Ladies Football VIII World Cup 2019 France -
Teams in brackets World Ranking December 2018 place.
Host: France (3).
_ Europe Ladies_WCQ_2019 (8): England (4), Scotland (20), Norway (13), Sweden (9), Germany (2), Spain (12), Italy (16) and Netherlands (7) from Play-Off.
_ Concacaf Ladies_CONCACAF_Championship 2018 (3+1?): United States (1), Canada (5) and Jamaica (53).
_ South America Ladies Copa America 2018 (2+1): Brazil (10), Chile (36) and Argentina (38).
_ Asia Ladies Asia Cup 2018 (5): Australia (6), China (15), Japan (8), South Korea (14) and Thailand (29).
_ Africa Ladies Cup of Nations 2018 (3): Cameroon (46), Nigeria (30) and South Africa (48).
_ Oceania Ladies Oceania Cup 2018 (1): New Zealand (19).
Chile, Jamaica and Scotland will make their debut.

Eight-Finals (1/8)

France, Germany, Italy, England, Netherlands, Canada, Japan (virtualy), United States (virtualy) and 8 more teams.

Groups Round.

First 2 from each Group and 4 best third places advance to Eight-Finals (1/8).
Group Ap_w__d__l_gfgag+-m
1.FRA France62006:1+52
2.NOR Norway31014:2+22
3.NGR Nigeria31012:3-12
4.KOR South Korea00020:6-62
FRA France----2:1 4:0
NOR Norway ----3:0
NGR Nigeria ----2:0
KOR South Korea ----
Germany advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Fri 07.60.1921:00FRA France4-0KOR South Korea3-045,261
1-0 Eugenie Le Sommer 9' 2-0 Wendie Renard 35' 3-0 Wendie Renard 45+2' 4-0 Amandine Henry 85' Parc des Princes, Paris. Claudia Ridriguez, Uruguay.
Sat 08.06.1921:00NOR Norway3-0NGR Nigeria3-011,058
1-0 Guro Reiten 17' 2-0 Lisa-Marie Utland 34' 3-0 Osianchi Ohale 37'OG Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims. Referee: Kate Jacewicz, Australia.
Wed 12.06.1915:00NGR Nigeria2-0KOR South Korea1-011,252
1-0 Kim Doyeon 29'OG 2-0 Asisat Oshoala 75' Stade des Alpes, Grenoble. Referee: Anastasia Pustovoytova, Russia.
Wed 12.06.1921:00FRA France2-1NOR Norway0-0
1-0 Valerie Gauvin 46' 1-1 Wendie Renard 54'OG 2-1 Eugenie Le Sommer 72'pen. Allianz Rivera, Nice. Referee: Bibiana Steinhaus, Germany.
Mon 17.06.1921:00FRA France NGR Nigeria
Roazhon Park, Rennes. Referee:
Mon 17.06.1921:00NOR Norway KOR South Korea
Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims. Referee:
Group Bp_w__d__l_gfgag+-m
1.GER Germany62002:0+22
2.ESP Spain31013:2+12
3.CHN China31011:102
4.RSA South Africa00021:4-32
GER Germany----1:01:0
ESP Spain ---- 3:1
CHN China ----1:0
RSA South Africa ----
Germany advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Sat 08.06.1915:00GER Germany1-0CHN China0-015,283
1-0 Giulia Gwinn 66' Roazhon Park, Rennes. Referee: Marie-Soleil Beaudoin, Canada.
Sat 08.06.1918:00ESP Spain3-1RSA South Africa0-112,044
0-1 Chrestinah Kgatlana 25' 1-1 Jennifer Hermoso 69'pen. 2-1 Jennifer Hermoso 82'pen. 3-1 Lucia Garcia 89' Stade Oceane, Le Havre. Referee: Maria Carvajal, Chile.
Wed 12.06.1918:00GER Germany1-0ESP Spain1-0
1-0 Sara Daebritz 42' Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes. Referee: Kateryna Monzul, Ukraine.
Thu 13.06.1921:00CHN China1-0RSA South Africa1-0
1-0 Li Ying 40' Parc des Princes, Paris. Referee: Katalin Kulcsar, Hungary.
Mon 17.06.1918:00GER Germany RSA South Africa
Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier. Referee:
Mon 17.06.1918:00ESP Spain CHN China
Stade Oceane, Le Havre. Referee:
Group Cp_w__d__l_gfgag+-m
1.ITA Italy62007:1+62
2.BRA Brazil31015:3+22
3.AUS Australia31014:402
4.JAM Jamaica00020:8-82
ITA Italy---- 2:15:0
BRA Brazil ---- 3:0
AUS Australia 3:2----
JAM Jamaica ----
Italy advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Sun 09.06.1913:00ITA Italy2-1AUS Australia0-115,380
0-1 Samantha Kerr 22' 1-1 Barbara Bonansea 56' 2-1 Barbara Bonansea 90+5' Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes. Referee: Melissa Borjas, Honduras.
Sun 09.06.1915:30BRA Brazil3-0JAM Jamaica1-017,668
1-0 Cristiane 15' 2-0 Cristiane 50' 3-0 Cristiane 64' Stade des Alpes, Grenoble. Referee: Riem Hussein, Germany.
Thu 13.06.1918:00AUS Australia3-2BRA Brazil1-217,032
0-1 Marta 27'pen. 0-2 Cristiane 38' 1-2 Caitlin Foord 45' 2-2 Logarzo 58' 3-2 Monica 66'OG Stade de la Mosson, Montpeller. Referee: Esther Staubli, Switzerland.
Fri 14.06.1918:00ITA Italy5-0JAM Jamaica2-012,016
1-0 Cristiana Girelli 12'pen. 2-0 Cristiana Girelli 25' 3-0 Cristiana Girelli 46' 4-0 Aurora Galli 71' 5-0 Aurora Galli 81' Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims. Referee: Anna Marie Keighley, New Zealand.
Tue 18.06.1921:00AUS Australia JAM Jamaica
Stade des Alpes, Grenoble. Referee:
Tue 18.06.1921:00BRA Brazil ITA Italy
Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes. Referee:
Group Dp_w__d__l_gfgag+-m
1.ENG England62003:1+22
2.JPN Japan41102:1+12
3.ARG Argentina10110:1-12
4.SCO Scotland00022:4-22
ENG England---- 1:02:1
JPN Japan ----0:02:1
ARG Argentina ----
SCO Scotland ----
England and Japan (virtualy) advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Sun 09.06.1918:00ENG England2-1SCO Scotland2-013,188
1-0 Nikita Parris 14'pen. 2-0 Wllen White 40' 2-1 Claire Emslie 79' Allianz Revera, Nice. Referee: Jana Adamkova, Czechia.
Mon 10.06.1918:00JPN Japan0-0ARG Argentina0-025,055
Parc des Princes, Paris. Referee: Stephanie Frappart, France.
Fri 14.06.1915:00JPN Japan2-1SCO Scotland2-013,201
1-0 Mana Iwabuchi 23' 2-0 Yuika Sugasawa 37'pen. 2-1 Lana Clelland 88' Roazhon Park, Rennes. Referee: Lidya Tafesse Abele, Ethiopia.
Fri 14.06.1921:00ENG England1-0ARG Argentina0-020.294
1-0 Jodie Taylor 61' Stade Oceaane, Le Havre. Referee: Liang Qin, China.
Wed 19.06.1921:00ENG England JPN Japan
Allianz Revera, Nice. Referee:
Wed 19.06.1921:00SCO Scotland ARG Argentina
Parc des Princes, Paris. Referee:
Group Ep_w__d__l_gfgag+-m
1.NED Netherlands62004:1+32
2.CAN Canada62003:0+32
3.CMR Cameroon00021:4-32
4.NZL New Zealand00020:3-32
NED Netherlands---- 3:11:0
CAN Canada ----1:02:0
CMR Cameroon ----
NZL New Zealand ----
Netherlands and Canada advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Mon 10.06.1921:00CAN Canada1-0CMR Cameroon1-0
1-0 Kadeisha Buchanan 45' Stade de la Mosson, Montpeller. Referee: Ri Hyang-ok, North Korea.
Tue 11.06.1915:00NED Netherlands1-0NZL New Zealand0-010,654
1-0 Jill Roord 90' Stade Oceane, Le Havre. Referee: Edina ALves Batista, Brazil.
Sat 15.06.1915:00NED Netherlands3-1CMR Cameroon1-122,423
1-0 Vivianne Miedema 41' 1-1 Gabrielle Aboudi Onguene 43' 2-1 Dominique Bloodworth 48' 3-1 Vivianne Miedema 85' Stade du Hainut, Valenciennes. Referee: Casey Reibelt, Australia.
Sat 15.06.1921:00CAN Canada2-0NZL New Zealand0-014,856
1-0 Jessie Fleming 48' 2-0 Nichelle Prince 79' Stade des Alpes, Grenoble. Referee: Yoshimi Yamashita, Japan.
Thu 20.06.1918:00CAN Canada NED Netherlands
Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims. Referee:
Thu 20.06.1918:00NZL New Zealand CMR Cameroon
Stade de la Mosson, Montpeller. Referee:
Group Fp_w__d__l_gfgag+-m
1.USA United States310013:0+131
2.SWE Sweden31002:0+21
3.CHI Chile00010:2-21
4.THA Thailand00010:13-131
USA United States---- 13:0
SWE Sweden ----2:0
CHI Chile ----
THA Thailand ----
United States virtualy advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Tue 11.06.1918:00SWE Sweden2-0CHI Chile0-0
1-0 Kosovare Asilani 83' 2-0 Madelen Janogy 90' Roazhon Park, Rennes. Referee: Lucilla Venegas, Mexico.
Tue 11.06.1921:00USA United States13-0THA Thailand3-0
1-0 Alex Morgan 12' 2-0 Rose Lavelle 20' 3-0 Lindesey Horan 32' 4-0 Samantha Mewis 50' 5-0 Alex Morgan 53' 6-0 Samantha Mewis 54' 7-0 Rose Lavelle 56' 8-0 Alex Morgan 74' 9-0 Megan Rapinoe 79' 10-0 Alex Morgan 81' 11-0 Mallory Pugh 85' 12-0 Alex Morgan 87' 13-0 Carli Lloyd 90' Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims. Referee: Laura Fortunato, Argentina.
Sun 16.06.1915:00SWE Sweden THA Thailand
Allianz Rivera, Nice. Referee:
Sun 16.06.1918:00USA United States CHI Chile
Parc des Princes, Paris. Referee:
Thu 20.06.1921:00USA United States SWE Sweden
Stade Oceane, Le Havre. Referee:
Thu 20.06.1921:00THA Thailand CHI Chile
Roazhon Park, Rennes. Referee:

Overall Ranking.

1.ITA Italy62007:1+62
2.FRA France62006:1+52
3.NED Netherlands62004:1+32
4.CAN Canada62003:0+32
5.ENG England62003:1+22
6.GER Germany62002:0+22
7.JPN Japan41102:1+12
8.USA United States310013:0+131
9.BRA Brazil31015:3+22
10.NOR Norway31014:2+22
11.SWE Sweden31002:0+21
12.ESP Spain31013:2+12
13.AUS Australia31014:402
14.CHN China31011:102
15.NGR Nigeria31012:3-12
16.ARG Argentina10110:1-12
17.SCO Scotland00022:4-22
18.CHI Chile00010:2-21
19.RSA South Africa00021:4-32
20.CMR Cameroon00021:4-32
21.NZL New Zealand00020:3-32
22.KOR South Korea00020:6-62
23.JAM Jamaica00020:8-82
24.THA Thailand00010:13-131
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