Women Handball World Championship 1965 European qualification
Qualified by right
Romania1stWorld Women 1962
West GermanyHost
Final RoundWorld Women 1965
Soviet Union refused to play because they didn`t recognise West Berlin as part of West Germany.
Netherlands rejected an invitation to play.
Japan was invited in their place.
datevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HTaggr.qualified
18.07 Poland10-5Norway 14-12Poland
02.08 Norway7-4Poland
Hungary8-6East Germany 19-16Hungary
East Germany6-4Hungary
07.10 East Germany4-7Hungary
04.07MoskvaSoviet Union19-6Netherlands8-234-10Soviet Union
10.07AmerforsNetherlands4-15Soviet Union1-9
Czechoslovakia17-9Japan 34-14Czechoslovakia
Preliminary Round
24.06 Sweden6-7Norway 13-15Norway
27.06 Norway8-7Sweden
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