Men Junior Handball XXII World Championship 2019 Vigo and Pontevedra, Spain - 16-28 July

Semi-Finals (1/2)

played at Pavillion Municipal dos Deportes de Pontevedra
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Sat 25.07.1918:00EGY Egypt-----FRA France
Sat 25.07.1920:30POR Portugal-----POR Portugal
Classification 5-8
Sat 25.07.1913:00NOR Norway-----DEN Denmark
Sat 25.07.1915:30SLO Slovenia-----TUN Tunisia

Quarter-Finals (1/4)

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
played at Complejo Deportivo de As Travesas, Vigo
Thu 25.07.1918:45EGY Egypt29-27NOR Norway12-14105
Thu 25.07.1921:00POR Portugal26-25SLO Slovenia13-14205
played at Pavillion Municipal dos Deportes de Pontevedra
Thu 25.07.1918:45FRA France35-32DEN Denmark14-16600
Thu 25.07.1921:00CRO Croatia27-24TUN Tunisia13-9200

Classification 9-16

Gamedatetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
played at Pavillion Municipal dos Deportes de Pontevedra
9-10Thu 25.07.1916:30GER Germany29-28ESP Spain13-15750
11-12Thu 25.07.1914:15SWE Sweden36-30BRA Brazil20-18125
played at Complejo Deportivo de As Travesas, Vigo
13-14Thu 25.07.1916:30SRB Serbia24-22ISL Iceland16-965
15-16Thu 25.07.1914:15HUN Hungary40-36KOR South Korea21-1980

Eight-Finals (1/8)

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
played at Complejo Deportivo de As Travesas, Vigo
Wed 24.07.1914:15EGY Egypt30-29SRB Serbia15-1480
Wed 24.07.1916:30SLO Slovenia32-28KOR South Korea17-1775
Wed 24.07.1918:45CRO Croatia29-16ISL Iceland13-775
Wed 24.07.1921:00TUN Tunisia29-26SWE Sweden14-13152
played at Pavillion Municipal dos Deportes de Pontevedra
Wed 24.07.1914:15DEN Denmark30-29HUN Hungary16-1475
Wed 24.07.1916:30NOR Norway29-28BRA Brazil12-13310
Wed 24.07.1918:45POR Portugal37-36eGER Germany14-1475
Wed 24.07.1921:00FRA France24-23ESP Spain13-102,100

Classification 17-20

Gamedatetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
17-18Thu 24.07.1912:00Bahrain 23-22JPN Japan12-1285
19-20Thu 24.07.1912:00NGG Nigeria34-26CHI Chile14-1085
17-20Wed 24.07.1912:00Japan 26-16NGG Nigeria14-6100
17-20Wed 24.07.1912:00Bahrain 30-29CHI Chile14-1365

Classification 21-24

Gamedatetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
21-22Thu 25.07.1909:45ARG Argentina23-20USA United States11-880
23-24Thu 25.07.1909:45KOS Kosovo38-20AUS Australia21-950
21-24Wed 24.07.1909:45USA United States31-18AUS Australia15-10200
21-24Wed 24.07.1909:45ARG Argentina36-29KOS Kosovo18-1370

Groups Round.

First 4 teams from each Group advance to Eight-Final (1/8)>. Rest to Classification.
Group Ap_w__d__l_gfgag+-m
1.SLO Slovenia12400134:91+434
2.ESP Spain12400117:81+364
3.TUN Tunisia9302130:129+15
4.SRB Serbia6203134:126+85
5.JPN Japan3104109:124-155
6.USA United States000591:164-735
Slovenia and Spain advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8). Serbia and Tunisia almost.
SLO Slovenia---- 32:2530:2829:2243:16
ESP Spain ----26:2029:2628:2234:13
TUN Tunisia ----29:2326:2530:23
SRB Serbia ----21:1936:19
JPN Japan ----21:20
USA United States ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
played at Complejo Deportivo de As Travesas, Vigo.
Tue 16.07.1916:30SLO Slovenia32-25TUN Tunisia17-14150
Tue 16.07.1918:30SRB Serbia21-19JPN Japan9-980
Tue 16.07.1921:00ESP Spain34-13USA United States21-5
Rest Day Wednesday 17.07.2019
Thu 18.07.1917:00SLO Slovenia29-22JPN Japan16-12250
Thu 18.07.1919:00SRB Serbia36-19USA United States13-9255
Thu 18.07.1921:00ESP Spain26-20TUN Tunisia15-8
Fri 19.07.1916:30TUN Tunisia26-25JPN Japan14-8120
Fri 19.07.1918:30SLO Slovenia43-16USA United States22-6140
Fri 19.07.1921:00ESP Spain29-26SRB Serbia13-12400
Rest Day Saturday 20.07.2019
Sun 21.07.1916:30TUN Tunisia30-23USA United States13-1280
Sun 21.07.1918:30SLO Slovenia30-28SRB Serbia16-15300
Sun 21.07.1921:00ESP Spain28-22JPN Japan13-11900
Mon 22.07.1916:30JPN Japan21-20USA United States5-1160
Mon 22.07.1918:30TUN Tunisia29-23SRB Serbia17-14250
Mon 22.07.1921:00ESP Spain SLO Slovenia11-11
Group Bp_w__d__l_gfgag+-m
1.EGY Egypt15500198:137+615
2.SWE Sweden12401168:124+445
3.FRA France9302199:126+735
4.KOR South Korea6203176:168+85
5.NGR Nigeria3104139:199-605
6.AUS Australia000585:211-1265
France, Egypt, Sweden and South Korea advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
EGY Egypt----32:2237:3238:3647:3044:17
SWE Sweden ----27:2334:2841:2544:16
FRA France ----46:3248:1950:11
KOR South Korea ----42:3038:20
NGR Nigeria ----35:21
AUS Australia ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
played at Complejo Deportivo de As Travesas, Vigo.
Tue 16.07.1910:00EGY Egypt44-17AUS Australia21-6100
Tue 16.07.1912:00FRA France48-19NGR Nigeria26-9100
Tue 16.07.1914:00SWE Sweden34-28KOR South Korea16-1680
Wed 17.07.1917:00EGY Egypt47-30NGR Nigeria18-13100
Wed 17.07.1919:00SWE Sweden44-16AUS Australia20-6200
Wed 17.07.1921:00FRA France46-32KOR South Korea26-15150
Rest Day Thursday 18.07.2019
Fri 19.07.1910:00KOR South Korea42-30NGR Nigeria21-1980
Fri 19.07.1912:00EGY Egypt32-22SWE Sweden11-13110
Fri 19.07.1914:00FRA France50-11AUS Australia26-7100
Sat 20.07.1917:00NGR Nigeria35-21AUS Australia16-11100
Sat 20.07.1919:00EGY Egypt38-36KOR South Korea19-18100
Sat 20.07.1921:00SWE Sweden27-23FRA France15-11100
Rest Day Sunday 21.07.2019
Mon 22.07.1910:00KOR South Korea38-20AUS Australia20-1575
Mon 22.07.1912:00SWE Sweden41-25NGR Nigeria21-14100
Mon 22.07.1914:00EGY Egypt37-32FRA France20-1660
Group Cp_w__d__l_gfgag+-m
1.CRO Croatia15500157:131+265
2.BRA Brazil12401158:136+225
3.POR Portugal9302157:143+145
4.HUN Hungary6203155:15505
5.KOS Kosovo1014110:156-465
6.BRN Bahrain1014135:151-165
Croatia, Hungary, Brazil and Portugal advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
CRO Croatia----33:2932:3037:3223:1732:23
BRA Brazil ----35:3031:2536:2227:26
POR Portugal ----36:2832:2129:27
HUN Hungary ----36:2134:30
KOS Kosovo ----
BRN Bahrain 29:29----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
played at Pavillion Municipal dos Deportes de Pontevedra.
Tue 16.07.1917:00CRO Croatia23-17KOS Kosovo14-11
Tue 16.07.1919:00BRA Brazil35-30POR Portugal21-111,500
Tue 16.07.1920:30HUN Hungary34-30BRN Bahrain17-1190
Rest Day Wednesday 17.07.2019
Thu 18.07.1916:00POR Portugal29-27BRN Bahrain15-12
Thu 18.07.1918:00CRO Croatia33-29BRA Brazil16-17450
Thu 18.07.1920:00HUN Hungary36-21KOS Kosovo20-9
Fri 19.07.1916:30POR Portugal32-21KOS Kosovo16-10100
Fri 19.07.1918:30CRO Croatia37-32HUN Hungary22-15250
Fri 19.07.1920:30BRA Brazil27-26BRN Bahrain7-11100
Rest Day Saturday 20.07.2019
Sun 21.07.1916:00CRO Croatia32-23BRN Bahrain13-12100
Sun 21.07.1918:00BRA Brazil36-22KOS Kosovo18-10150
Sun 21.07.1920:00POR Portugal36-28HUN Hungary18-13100
Mon 22.07.1916:30BRN Bahrain29-29KOS Kosovo15-14
Mon 22.07.1918:30CRO Croatia32-30POR Portugal16-14285
Mon 22.07.1920:30BRA Brazil31-25HUN Hungary14-9100
Group Dp_w__d__l_gfgag+-m
1.DEN Denmark12401163:128+355
2.GER Germany12401162:114+485
3.NOR Norway9302147:126+215
4.ISL Iceland9302113:118-55
5.CHI Chile3104115:171-565
6.ARG Argentina0005113:156-435
Denmark, Germany, Norway and Iceland advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
DEN Denmark----30:2532:31 48:2431:23
GER Germany ----29:2026:1739:2243:25
NOR Norway ----29:1936:2531:21
ISL Iceland25:22 ----26:1926:22
CHI Chile ----25:22
ARG Argentina ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
played at Pavillion Municipal dos Deportes de Pontevedra.
Tue 16.07.1910:00ISL Iceland26-19CHI Chile10-10
Tue 16.07.1912:00DEN Denmark32-31NOR Norway20-14300
Tue 16.07.1914:00GER Germany43-25ARG Argentina17-16120
Wed 17.07.1916:00ISL Iceland26-22ARG Argentina14-10200
Wed 17.07.1918:00DEN Denmark30-25GER Germany15-15
Wed 17.07.1920:00NOR Norway36-25CHI Chile19-14300
Rest Day Thursday 18.07.2019
Fri 19.07.1910:00NOR Norway29-19ISL Iceland17-11300
Fri 19.07.1912:00DEN Denmark31-23ARG Argentina13-11300
Fri 19.07.1914:00GER Germany39-22CHI Chile19-12100
Sat 20.07.1916:00CHI Chile25-22ARG Argentina14-1090
Sat 20.07.1918:00ISL Iceland25-22DEN Denmark13-9350
Sat 20.07.1920:00GER Germany29-20NOR Norway16-12500
Rest Day Sundat 21.07.2019
Mon 22.07.1910:00NOR Norway31-21ARG Argentina15-11300
Mon 22.07.1912:00DEN Denmark48-24CHI Chile23-9
Mon 22.07.1914:00GER Germany26-17ISL Iceland14-8

Qualification - 24 quotas

Europe - 13 teams
Spain - Host
France as Champion from of Men Youth 2017.
2018 European Men Junior 10 teams:
1. Slovenia
3. Germany
4. Portugal
6. Croatia
7. Iceland
8. Serbia
9. Norway
12.Denmark (included later replacing 4th African team)
IHF Inter-Continental Trophy
1. Kosovo
Rest of the World 11 teams
Asia Men Junior 2018 - 3 teams.
1. South Korea
2. Japan
3. Bahrain
Africa Men Junior 2018 - 3 teams.
1. Egypt
2. Tunisia
3. Nigeria
Remark: As only 7 teams played in Africa Championships, CAHB lost its 4th quota which was transferred to Europe - Article 2.3.5. of the IHF Regulations for Competitions.
South and Central America Men Junior 2019 - 3 teams.
1. Argentina
2. Brazil
3. Chile
IHF Trophy-Continental Phase Winners - 2 teams
Australia - Oceania
United States - North America and Caribbe
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