Women Handball XV Panamerican Championship 2018 - Maceio, Brazil 29 November - 04 December - Winner Brazil
Official name - South and Central American Women Handball Championship.
1. Brazil8400131:54+77
2. Argentina6301108:92+16
3. Paraguay210397:116-19
4. Chile210371:116-45
5. Uruguay210380:109-29
Argentina ----28:2630:1731:25
Paraguay ----28:21
Chile ----24:19
Uruguay 27:26 ----
Brazil and Argentina qualified to World Women 2019.
Played in same time with Europe Women 2018, Asia Women 2018 and Africa Women 2018.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
played at Sesi Trapiche, Maceio, Alagoas.
Thu 29.11.1818:00ARG Argentina28-26PAR Paraguay16-16100
Thu 29.11.1820:00CHI Chile24-19URU Uruguay13-9
Fri 30.11.1818:00PAR Paraguay28-21CHI Chile12-9
Fri 30.11.1820:00BRA Brazil28-9URU Uruguay11-3
Sat 01.12.1818:00ARG Argentina31-25URU Uruguay16-10400
Sat 01.12.1820:00BRA Brazil39-9CHI Chile17-6
Mon 03.12.1818:00ARG Argentina30-17CHI Chile12-8350
Mon 03.12.1820:00BRA Brazil40-17PAR Paraguay18-7
Tue 04.12.1817:00URU Uruguay27-26PAR Paraguay11-12
Tue 04.12.1819:00BRA Brazil24-19ARG Argentina15-103,500
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