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Qualification forAsia TournamentQualified
Olympic Women 2016Women OQ 2015
World Women 2015Women 2015South KoreaJapanChina
World Women 2013Women 2012South KoreaChinaJapan
Olympic Women 2012Women OQ 2011South Korea
World Women 2011Women 2010KazahstanSouth KoreaChinaJapan
World Women 2009Women 2008South KoreaChinaJapanThailandKazakhstan
Olympic Women 2008Women OQ 2008ChinaSouth Korea
Olympic Women 2008Women OQ 2007ChinaKazakhstan
World Women 2007Women 2006South KoreaChinaJapanKazakhstan
World Women 2005Women 2005JapanChinaSouth KoreaTaiwan
Olympic Women 2004Women OQ 2003ChinaSouth Korea
World Women 2003Women 2002KazakhstanSouth KoreaChinaJapan
World Women 2001Women 2000aSouth KoreaJapanNorth KoreaChina
Olympic Women 2000Women 2000South Korea
World Women 1999Women Asia Games 1998South KoreaNorth KoreaChinaJapan
World Women 1997Women 1997South KoreaChinaJapanUzbekistan
Olympic Women 1996 South KoreaChina
World Women 1995Women 1995South KoreaChinaJapan
World Women 1993Women 1993South KoreaChina
Olympic Women 1992Women 1991South Korea
World Women 1990Women 1989South KoreaChina
Olympic Women 1988Women 1987South KoreaChina
World Women 1986Women WQ 1986South KoreaChinaJapan
Olympic Women 1984Women OQ 1983South KoreaChina
World Women 1982Women WQ 1982South Korea
Olympic Women 1980Women OQ 1979South Korea
World Women 1978Women WQ 1978South Korea
Olympic Women 1976Women OQ 1975Japan
World Women 1975Women OQ 1975Japan
World Women 19731 teamJapan
World Women 19711 teamJapan
World Women 19681 teamJapan
World Women 19651 teamJapan
Many times for Olympic Games and World Championshipds were played separated tournaments from the official continental championships.
South Korea23
North Korea2

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