Women Handball European Championship 2022 Sloivenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro qualification
Pre-qualified: Norway - Champion Europe Women 2020 and Hosts: Slovenia, N. Macedonia and Montenegro.
Main Groups Round
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
POL Poland12 DEN Denmark12 NED Netherlands12
SUI Switzerland6 ROU Romania7 GER Germany7
RUS Russia4 AUT Austria5 GRE Greece4
LTU Lithuania2 FAR Faroe0 BLR Belarus1
Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
FRA France10 HUN Hungary10 SWE Sweden10
CRO Croatia6 ESP Spain10 SRB Serbia8
UKR Ukraine4 POR Portugal4 ISL Iceland4
CZE Czechia4 SVK Slovakia0 TUR Turkey2
Preliminary Groups Round
Group q1 Group q2 Group q3
POR Portugal6 GRE Greece6 FAR Faroe4
KOS Kosovo4 BIH Bosnia H4 FIN Finland2
CYP Cyprus2 ITA Italy2 ISR Israel0
LUX Luxembourg0 LAT LAtvia0

Main Groups Round

First 2 from each Group advanced to Europe Women 2022.
Group 1ptswindrwlstgfgag+-Sd
1.POL Poland12600158:97+612.
2.SUI Switzerland6303150:136+143.
3.RUS Russia420461:83-221.
4.LTU Lithuania2105128:181-534.
TeamPOL PolaSUI SwitRUS RussLTU Lith
POL Poland------31:2610:036:22
SUI Switzerland22:31------10:034:18
RUS Russia0:1026:22------0:10
LTU Lithuania27:4030:3621:35------
Poland and Switzerland advanced to Europe Women 2022.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Wed 06.10.21POL Poland36-22LTU Lithuania22-122,000
Wed 06.10.21RUS Russia26-22SUI Switzerland13-7750
Sat 09.10.21LTU Lithuania21-35RUS Russia10-17300
Sun 10.10.21SUI Switzerland22-31POL Poland13-15820
Wed 03.03.22LTU Lithuania30-36SUI Switzerland19-18150
Sun 06.03.22SUI Switzerland34-18LTU Lithuania12-101,1250
Tue 20.04.22LTU Lithuania27-40POL Poland15-19300
Sat 24.04.22POL Poland31-26SUI Switzerland19-113,000
not played matches
POL Poland10-0RUS Russia
SUI Switzerland10-0RUS Russia
RUS Russia10-0POL Poland
RUS Russia10-0LTU Lithuania
Group 2ptswindrwlstgfgag+-Sd
1.DEN Denmark12600197:133+641.
2.ROU Romania7312183:169+142.
3.AUT Austria5213161:182-213.
4.FAR Faroe0006120:177-574.
TeamDEN DenmROU RomaAUT AustFAR Faro
DEN Denmark------32:2727:2226:15
ROU Romania28:35------38:2926:19
AUT Austria22:3833:33------26:22
FAR Faroe19:3921:3124:29------
Denmark and Romania advanced to Europe Women 2022.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Wed 06.10.21ROU Romania26-19FAR Faroe15-141,000
Thu 07.10.21DEN Denmark27-22AUT Austria12-112,407
Sun 10.10.21FAR Faroe19-39DEN Denmark5-181,150
Sun 10.10.21AUT Austria33-33ROU Romania11-16800
Wed 02.03.22ROU Romania28-35DEN Denmark13-191,800
Wed 02.03.22FAR Faroe24-29AUT Austria12-15453
Sat 05.03.22DEN Denmark32-27ROU Romania13-103,684
Sat 05.03.22AUT Austria26-22FAR Faroe14-10800
Wed 20.04.22FAR Faroe21-31ROU Romania11-13753
Wed 20.04.22AUT Austria22-38DEN Denmark11-211,700
Sat 23.04.22DEN Denmark26-15FAR Faroe12-92,524
Sun 24.04.22ROU Romania38-29AUT Austria19-132,200
Group 3ptswindrwlstgfgag+-Sd
1.NED Netherlands12600184:106+781.
2.GER Germany7312164:106+582.
3.GRE Greece420466:151-854.
4.BLR Belarus101551:102-513.
TeamNED NethGER GermGRE GreeBLR Bela
NED Netherlands------30:2940:1138:27
GER Germany25:31------36:1024:24
GRE Greece14:3511:40------10:0
BLR Belarus0:100:100:10------
Netherlands and Germany advanced to Europe Women 2022.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Wed 06.10.21NED Netherlands38-27BLR Belarus21-163,550
Thu 07.10.21GER Germany36-10GRE Greece17-8518
Sun 10.10.21GRE Greece14-35NED Netherlands6-21110
Sun 10.10.21GER Germany24-24BLR Belarus12-13667
Thu 03.03.22GER Germany25-31NED Netherlands12-101,780
Sat 05.03.22NED Netherlands30-29GER Germany15-172,000
Thu 21.04.22GRE Greece11-40GER Germany5-19100
Sun 24.04.22NED Netherlands40-11GRE Greece19-82,500
not played matches.
GRE Greece10-0BLR Belarus
BLR Belarus10-0NED Netherlands
BLR Belarus10-0GER Germany
BLR Belarus10-0GRE Greece
Group 4ptswindrwlstgfgag+-Sd
1.FRA France10501171:134+371.
2.CRO Croatia6303145:144+12.
3.UKR Ukraine412395:113-184.
4.CZE Czechia4123117:137-203.
TeamFRA FranCRO CroaUKR UkraCZE Czec
FRA France------27:1927:1838:22
CRO Croatia19:21------22:2333:30
UKR Ukraine25:2819:26------5:5
CZE Czechia31:3024:265:5------
France and Croatia advanced to Europe Women 2022.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Wed 06.10.21FRA France38-22CZE Czechia19-123,300
Thu 07.10.21CRO Croatia22-23UKR Ukraine15-11852
Sun 10.10.21UKR Ukraine25-28FRA France15-16850
Sun 10.10.21CZE Czechia24-26CRO Croatia14-141,000
Wed 03.03.22CRO Croatia19-21FRA France8-121,200
Sun 06.03.22FRA France27-19CRO Croatia13-94,000
Wed 20.04.22UKR Ukraine19-26CRO Croatia11-12450
Wed 20.04.22CZE Czechia31-30FRA France16-131,200
Sat 23.04.22FRA France27-18UKR Ukraine9-62,800
Sun 24.04.22CRO Croatia33-30CZE Czechia13-141,400
not played matches with awarded scores.
UKR Ukraine5-5CZE Czechia
CZE Czechia5-5UKR Ukraine
Group 5ptswindrwlstgfgag+-Sd
1.HUN Hungary10501177:146+312.
2.ESP Spain10501173:149+241.
3.POR Portugal4204132:160-284.
4.SVK Slovakia0006137:164-273.
Team___ Hung___ Spai___ Port___ Slov
HUN Hungary------28:3034:2425:19
ESP Spain27:30------31:2133:28
POR Portugal18:3022:23------24:21
SVK Slovakia28:3020:2921:23------
Hungary and Spain advanced to Europe Women 2022.
Tye-break for 1st place: 1. Hungary 58-57, 2. Spain 57-58.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Wed 06.10.21HUN Hungary34-24POR Portugal17-151,800
Wed 06.10.21ESP Spain33-28SVK Slovakia17-111,400
Sun 10.10.21POR Portugal22-23ESP Spain11-141,305
Sun 10.10.21SVK Slovakia28-30HUN Hungary14-13650
Wed 02.03.22HUN Hungary28-30ESP Spain16-134,500
Thu 03.03.22POR Portugal24-21SVK Slovakia13-101,500
Sat 05.03.22ESP Spain27-30HUN Hungary15-155,000
Sun 06.03.22SVK Slovakia21-23POR Portugal14-12650
Wed 20.04.22SVK Slovakia20-29ESP Spain8-13700
Wed 20.04.22POR Portugal18-30HUN Hungary9-14600
Sun 24.04.22HUN Hungary25-19SVK Slovakia16-92,200
Sun 24.04.22ESP Spain31-21POR Portugal14-11
Group 6ptswindrwlstgfgag+-Sd
1.SWE Sweden10501177:133+441.
2.SRB Serbia8402170:156+142.
3.ISL Iceland4204143:160-173.
4.TUR Turkey2105153:194-414.
TeamSWE SwedSRB SerbISL IcelTUR Turk
SWE Sweden------33:2530:1733:21
SRB Serbia24:21------28:2236:27
ISL Iceland23:2923:21------29:22
TUR Turkey23:3130:3630:29------
Sweden and Serbia advanced to Europe Women 2022.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Wed 06.10.21SRB Serbia36-27TUR Turkey21-131,000
Thu 07.10.21SWE Sweden30-17ISL Iceland14-52,184
Sun 10.10.21TUR Turkey23-31SWE Sweden12-15500
Sun 10.10.21ISL Iceland23-21SRB Serbia10-8957
Wed 02.03.22TUR Turkey30-29ISL Iceland15-163,500
Thu 03.03.22SRB Serbia24-21SWE Sweden10-92,000
Sat 05.03.22SWE Sweden33-25SRB Serbia17-142,353
Sun 06.03.22ISL Iceland29-22TUR Turkey15-91,107
Wed 20.04.22TUR Turkey30-36SRB Serbia16-173,700
Wed 20.04.22ISL Iceland23-29SWE Sweden12-171,203
Sat 23.04.22SRB Serbia28-22ISL Iceland19-153,000
Sat 23.04.22SWE Sweden33-21TUR Turkey13-92,307

Preliminary Groups Round

Winners advance to Main Groups Round.
Group q1ptswindrwlstgfgag+-
1.POR Portugal6300100:48+52
2.KOS Kosovo420180:78+2
3.CYP Cyprus210259:81-22
4.LUX Luxembourg000360:92-32
TeamPOR PortKOS KosoCYP CyprLUX Luxe
POR Portugal------30:1732:1738:14
KOS Kosovo ------30:2133:27
CYP Cyprus ------21:19
LUX Luxembourg ------
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
played at Palace of Youth and Sports, Pristina, Kosovo (public was not allowed).
Thu 03.06.21POR Portugal38-14LUX Luxembourg18-100
Thu 03.06.21KOS Kosovo30-21CYP Cyprus14-90
Fri 04.06.21POR Portugal32-17CYP Cyprus19-80
Fri 04.06.21KOS Kosovo33-27LUX Luxembourg16-90
Sat 05.06.21CYP Cyprus21-19LUX Luxembourg9-90
Sat 05.06.21POR Portugal30-17KOS Kosovo12-70
Group q2ptswindrwlstgfgag+-
1.GRE Greece630096:57+39
2.BIH Bosnia Herzegovin.420174:70+4
3.ITA Italy210254:58-4
4.LAT Latvia000336:75-39
TeamGRE GreeBIH BosnITA ItalLAT Latv
GRE Greece------29:1833:2234:17
BIH Bosnia Herzegovin. ------25:2231:19
ITA Italy ------10:0
LAT Latvia ------
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
played at Filippio Sports Hall, Vria, Greece (public was not allowed).
Fri 04.06.21GRE Greece29-18BIH Bosnia Herzegovina15-100
Fri 04.06.21ITA Italy10-0LAT Latvia
Latvia team missed the flight.
Sat 05.06.21BIH Bosnia Herzegovina25-22ITA Italy15-120
Sat 05.06.21GRE Greece34-17LAT Latvia17-80
Sun 06.06.21BIH Bosnia Herzegovina31-19LAT Latvia16-70
Sun 06.06.21GRE Greece33-22ITA Italy15-90
Group q3ptswindrwlstgfgag+-
1.FAR Faroe420050:44+6
2.FIN Finland210147:45+2
3.ISR Israel000249:57-8
TeamFAR FaroFIN FinlISR Isra______
FAR Faroe------21:1929:25
FIN Finland ------28:24
ISR Israel ------
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
played at Hoellin Haisi, Toershavn, Faroe.
Fri 04.06.21FAR Faroe21-19FIN Finland9-1050
Sat 05.06.21FIN Finland28-24ISR Israel10-1430
Sun 06.06.21FAR Faroe29-25ISR Israel15-1170
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