Women Handball European Championship Sweden 2018 Qualification
Final Round France 2018
France (4.) pre-qualified as Host.
Groups Round
_ Group A - Norway (1.), Croatia (16.), Ukraine (Q3), Switzerland (Q3).
_ Group B - Montenegro (13.), Poland (15.), Slovakia (Q3), Italy (Q4)
_ Group C - Sweden (10.), Serbia (8.), Macedonia (Q4), Faroe (Qa3)
_ Group D - Romania (5.), Russia (7.), Austria (Q3), Portugal (Q4).
_ Group E - Denmark (4.), Czechia (12.), Slovenia (14.), Iceland (Q4).
_ Group F - Spain (9.), Germany (6.), Turkey (Q3), Lithuania (Q4)
_ Group G - Netherlands (2.), Hungary (11.), Belarus (Q3), Kosovo (Qb3).
Qualification Phase 1
_ Group 1 - Greece, Faroe (Qa3), Finland (Q4).
_ Group B - Israel (Qb2), Georgia (NP), Kosovo (Qb3).
From 2016 Greece and Georgia replaced Bulgaria and Azerbaidjan.
In brackets ranking from Euro 2016.

Groups Round.

First 2 from each Group and best 3rd place qualify. France pre-qualified as Hosts.
Group Apwdlgfgag+-
1. Norway00000:00
2. Ukraine00000:00
3. Switzerland00000:00
4. Croatia00000:00
Croatia ---
Ukraine ---
Switzerland ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Wed 27.09.171-:00Norway Ukraine
Wed 27.09.171-:00Croatia Switzerland
Sat 30.09.171-:00Ukraine Croatia
Sat 30.09.171-:00Switzerland Norway
Wed 21.03.181-:00Croatia Norway
Wed 21.03.181-:00Switzerland Ukraine
Sat 24.03.181-:00Norway Croatia
Sat 24.03.181-:00Ukraine Switzerland
Wed 30.05.181-:00Ukraine Norway
Wed 30.05.181-:00Switzerland Croatia
Sat 02.06.181-:00Norway Switzerland
Sat 02.06.181-:00Croatia Ukraine
Group Bpwdlgfgag+-
1. Montenegro00000:00
2. Slovakia00000:00
3. Italy00000:00
4. Poland00000:00
Poland ---
Slovakia ---
Italy ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Wed 27.09.171-:00Montenegro Slovakia
Wed 27.09.171-:00Poland Italy
Sat 30.09.171-:00Slovakia Poland
Sat 30.09.171-:00Italy Montenegro
Wed 21.03.181-:00Poland Montenegro
Wed 21.03.181-:00Italy Slovakia
Sat 24.03.181-:00Montenegro Poland
Sat 24.03.181-:00Slovakia Italy
Wed 30.05.181-:00Slovakia Montenegro
Wed 30.05.181-:00Italy Poland
Sat 02.06.181-:00Montenegro Italy
Sat 02.06.181-:00Poland Slovakia
Group Cpwdlgfgag+-
1. Sweden00000:00
2. Serbia00000:00
3. Macedonia00000:00
4. Faroe00000:00
Serbia ---
Macedonia ---
Faroe ---
Faroe advanced to this Group via Qualification Group qA.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Wed 27.09.171-:00Sweden Macedonia
Wed 27.09.171-:00Serbia Faroe
Sat 30.09.171-:00Macedonia Serbia
Sat 30.09.171-:00Faroe Sweden
Wed 21.03.181-:00Serbia Sweden
Wed 21.03.181-:00Faroe Macedonia
Sat 24.03.181-:00Sweden Serbia
Sat 24.03.181-:00Macedonia Faroe
Wed 30.05.181-:00Macedonia Sweden
Wed 30.05.181-:00Faroe Serbia
Sat 02.06.181-:00Sweden Faroe
Sat 02.06.181-:00Serbia Macedonia
Group Dpwdlgfgag+-
1. Romania00000:00
2. Austria00000:00
3. Russia00000:00
4. Portugal00000:00
Russia ---
Austria ---
Portugal ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Wed 27.09.171-:00Romania Austria
Wed 27.09.171-:00Russia Portugal
Sat 30.09.171-:00Austria Russia
Sat 30.09.171-:00Portugal Romania
Wed 21.03.181-:00Russia Romania
Wed 21.03.181-:00Portugal Austria
Sat 24.03.181-:00Romania Russia
Sat 24.03.181-:00Austria Portugal
Wed 30.05.181-:00Austria Romania
Wed 30.05.181-:00Portugal Russia
Sat 02.06.181-:00Romania Portugal
Sat 02.06.181-:00Russia Austria
Group Epwdlgfgag+-
1. Denmark00000:00
2. Slovenia00000:00
3. Czechia00000:00
4. Iceland00000:00
Czechia ---
Slovenia ---
Iceland ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Wed 27.09.171-:00Denmark Slovenia
Wed 27.09.171-:00Czechia Iceland
Sat 30.09.171-:00Slovenia Czechia
Sat 30.09.171-:00Iceland Denmark
Wed 21.03.181-:00Czechia Denmark
Wed 21.03.181-:00Iceland Slovenia
Sat 24.03.181-:00Denmark Czechia
Sat 24.03.181-:00Slovenia Iceland
Wed 30.05.181-:00Slovenia Denmark
Wed 30.05.181-:00Iceland Czechia
Sat 02.06.181-:00Denmark Iceland
Sat 02.06.181-:00Czechia Slovenia
Group Fpwdlgfgag+-
1. Spain00000:00
2. Turkey00000:00
3. Germany00000:00
4. Lithuania00000:00
Germany ---
Turkey ---
Lithuania ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Wed 27.09.171-:00Spain Turkey
Wed 27.09.171-:00Germany Lithuania
Sat 30.09.171-:00Turkey Germany
Sat 30.09.171-:00Lithuania Spain
Wed 21.03.181-:00Germany Spain
Wed 21.03.181-:00Lithuania Turkey
Sat 24.03.181-:00Spain Germany
Sat 24.03.181-:00Turkey Lithuania
Wed 30.05.181-:00Turkey Spain
Wed 30.05.181-:00Lithuania Germany
Sat 02.06.181-:00Spain Lithuania
Sat 02.06.181-:00Germany Turkey
Group Gpwdlgfgag+-
1. Netherlands00000:00
2. Hungary00000:00
3. Belarus00000:00
4. Kosovo00000:00
Hungary ---
Belarus ---
Kosovo ---
Kosovo advanced to this Group via Qualification Group qB.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Wed 27.09.171-:00Netherlands Belarus
Wed 27.09.171-:00Hungary Kosovo
Sat 30.09.171-:00Belarus Netherlands
Sat 30.09.171-:00Kosovo Hungary
Wed 21.03.181-:00Hungary Netherlands
Wed 21.03.181-:00Kosovo Belarus
Sat 24.03.181-:00Netherlands Hungary
Sat 24.03.181-:00Belarus Kosovo
Wed 30.05.181-:00Belarus Hungary
Wed 30.05.181-:00Kosovo Netherlands
Sat 02.06.181-:00Netherlands Kosovo
Sat 02.06.181-:00Hungary Belarus

Qualification Phase 1.

Played to limit the field to 28 teams. Weakest 6 teams played.
Faroe and Kosovo advanced to Groups Rouns.
Group qApwdlgfgag+-
1. Faroe420045:41+4
2. Greece210153:45+8
3. Finland000237:49-12
Greece ----29:20
Finland ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt
played at OAKA Sport Hall Kassimatis, Maroussi, Athens, Greece.
Fri 09.06.1719:00Greece29-20Finland16-11700
Sat 10.06.1719:00Faroe25-24Greece15-10800
Sun 11.06.1715:00Faroe20-17Finland
Group qBpwdlgfgag+-
1. Kosovo420062:44+18
2. Israel210156:69-3
3. Georgia000246:61-15
Israel ----31:27
Georgia ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt
played at Pallati Rnise dhe Sportit, Prishtina, Kosovo.
Fri 09.06.1718:00Israel31-27Georgia14-10150
Sat 10.06.1718:00Kosovo30-19Georgia16-7650
Sun 11.06.1717:00Kosovo32-25Israel
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