Football World Cup 2014 Oceania Qualification - Winner New Zealand.
New Zealand to Play-Off with 4th Concacaf WCQ 2014 team.
Final GrouppwdlgfgaRk.
1. New Zealand1860017:294.
2. New Caledonia1240217:6164.
3. Tahiti31052:15182.
4. Solomon Islands31055:21181.
New Zealand--- 2:1 3:06:1
New Caledonia0:2--- 1:0 5:0
Tahiti0:20:4--- 2:0
Solomon Islands 0:22:62:0---
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
07.09.1215:00 +11HoniaraSolomon Islands2-0Tahiti1-022,000 Goals
07.09.1218:00 +11NoumeaNew Caledonia0-2New Zealand0-26,000 Goals
11.09.1219:35 +12AucklandNew Zealand6-1Solomon Islands2-17,931 Goals
11.09.1220:00 -10PiraeTahiti0-4New Caledonia0-0574 Goals
12.10.1215:00 +11HoniaraSolomon Islands2-6New Caledonia1-28,000 Goals
13.10.1220:00 -10PiraeTahiti0-2New Zealand0-1600 Goals
16.10.1219:35 +13ChristchurchNew Zealand3-0Tahiti1-010,751 Goals
16.10.1219:30 +11NoumeaNew Caledonia5-0Solomon Islands4-04,000 Goals
22.03.0319:35 +13DunedinNew Zealand2-1New Caledonia1-0 Goals
22.03.0320:00 -10PiraeTahiti2-0Solomon Islands1-0 Goals
26.03.0315:00 +11HoniaraSolomon Islands0-2New Zealand0-1 Goals
26.03.0318:00 +11NoumeaNew Caledonia1-0Tahiti0-0 Goal
Oceania Cup. First 4 progress to Final Group.
This is OFC Nations Cup 2014.
All games played at Lawson Tama Stadium, Honiara (SOL) +11 GMT
The tournament originaly was scheduled to be played in Fiji.
Finals Oceania Cup
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
Final10.0615:00Tahiti1-0New Caledonia1-010,000 Goals
3-410.0611:00New Zealand4-3Solomon Islands3-015,000 Goals
1/208.0611:00Tahiti1-0Solomon Islands1-015,000 Goals
1/208.0615:00New Caledonia2-0New Zealand0-010,000 Goals
Groups Round. First 2 to 1/2 Finals.
Group ApwdlgfgaRk.
1. Tahiti930018:5182.
2. New Caledonia620117:6164.
3. Vanuatu31028:9169.
4. Samoa00031:24189.
New Caledonia ---5:29:0
Vanuatu ---5:0
Samoa ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
01.06.1212:00Tahiti10-1Samoa4-03,000 Goals
01.06.1215:00New Caledonia5-2Vanuatu1-07,000 Goals
03.06.1212:00Vanuatu5-0Samoa2-02,200 Goals
03.06.1215:00Tahiti4-3New Caledonia3-03,500 Goals
05.06.1212:00New Caledonia9-0Samoa6-01,000 Goals
05.06.1215:00Tahiti4-1Vanuatu2-01,000 Goals
Group BpwdlgfgaRk.
1. New Zealand62003:194.
2. Solomon Islands41101:0181.
3. Fiji20211:2156.
4. Papua New Guinea10122:4
New Zealand--- 1:02:1
Solomon Islands ---0:01:0
Fiji ---1:1
Papua New Guinea ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
02.06.1212:00New Zealand1-0Fiji1-015,000 Goals
02.06.1215:00Solomon Islands1-0Papua New Guinea1-015,000 Goals
04.06.1212:00New Zealand2-1Papua New Guinea1-03,000 Goals
04.06.1215:00Solomon Islands0-0Fiji0-012,000
06.06.1212:00Fiji1-1Papua New Guinea1-03,000 Goals
06.06.1215:00New Zealand1-1Solomon Islands1-018,000 Goals
First Groups Round. Samoa progressed to Oceania Cup.
FIFA World ranking and other sporting considerations were used to determine the teams.
Group qApwdlgfgaRk.
1. Samoa72105:3189.
2. Tonga41114:4192.
3. American Samoa41113:3203.
4. Cook Islands10124:6195.
Tonga --- 2:1
American Samoa 2:1---1:1
Cook Islands ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Toleofoa JS Complex, Apia (SAM) - time -10 UTC
22.11.1115:00American Samoa2-1Tonga1-0 Goals
22.11.1117:30Samoa Cook Islands2-1 Goals
24.11.1115:00American Samoa1-1Cook Islands1-0 Goals
24.11.1117:30Samoa1-1Tonga1-0 Goals
26.11.1115:00Tonga2-1Cook Islands1-1 Goals
26.11.1117:30Samoa1-0American Samoa0-0 Goals
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