palace
Sat 07.04.1815:00Arsenal Southampton
Sat 07.04.1815:00Brighton Hove Albio Huddersfield Town
Sat 07.04.1815:00Chelsea West Ham United
Sat 07.04.1815:00Everton Liverpool
Sat 07.04.1815:00Leicester City Newcastle United
Sat 07.04.1815:00Manchester City Manchester United
Sat 07.04.1815:00Stoke City Tottenham Hotspur
Sat 07.04.1815:00Watford Burnley
Sat 07.04.1815:00West Bromwich Albion Swansea City
Round 34
Sat 14.04.1815:00Burnley Leicester City
Sat 14.04.1815:00Crystal Palace Brighton Hove Albio
Sat 14.04.1815:00Huddersfield Town Watford
Sat 14.04.1815:00Liverpool AFC Bournemouth
Sat 14.04.1815:00Manchester United West Bromwich Albion
Sat 14.04.1815:00Newcastle United Arsenal
Sat 14.04.1815:00Southampton Chelsea
Sat 14.04.1815:00Swansea City Everton
Sat 14.04.1815:00Tottenham Hotspur Manchester City
Sat 14.04.1815:00West Ham United Stoke City
Round 35
Sat 21.04.1815:00AFC Bournemouth Manchester United
Sat 21.04.1815:00Arsenal West Ham United
Sat 21.04.1815:00Brighton Hove Albio Tottenham Hotspur
Sat 21.04.1815:00Chelsea Huddersfield Town
Sat 21.04.1815:00Everton Newcastle United
Sat 21.04.1815:00Leicester City Southampton
Sat 21.04.1815:00Manchester City Swansea City
Sat 21.04.1815:00Stoke City Burnley
Sat 21.04.1815:00Watford Crystal Palace
Sat 21.04.1815:00West Bromwich Albion Liverpool
Round 36
Sat 28.04.1815:00Burnley Brighton Hove Albio
Sat 28.04.1815:00Crystal Palace Leicester City
Sat 28.04.1815:00Huddersfield Town Everton
Sat 28.04.1815:00Liverpool Stoke City
Sat 28.04.1815:00Manchester United Arsenal
Sat 28.04.1815:00Newcastle United West Bromwich Albion
Sat 28.04.1815:00Southampton AFC Bournemouth
Sat 28.04.1815:00Swansea City Chelsea
Sat 28.04.1815:00Tottenham Hotspur Watford
Sat 28.04.1815:00West Ham United Manchester City
Round 37
Sat 05.05.1815:00AFC Bournemouth Swansea City
Sat 05.05.1815:00Arsenal Burnley
Sat 05.05.1815:00Brighton Hove Albio Manchester United
Sat 05.05.1815:00Chelsea Liverpool
Sat 05.05.1815:00Everton Southampton
Sat 05.05.1815:00Leicester City West Ham United
Sat 05.05.1815:00Manchester City Huddersfield Town
Sat 05.05.1815:00Stoke City Crystal Palace
Sat 05.05.1815:00Watford Newcastle United
Sat 05.05.1815:00West Bromwich Albion Tottenham Hotspur
Round 38
Sun 13.05.1815:00Burnley AFC Bournemouth
Sun 13.05.1815:00Crystal Palace West Bromwich Albion
Sun 13.05.1815:00Huddersfield Town Arsenal
Sun 13.05.1815:00Liverpool Brighton Hove Albio
Sun 13.05.1815:00Manchester United Watford
Sun 13.05.1815:00Newcastle United Chelsea
Sun 13.05.1815:00Southampton Manchester City
Sun 13.05.1815:00Swansea City Stoke City
Sun 13.05.1815:00Tottenham Hotspur Leicester City
Sun 13.05.1815:00West Ham United Everton
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