Women Handball XXXI Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - 06-20.08 Wnner Russia
Matches played at Future Arena (temporary sporting venue) in Olympic Training Center, Barra de Tijuca.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT


Sat 20.08.1615:30RUS Russia22-19FRA France10-7

Bronze Medal Match

Sat 20.08.1611:30NOR Norway36-26NED Netherlands19-13

Semi-Finals (1/2)

datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Thu 18.08.1615:30FRA France24-23NED Netherlands17-13
Thu 18.08.1620:30RUS Russia38-37NOR Norway18-16
after extra time. FT: 31-31. ET: (7-6).

Quarter-Finals (1/4)

datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Tue 16.08.1610:00NED Netherlands32-23BRA Brazil12-11
Tue 16.08.1613:30FRA France27-26ESP Spain5-12
after extra time. FT: 23-23. ET: (4-3).
Tue 16.08.1617:00NOR Norway33-20SWE Sweden19-7
Tue 16.08.1620:30RUS Russia31-27Angola18-14
Final RankingPtswdlgfgag+-2012
1. RussiaRUS16800256:230+268.
2. FranceFRA12602188:164+245.
3. NorwayNOR12602247:205+421.
4. NetherlandsNED7314219:218+1
eliminated in Quarter-Finals (1/4).
5. BrazilBRA8402161:149+127.
6. SpainESP6303151:143+83.
7. SwedenSWE5213170:174-411.
8. AngolaANG4204143:159-1610.
eliminated in Groups Round.
9. RomaniaROU4203108:119-11
10.South KoreaKOR2104130:139-94.

Groups Round.

Seedeings announced on 10 April 2016. Draw on 29 April 2016.
First 4 to 1/4 Finals. Rest are eliminated.
Group Apwdlgfgag+-Sd
1. Brazil8401138:117+214.
2. Norway8401141:121+201.
3. Spain6302125:116+95.
4. Angola4203116:128-126.
5. Romania4203108:119-112.
6. Montenegro0005107:134-273.
Brazil----31:28 28:2426:1329:23
Norway ----27:2430:2028:2728:19
Spain29:24 ----26:22 25:19
Angola ----23:1927:25
Romania 24:21 ----25:21
Montenegro ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Sat 06.08.1609:30BRA Brazil31-28NOR Norway17-16
Brazil: Belo 12, Deonise 5, Eduarda 4 ; Norway: Mork 12, Loke 6, Oftedal 3.
Sat 06.08.1616:40ESP Spain25-19Montenegro14-10
Sat 06.08.1619:50Angola23-19ROU Romania11-9
Mon 08.08.1614:40NOR Norway27-24ESP Spain11-10
Mon 08.08.1616:40BRA Brazil26-13ROU Romania14-9
Mon 08.08.1621:50Angola27-25Montenegro12-12
Wed 10.08.1609:30ESP Spain29-24BRA Brazil15-12
Wed 10.08.1611:30ROU Romania25-21Montenegro11-9
Wed 10.08.1616:40NOR Norway30-20Angola16-8
Fri 12.08.1609:30BRA Brazil28-24Angola13-13
Fri 12.08.1614:40ROU Romania24-21ESP Spain13-11
Fri 12.08.1616:40NOR Norway28-19Montenegro16-11
Sun 14.08.1609:30BRA Brazil29-23Montenegro16-11
Sun 14.08.1616:40NOR Norway28-27ROU Romania14-13
Sun 14.08.1619:50ESP Spain26-22Angola13-12
Group Bpwdlgfgag+-Sd
1. Russia10500165:147+182.
2. France8401118:93+254.
3. Sweden5212150:141+93.
4. Netherlands5212138:135+31.
5. South Korea2104130:139-96.
6. Argentina0005101:147-465.
France ----27:2518:1421:1727:11
Sweden ----29:2931:2831:21
Netherlands ----35:3226:18
South Korea ----28:22
Argentina ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Sat 06.08.1611:30FRA France18-14NED Netherlands10-6
Sat 06.08.1614:40RUS Russia30-25KOR South Korea12-13
Russia: Sudakova 6 -- South Korea: Jung Yu-ra 6, Kim On-a 6.
Sat 06.08.1621:50SWE Sweden31-21ARG Argentina13-9
Mon 08.08.1609:30SWE Sweden31-28KOR South Korea16-15
Mon 08.08.1611:30RUS Russia26-25FRA France15-10
Mon 08.08.1619:50NED Netherlands26-18ARG Argentina13-9
Wed 10.08.1614:40RUS Russia36-34SWE Sweden15-18
Wed 10.08.1619:50NED Netherlands32-32KOR South Korea18-17
Wed 10.08.1621:50FRA France27-11ARG Argentina15-4
Fri 12.08.1611:30NED Netherlands29-29SWE Sweden13-16
Fri 12.08.1619:50RUS Russia35-29ARG Argentina20-18
Fri 12.08.1621:50FRA France21-17KOR South Korea11-11
Sun 14.08.1611:30FRA France27-25SWE Sweden15-13
Sun 14.08.1614:40RUS Russia38-34NED Netherlands17-16
Sun 14.08.1621:50KOR South Korea28-22ARG Argentina12-10


TeamsFrom2012WC 2015
Norway1st World Women 20151.1.
Spain2nd Europe Women 20143.11.
South Korea1st Asia Women OQ 20154.14.
Angola1st Africa Women OQ 201510.16.
Argentina2nd America Women PG 2015 18.
NetherlandsGr. A Women OQ 2016 2.
FranceGr. A Women OQ 20165.7.
RomaniaGr. B Women OQ 2016 3.
MontenegroGr. B Women OQ 20162.8.
RussiaGr. C Women OQ 20168.5.
SwedenGr. C Women OQ 201611.9.
From Men 2012: Argentina, Netherlands and Romania replaced Croatia, Denmark and Great Britain.
1. 2 Round Robin Groups of 6 teams. First 4 progress. 06.08, 08.08, 10.08, 12.08, 14.08.
2. Eliminations.
a. Quarter-Finals 16.08 10:00, 13:30, 17:00, 20:30
b. Semi-Finals 18.08 15:30, 20:30
c. Final and Bronze Medal Match - Saturday 20.08 11:30
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